Apr 23, 2014

Assassination attempt on Hamid Mir (Journalist at Geo TV) & character assassination of Inter service Intelligence by Geo TV channel Pakistan

Both attempts known as ‘assassination’ but the former highlighted to kill Hamid Mir where he narrowly escaped and latter assassination known an onslaught to defame ISI & its Chief Lieutenant General Zaheer ul Islam.

Aamir Liaquet Geo TV anchor, mentioned on 22nd April 2014 that when Hamid Mir arrived from Islamabad on 19th April and he was on his way to Geo office Karachi, he was attacked by mercenaries, the assailants fired 6 or 7 bullets on his car.

Hamid Mir recited KALAM E TAYABBA - ALLAH O AKBAR and then he shouted slogan PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, said Aamir Liaquet.
Apparently Aamir Liaquet tried to convince the people but it does not seem acceptable & just an eloquence getting it glittered, overstating & impressing viewers about Hamid Mir faithfulness with the country and his Islamic approach.

Practically if anyone counters such sudden attacks he/ she goes forget or loses self-consciousness if looks the death so closely. As per detail provided through media that Hamid Mir sustained 3 bullets in his abdomen (the lower part of his body) & 4 bullets were fired on his car.

We can say that Aamir Liaquet just idealized the things to restore the impression that’s got stigmatized since 19th due to Geo TV direct allegation to Inter service intelligence (ISI) & its Chief involvement in Hamid Mir gun-attack.

Geo TV was referring Hamid Mir’s brother Amir Mir allegation, hitting directly to ISI & its Chief involvement behind Hamid Mir assault, representing & portraying ISI chief across the day that’s jolted the nation, print and electronic media and concerned agencies too that how without an empirical evidence Geo TV pampered the whole scene & fixed the responsibility & deliberately pointing ISI behind the attempt murder of Hamid Mir.

Primer Nawaz Sharif visits in Agha khan Hospital Karachi to see Hamid Mir where he is being treated & press conference of Pervez Rashid Minster for information where he appreciated directly and indirectly to Journalist and denounced any sick motive of the agency, media reported.

Such initiative from Premier & Information Minister put the fuel to the f ire – Nawaz Sharif should have called or met the head of concerned agency to cool down & pacify the heightening tension & impact clouded after allegation from Hamid Mir family and Geo TV fuelling to ISI, the episode went reversed instead national favor.

Sensing the development mushroomed in the country, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif visited ISI & met ISI Chief Lieutenant General Zaheerul Islam, appreciated ISI’s role & its contribution towards national security.

COAS however was given a brief about internal and external security situation of the country. COAS commended the role of the country’s prime intelligence agency & lauded the officers and soldiers of the armed forces rendering marvelous services for protecting national security who never hesitated to lay their lives defence of the country, ISPR reported.  
Then Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar came to the screen appreciated & praised the work & role of Pakistan army and ISI who no doubt are the main pillar rather ‘back bone’ of the country in upholding & maintaining national safety and security, and even these institutions also have been helping the nation in days of disastrous or whenever the country needed them, said Chaudhary Nisar.

Considering the hue and cry in the country, Defense ministry woke up and filed a petition against Geo TV channel for naming ISI Chief after attack on Hamid Mir (Journalist).
The petition alleges that the private TV channel is involved in anti-Pakistan activities, asking PEMRA that Geo TV had alleged Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for involvement in attack on Hamid Mir.

The  channel even depicted ISI Chief, created bad impression among public about the govt. and institutions, not only misled the agencies but attributed to create extreme anger among general public of the country who trusts in Pakistan army and respect them from the core of their heart. Such negative approach from Geo disappointed them, the petition says.

Couple of days before ‘Pakistan army’ was targeted and now ISI and its Chief has been a warm topic among national and international media, said by a political analyst.
Besides, the Director General Major Asim Bajwa hinted for possible legal action against the private TV channel for dragging military institutions, alleging its involvement in a journalist attempted murder.

He emphasized that ISI is a dignified institution howbeit legal action over allegation will be taken after thorough investigation, ISPR reported.
Furthermore, Federal government has constituted a judicial commission to find out two things (a) the alleged assassination attempt on Hamid Mir and (b) the onslaught on ISI by Geo TV channel holding ISI chief responsible for the attempted murder without prima facie evidence. The judicial commission will submit its report to the Defence ministry within 21 days, press report.

