Mar 15, 2014

Non-bailable arrest warrant for Musharraf – a smell & silence of violent tropical storm

An impending disaster & new barrier in attainment of productive conclusion of the “Peace talk from TTP” that has been initiated. New discussion & heavy criticism will take a lead across the political arena, the nation & assembly corridor will stuff with unconstructive debate which is only a loss of time and nothing, a net loss of tax payer money.
Attack and counter attack among institutions will emerge and the govt. diversion from its essential task instead safety and security issue will get its place so better to involve in other burning issues that's has been encompassed the country now.
The nation has known well that it’s all wastage of time and money which needs to be spent on people's welfare. If you calculate from the very first day when Musharraf came back Pakistan from his self exiled in London the country has consumed multi billions on his security whether he is in his own farm house or transported for courts hearing in different provinces/ cities & deployment of special task force in & out of farm house & involvement of govt. machineries (hiring of judges, lawyers and costly time of Anti terrorism court, High court and supreme court) & payment thereof. 

The fictitious cases & prolong trials at different locations under heavy escort of law enforcement agencies and eventually his (Musharraf) bailed out. So what the country got after such hectic and lengthy process even if Musharraf was to release.
And why for PML-N personal grudge the price from national purse is being paid for what and why! Asked by a group of academician. 

Look around people are dying for food, shelter, clean drinking water, for electricity & gas, for hospitals, for public schools, for infrastructure that's indeed are the prime needs for the countrymen who are living in miserable and terrible states due to non-availability of basic amenities that of course govt. is supposed to do.

60% of populace of the country are living below poverty line, look around, the impoverished people living in Sind, Punjab & Baluchistan. The reason of crime rate increasing is the ‘hunger & only hunger’. How astonishingly the street crimes are multiplying every passing day and govt. seems helpless despite investing a good amount to control unbridled law and order but no avail.
So come out from slumber and think peacefully & practically to change the fate of destitute families living in the country whose frustration has been unbearable but before the curse of God falls upon you it’s better to correct the things now, a voice of a majority of people.

The special treason court has not only made General Musharraf more vulnerable to threat, but also has exposed the court premises for a potential militant attack so you are going to put more money for court's building security so why all these,. If you (PML-N) understands well that Musharraf is charged then be ready for a new chapter that's will be opened & those who are still behind the scene, will be summoned by the honorable Courts to book them for whoever has been stakeholder for the crime Musharraf is being charged and that Musharraf lawyers has been vociferating since beginning that Pandora Box will open that's will unmask every faces.

So if you arrive at a conducive conclusion of Musharraf case there is no need to square more security personnel around, pardon him and let him move peacefully or enable him to stay in the country as he is Pakistani and he deserves to live here. He has been ex president of Pakistan and also has been honored for holding the post of Chief of Army Staff (COAS). 

People expect your (PML-N) leniency & a remarkable conclusion of the case, if you do, the nation certainly will respect you more, you will be recognized and identified with a good name, believe me, university professor contended.

One of the principal pusher Ex Chief Justice of Supreme court has gone, he pushed you in his war also so why you (PML-N) are getting your prestige and name nasty and rusted. Get out of this web and Help the poor, reduce the rising rate of poverty, reduce the soaring prices, work on country economy, people prosperity and easiness so that a normal person in the country may live with harmony & self esteemed, said an NGO debating on fate of Musharraf.
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