Apart from constituting judicial commission from the Govt. the reality of Hamid Mir assassination attempt looking before a general public ‘a drama’ just to degrade, humiliate & disrespect ISI and its chief as the practice Geo and their anchors have been demonstrating in their program since long in terms of Musharraf trial.
A consistent ill motive about Pakistan army and its institution and now diminishing ISI role in the country. Evidences are there where Geo TV has been manipulating & tempering the national news, tarnishing the image of the country, devaluing the armed forces role, defaming the national interest and creating abhorrence and hatred among citizen of Pakistan about Pakistan army and law enforcement agencies to work for the country and its people, said group of audience responding at public forum. They also have asked that if Hamid Mir was attacked then;

a)    Why First information report (FIR) still has not been logged, it’s about 4 days and no movement has been seen either from the relative of Hamid Mir or Geo TV channel?

b)   Why the forensic report has not been obtained?

c)    Why the car in which Hamid Mir travelled has been washed off?

d)   Why the interrogation reports from the gunman and Hamid Mir driver did not obtain?

e)    Where is the CCTV coverage has not been public?

f)  How the case will move further if FIR the very most initial step has not been completed upon which the whole enquiry based?

g) The car in which Hamid Mir travelled why not provided by Geo TV instead to arrange through the relative of Geo TV owner because Hamid Mir travelled Karachi on official visit.
h) How the security lapses can be ignored as on the same day just with a break of one hour or two Perez Musharraf was to land in Karachi
I) Why the attack on Hamid Mir first shown and hyped by Indian TV channel instead Pakistani TVs and next day the entire Indian print media covered the story at their front pages, raising finger toward Pakistan ISI and its Chief showing them involved in Hamid Mir assassination attempt, press report.

These are the questions where people of the country have reservation for Geo TV channel and Hamid Mir assassination attempt.

We strongly condemned the attack & pray Al mighty Allah for Hamid Mir early recovery but the nation wants to know the reality asked by defense analyst.

Apr 20, 2014

Is it a conspiracy against Pakistan Army & ISI undoubtedly the Institutions are respectable to the country.

There are a lot of questions spiraling among civil society, intelligentsia and common men referring the report appeared in the media about Hamid Mir ambushed-attack who sustained injuries when he was going to Geo office Karachi en routing his car from Karachi airport to Shahrah-e-Faisal, the assailants were waiting him under Shahrah-e-Faisal flyover.

MQM leader Altaf Hussain, NGOs, various political and defense analysts, and postings appearing in social media from different walks of life that;
Hamid Mir is really injured?

As per media he sustained 07 bullets

4 bullets had been fired on his car

3 bullets hit Hamid Mir, giving detail by Geo that one bullet hit in his big intestine and 2 at his shoulders

But surprisingly there was no splash of a single drop of blood if he met with 3 bullets and even the car in which he was travelling did not show any blood stain or marks in the car seats as per the slides shown by Geo and other TV channels in the country.

Statement given by Hamid Mir’s brother to Indian news channel – the first breaking news, broke out not from Pakistan but from India that Hamid Mir had mentioned his apprehension about ISI of Pakistan & in this assault ISI seems to have been involved reportedly said by Hamid Mir brother to Indian news channel.
The straight hit to ISI Pakistan without any reservation, raising a big question mark while debates have been started among media that how without proving anything or before any enquiry or investigative report such direct allegation can be fixed?
As per latest news being shown at TV channels that Hamid Mir is in Agha Khan Hospital Karachi where the doctor operated him yesterday and bullets have been taken out but due to anesthesia he is still unconscious & will take little time to get him back to normal, the doctor said.

TV talk shows and print media have got a lead to go in deep discussion that how ISI seems to have been involved in Hamid Mir attack. However a sympathy messages have been extended from PM, COAS, ISI chief, Minister of information Pervez Rasheed and other big shots in Ruling elites.
A committee has been constituted as per CM Sind to submit its report while the law enforcement agencies are on the mission to hunt the culprits.
The nation of course wants to know the facts and figure if there has been any design or game to implicate ISI in this so called Hamid Mir attack.

How Karachiites seems active & energetic despite severe reverse-situation on daily basis but it looks that every one of us has been accustomed, to face whatever is encroached in our daily life. While living in Karachi.

Karachi a cosmopolitan city - known as vibrant, lively, excited, attractive and fascinating where life is energized with power breakdown for long duration such as today (April 19th 2014) it has gone since 7.0 pm now it is 2.0 am (April 20th 2014) but no surety to get the power restored confirmed by K Electric call center that concerned Feeder has gone trip and maintenance is continuing.

Scheduled & unscheduled have lost its meaning if unscheduled prevails people goes more panicky and of course does not remember the govt. with good name if Celsius in high summer heightens.

This is in addition to the normal power breakdown occurred in the morning (19th April 2014) from 9.0 am to 11.0 am, from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm and 3rd time as stated above that power went off from 7.0 pm which is still uncertain to have the power restored.

The summer season of course has taken its course already, in the morning & afternoon sun does its dancing and annoy the people of karachiites due its rising heat.

From 9.0 pm though the time is negotiating with power breakdown but Sui-gas supply also seems to have been suspended so cooking is kept on hold..

Generator is running on petrol which is no doubt costing to meet subsequent irregular breakdown of power.
Every alternate day CNG is not available, private transporters ask extra fare as they also have to feed their children.

Daily death tools spirals between 12-13 people whether it is sectarian, target or accident.
School, college and University opening depends on the mercy of law and order if city seems normal.

Strike calls from multiple factions, transport strikes and vehicles arson have been a general trends of the city.
Soaring prices of livelihood has made the life more miserable for those who does not have ability to buy while opposite side of life Shopping Mall is full, taxies and auto Rickshaws have no meters at all, charging whatever seems them well no need to see towards passengers.

Life is moving because Karachiites believe that stagnant water emits bad odour due to its passivity so the avenues to be explored, no show stopper for any abnormality - life is moving despite indiscriminate firing, people have been accustomed to see daily bomb blasting, target killing and strike calls.

But despite all these vagaries, Karachi has been eclipsed or encapsulated with multiple crimes, we breathe and Karachi supports everyone one who is living in this cosmopolitan city.
Does not matter of cast, creed, culture, race, institutional belongs or beliefs & colors but Karachi embraces everyone in her lap - a city of multiple nationals whether staying legally or illegally but Karachi feeding to all.

This is the quality of this city that a normal person can eat, can buy a dress to wear at reasonable rate.
Every foot paths are ready to accommodate you where you can eat and sleep, no one dares to awake you or shift somewhere because you are the property of this city so why don’t city should say you No.

That’s why everyone enjoys with Karachi uniqueness & firmness, its city audacity that notwithstanding operation clean up – the city Karachi has no objection to keep its business continue. Saddar Impress market - Regal Chowk - Lucky star - Tower - MA Jiannah Road - Burns Road - Karachi cantt are the example where multiple business are grooming well,
Commercial hubs Karachi, daily does business from 12-15 Billion per day, Stock exchange indexing, Central Bank of Pakistan monetary grips and Karachi port trust for shipping business works uninterrupted to keep normal business protocol continued.

I believe there is no city like Karachi in Pakistan that’s has such characteristic where though we confine with sick segments on daily basis but we are live, all theater, exhibition & fashion show are doing their business lively & in a well-organized way, no one takes the impact of any negativity or the intensity of incidents occurs on daily basis.
You can imagine the long disruption of power how it can be a painful for a common man who does not have UPS or Generator access. How a middle and lower class citizen whose children have to go school/ college in the morning how disturbing it is for a mother she can only feel it or a house wife who prepares her children and husband to go for school and office respectively.

Someone told me that it is a week I did not see face of my wife so how the couple seems upset if the power goes discontinued in irregular way in addition to the scheduled recession time.

Apr 10, 2014

The current audacity & spitting venom of PML-N sitting ministers in National Assembly floor, press conferences, print media and furious debate at TV channels have reported to be incandescent with rage over the use of words against ‘Pakistan Army’ has made the institution extreme anger. And basically an outspoken message goes from FUEDAL-PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-LANDLORD that we are ruling Pakistan since its independence 1947.

And we are the real crusader & politicians of Pakistan, running the state in the name of ‘democracy’ but truly undermining the Country and its Sovereignty because we are PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-FUEDAL LORD & LANDLORD.

We are the custodian and occupants of 80% of lands of Pakistan and we don’t pay taxes – And even we don’t enable the Assembly to pass any legislation to levy agricultural tax on our lands, this is the reason that still our lands are undocumented and untaxed that’s mushrooming like an endemic.

We are multiplying our properties not only in Pakistan but in the Middle East, UK & European countries - An unending chain of properties in our family names, heavy Bank Balance in trillion US $ & trillion Great Briton (GB) pounds and outnumbered industries running in Pakistan, Middle East, Arabian Gulf & UK.

We know you will ask from where we PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-ZAMINDAR-FUEDAL LORD-LANDLORD earned this money – Yes we emptied the national treasury – We do corruption & we will do because this is our country & we love it most being the best source to embezzle national account.

We treat the country as a gate way for us to loot & plunder national wealth as this is ours and ours only that’s why we do politics in the name of democracy. This is sugar quoted word and everyone like it. We fool others not only to nationals but to international donors also who believe in democracy and gives us loan.

We took trillions of loans in family names or for kith and kin in the name of multiple industries and we did not pay back even a single fills as we were in the power and influencing our status on the Financial institutions & got the whole loaned amount written off.

This is we do and have been doing since decades. Yes there are unlimited complaints of corruption against us in NABS & in other govt. agencies but we handle NABS & run the investigative agencies where we constitute and institute enquiry against us and we clean it because we rule the country. There is no mighty man in this peninsula who can uproot & eliminate us.

Frankly speaking we are the criminals, we are the prosecutor and we are the judge so nothing can happen to us – we are free and living in free world where no rule applies on us.

We do misappropriation openly & nobody has courage to catch us, to nab us, to prosecute us because we buy the 'Judiciary' and the 'Heads of the Institutions' because we have a lot.

We maintain an unparalleled high nepotism and favoritism – all important ministries we have distributed among the family and close friends who are our facilitators, abettor and collaborators to our plan to undermine the state and its sovereignty as we are PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-FUEDAL-JAGIDAR-LANDLORD.

We write the law and abrogate the law because we do it through vote of confidence in the assembly as we did for Musharraf how smartly we have framed him – We mingled Ex Chief Justice of supreme court Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhary to support us for Musharraf prosecution and that’s has been invoked upon Musharraf.

We always remain in power does not matter either sitting in Treasury Benches or siting in Opposition Bench.  Our presentation in the Assembly always remains active and live, a sick feeling of the ‘politicians’ covered by media while interviewing at open public place who expressed their extreme anger and annoyance about the curse of politicians that how they treat Pakistan and its sovereignty as they are PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-FUEDAL LORDS AND LANDLORD, 80% of Pakistan territory are in their hand who ruling the country.

Though print and electronic media, civil society and intelligentsia have serious reservation & brawl for Musharraf. And 90% population of the country are vociferating in favor of Musharraf trial & terming our action as an outrageous and referring it as personal vendetta, personal grudge and hostility among troika i.e. Nawaz Sharif – Ex chief Justice of supreme court Mohamad Iftikhar Chaudhary and Musharraf.

We don’t take notice as nobody or any institution can change our mind - We do what suits us, comfortable and fruitful, as we are PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-FUEDAL and LANDLORD.

The story starts from General Retired Pervez Musharraf Ex-Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Ex-President of Pakistan indictment who has been charged for five counts by the Special Court Islamabad.

The hatred attitude of PML-N govt. towards Pakistan Army, humiliating Musharraf, treating & terming him ‘traitor’ in press conferences & in assemblies, in the court of law, stirring up and inciting extreme anger and abhorrence, treating the institution contemptuously have created severe tense in the rank of army and among the people of the country.

Regular character assassination & humiliating Musharraf, inflammatory speech against Pakistan army and its personalities & derogatory remarks has provoked the 'Army' eventually.
Speech of Khawaja Asif in the Assembly on Tuesday 8th April 2014 added more fuel to the fire. Besides, the press conference of Khawaja Saad Rafiq made the thing quite disturbed & irritated among army officials, a press report.

The visit of General Raheel Sharif Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) to the headquarters of the Special Services Group (SSG) at the Ghazi Base Tarbela on Monday 7th April 2014 while paying glowing tributes to the sacrifices of the SSG soldiers and officers acknowledged their tremendous success while fighting against the terrorists.

General Raheel Sharif COAS said, Army preserves its dignity and upholds sanctity of all institutions and will resolutely preserve its own dignity and institutional pride.
Addressing to the SSG officers and soldiers, General Raheel Sharif said that the Pakistan Army never had and never will shy away from rendering any sacrifice in ensuring the formidable defense and security of the motherland.

Drawing its strength from national support, with its characteristic coherence and resilience, the Pakistan Army had contributed immensely towards national security and nation-building and would continue to deliver on its mission, the COAS added.

“While our country is faced with multiple internal and external challenges, the Pakistan Army upholds the sanctity of all the institutions and will resolutely preserve its own dignity and institutional pride,” the COAS said while responding to the concerns of soldiers on undue criticism of the institution in recent days.

Ex COAS General Musharraf indictment, a formal written accusation read out by prosecuting special court charging him on five counts on March 31st 2014 hearing the ‘treason case’ against him. 

The treason case started after granting him bails in three criminal cases prosecuted in different courts of the country for the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto, slaying of Baloch nationalist Nawab Akber Bugti and Lal Masjiid siege forged cases just to keep Musharraf away from General Election in the country held on 13th May 2013, that's happened to Musharraf before screening of his nomination paper submitted in support of candidacy for a given constituency but he was flatly refused & disquieted an example of biased & vengeance from Chief Election Commission of Pakistan. 

As soon as Musharraf arrived in Karachi from his self-exiled from UK with the intention to contest election he was not allowed. When PML-N assumed its office they kept Musharraf involved to face subsequent court cases whose FIR or complaints had been lodged earlier.

He however was briefed by the intelligence agency for not to come Pakistan but he announced firmly before media that 'I will face the trial as I am not guilty. I did not do anything wrong with Pakistan. I always say ‘Pakistan first’, it’s our homeland' Musharraf asserted.

I served Pakistan army for 45 years, fought 3 wars, I am the soldier of the country and for 9 years I remained Chief of Army Staff - It’s our motherland. The sentiment of a retired general and his patriotism with the country does not need any more elaborations.

Musharraf indictment in high treason by PML-N certainly a blatant, embarrassing and an explicit message to Pakistan Army ‘to distract even if the country and its sovereignty going to compromise or the country has been propelled towards chaos, anarchy & bankruptcy because of politicians errors or any reason thereof.

Army has no authority (henceforth) to dismantle the Assembly or attempt to ‘Military coup’ or intervention of any sort that’s may cause to dissolve the assembly or power is taken over from the politicians, a condensed discussions continuing among general public & in media.

There are coterie in PML-N who are disgracing & lambasting Musharraf, dragging army with derogatory & inflammatory words with the intention to demoralize army which is the only intact and every Pakistani trust in the ‘army’ but the language being used by PML-N team are very disappointed like “There is no doubt that Musharraf is a traitor; he is Pakistan’s worst offender,” Musharraf must be a man and must handle the case manly, Khawaja Saad Rafique said acrimoniously.

The speeches of Khawaja Asif in the Assembly on 8th April2014 bashing army as an institution that every facility are available to the army, army budget are multiplied on the price of common man who does not have such remarkable access in education and health, for keeping army more instrumental we compromise the budget of other mandatory economic heads.

Referring back in 1947, Khawaja Asif Minster of Defense said why army did not reply in 1948 when Kashmir was attacked, what had been the role of army in 1965, in 1956, in 1971 and 1999 apart from the days of martial law rules that confined the country, Khawaja Asif mentioned, doubting on Pakistan army morale and its military strategic roles, a press report.

PML-N Nawaz Sharif when assumed office the first thing he did through National Assembly, sought the vote of confidence from parliamentarians to prosecute Musharraf under Article 6.

A high treason case as before Nawaz Sharif & Chief Justice of Supreme court Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhry that the action taken by Musharraf on 3rd Nov 2007 was illegal and unconstitutional who kept the law in abeyance, confined the judges & imposed emergency in the country.

Whereas the action taken by Musharraf on 12th Oct 1999 was constitutional before the same Chief Justice of Supreme Court who validated & even took oath under the same constitution as PCO judges in 1999 to work with Musharraf but the step of 3rd Nov 2007 by Musharraf was unconstitutional that’s led to high treason for abrogating the law ruling by Chief Justice CJ) of Supreme court Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhary.  

However CJ waited for Nawaz Sharif to come into power followed the General Election 2013, a well-planned scheme to trap Musharraf accordingly as PPP govt. though remained in power for five years 2008-2013 but PPP avoided of disrespect Pakistan army & PPP did not open such cases in its whole tenure.

Musharraf howbeit conducted General election in the country in 2007 who enabled & brought the politicians at one platform just after remaining 30 days in power following the emergency he imposed on of 3rd Nov 2007.

He was not eager or keen to be in power but preferred to hold general election in the country so that power may transfer to the elected govt. and that’s Musharraf did during last tenure of his presidency.

Chief Justice however asked the Federal govt. or PML-N Govt. to send a formal request to Supreme Court to prosecute Musharraf under Article 6. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court observed that 627 people had abetted the former military dictator in holding the Constitution in abeyance and they could also be tried.

 “Pervez Musharraf will have to be held accountable for his deeds holding in abeyance the Constitution on November 3, 2007 constituted an act of high treason within the meaning of Article 6 of the Constitution,” said PM Nawaz Sharif while taking the National Assembly into confidence before submitting the reply to the Supreme Court.

The masses of the country have understood well that Musharraf has been framed & it’s just a reprisal for the hostility among Nawaz Sharif – CJ. It’s crystal clear that Musharraf has been squared, a politically motivated case and there is no reality or legality in all forged cases just a revenge and personal grudge of Nawaz Sharif & CJ.

In the whole episode of Musharraf trial when the special court indicted him on 31st March 2014, fixing him on five counts where Musharraf explained the court that I am not guilty’ as whatever the action I took on 3rd Nov 2007 based on full consensus & conformity with then team, Prime Minster and other cabinet members, he in his personal capacity did not do anything. It was an institutional decision and the need of the day which he with the consultation of then team took the action, Musharraf clarified in the special court during his treason trial proceeding.

As far as translation of Article 6, the ‘Special court’ hearing treason trial of Musharraf was constituted by CJ Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhary and even the Judges sitting in the Special court also had been selected & appointed by CJ in response to the letter received from Nawaz Sharif.

The federal govt. had asked CJ to choose and nominate 3 judges enabling them to proceed and prosecute Musharraf according to the wish and plan of Nawaz Sharif and CJ himself.

So the credibility of the court itself has been a question mark that how the special court & judges constituted and appointed by Ex CJ hearing Musharraf trial can be unbiased, impartial & neutral.

And that’s the reason that treason trial under Article 6 has been limited & singled out to only Musharraf whereas if we go through the contents of Article 6 it elaborates that

i)         Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

ii)        Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason. 

iii)      Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.”

So the nation has known well that Musharraf trial based on personal vendetta, a vow of vengeance, a desire of vengeance and an act of vengeance.

Whereas Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar also had commented that the parliament through the 18th Amendment had already declared October 12, 1999 action as unlawful.

“Yes those who aided and abetted the former military dictator for subverting and violating the Constitution, too were guilty of high treason and they will be brought to justice”, the Attorney General (AG) replied. There is no need of consultative process as here the Constitution has been murdered, so go and start the process”, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain asked the AG.

But it manifests that only Musharraf has been targeted in the whole episode of treason trail which is a retaliation of his action he took on 12th Oct 1999 and 3rd Nov 2007.
Once he did military coup and toppled Nawaz Sharif in 1999 and confined judges in their homes in 2007 who did not support Musharraf for the emergency he did, of course with the approval of his cabinet’s in 2007 nothing in personal capacity, full endorsement from all stake holders.

Govt. Nawaz Sharif wanted to keep the treason trial limited to Musharraf, all MNAs/ MPAs who are sitting in current assemblies had been the member of Musharraf team in 1999 & 2007 who honored and fulfilled Musharraf command, had a solemn pledge with Musharraf, took oath even & remained fettered & adhered to Musharraf emergency era but the law is being ridiculed said by defense analyst.

As such all stake holders became the abettor, collaborator, endorser, attester, recommender and facilitator for the action of Musharraf during 1999 & 2007 and article 6 says that all such stake holders needs to be prosecuted if Musharraf executed.

Alone Musharraf & getting him singled out will not be a justice, victimizing him to persecuted & not prosecute, particularly transmitting candid message to the sitting army for not to intervene in politics as we are PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-JAGIDAR-FUEDAL LORD & LANDLORD and we are the occupant of 80% lands of Pakistan.

A chain of corrupted politicians who are not loyal, sincere and honest with the country & its people just treating the country a platform not adhering its constitution, making fool its people and even the institutions.

Very prone to complete five years terms and give the chance to another crook who is also accomplice has the same traits and intention to loot so the cycle to undermine the state and its sovereignty is continuing because the same tribes and family system works in national politics.

There is no plan that how to progress and prosper the country, how a welfare state can be built where the live and properties can be secured, where people can get their rights, and basic amenities may accessible to everybody.

No such approach we find from the habitual ‘professional politicians’ who are really professional and not a helper or savior to serve the people, said majority of audience at open public forum. General election before them is the permission to entry in the assembly and complete the tenure with no legislation or any economic reforms.

12th Oct 1999 – What were the reasons & causes to topple Nawaz Sharif and why military came in power, it was Nawaz Sharif error that compel 'army to intervene'. Nawaz Sharif had sacked Musharraf in his absence when Musharraf was on official tour to Serilanka.

Musharraf was on the air and his plane was not allowed by the Airport control Tower to land Karachi airport, plane kept rounding for 45 minutes, its fuel had been reduced at critical level & plane could crash to the ground with 198 passengers on board. Plane pilot was asked to go India when message was shared with Musharraf he replied my foot for India and forcibly the plane was landed at Karachi, press reported.

It was a high treason case for Nawaz Sharif and his act could lead him to death but Nawaz Sharif was forgiven and under an agreement Nawaz Sharif & his family were shifted to Saudi Arabia.

Nawaz Sharif speech in National Assembly on 24th June 2013 that there had been a tug-of-war between democracy and dictatorship during the 66 years history of the country. “Pakistan came into being through a democratic process and its existence lies in democracy,” he said.  

We compare here that how the politicians are the claimant of democracy really they do what they mean? 

Politicians are liberal, what seems them appropriate to satiate them to gain their ill motives without caring the needs of the country & countrymen. An audacity not to be loyal, honest and sincere with the country as their performance are conspicuous that how a general masses are dismal, frustrated & distressed really going through a tough ordeal of hunger & dying of starvation.

Due to rising impoverishment in the country parents are strangling, slaughtering & throwing their children into the river - beauty parlor and massage centers have been converted into brothel - gang raped an self-immolation has been a regular incidents in the country.

An axis of injustice & heightening social crimes have encapsulated the masses and the politicians seems helpless to control - Does it not lead to failure of the state? And if army intervenes or takes over the country at this juncture then it is whose fault? said by a angry senior citizen. 

The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday 7th April 2014 said, if the government could not provide flour to the masses, it should give them rat-killing pills.

It’s the best example to understand that how PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-FUEDAL & LANDOLRD have destroyed the country. ”Justice Jawwad remarked,

“Enough is enough. Government should be compassionate with the poor people now. Inflation has gone skyrocketing. Government is enjoying feasts and atta at low price is not available to common man. People are dying, why?”

We are well aware that political apparatus of the country has been rolling & evolving among family, tribes, ancestral and forerunner who does not prove a real savior neither helpful for the country nor the countrymen.

PATWAREE-WADERA-SARDAR-FUEDAL-JAGIDAR-LANDLORD should understand that Pakistan is not their property this is a country that’s came into being in 1947 after a lot of sacrifices.

We need to run the state on democratic norm so if you have occupancy of 80% lands of Pakistan it does not mean that you will rule 190 million people of Pakistan

We are neither slave nor you are our Masters?

Indeed we need a concrete policy & procedure in place to enforce LAND LEGISLATIOIN & LAND REFORMS though it’s a mega task but we will have to cease the influence, the dominant role of these land grabbers or undocumented & unregistered occupants who are not paying taxes to the govt. of Pakistan and have hidden the exact measurement of lands they have.

All the “lands to be Documented and to be brought into TAX NET”, by doing this the country will not only prosper but the role of PATWAREE-WADERA-JAGIDAR-SARDAR-FUEDAL AND LANDLORS who have made a permanent place in political corridor and in country's economic system required to be reduced distinctively.

We will have to get rid of their influence who have high jacked & paralyzed the country and does not allow to thrive & flourish ‘DEMOCRACY’. And election impartiality i.e. free, fair and transparent does not hold because of their undue pressure in govt. functionaries resulting people of Pakistan have been witnessing the same nasty and rusted faces who have sucked our blood since 1947.

Therefore a major military operation to be initiated at country level to check the proper documentation of lands those have been occupied or in possession of PATWAREE-WADERA-FUEDAL-SARDAR-JAGIDR & LANDLORD, majority of people demanded while sharing their views at open public forum held by media and NGOs.