May 20, 2014

PML-N so called Democracy seems in danger of collapse – In 111 months has lost its credibility - The basic distress is distrust - Enormous rigging in the Election 2013 & claim from the parties sitting in the assemblies for mid-term election – Asking technology oriented device for polling system with finger printing identification & hiring new staff in Election commission of Pakistan whose integrity has been at stake.

And govt. is apparent oblivious & negligent having no welfare plan for a common man - economic challenges leading  to  increase  in  poverty  and  social  inequalities - extreme hunger & thrust - soaring prices of groceries - unemployment - people are starving to death for no food - no electricity - no water - no gas - no CNG - unbridled corruption and rampant lawlessness – tussles among public institutions - rising suicide - gang rapes & self-immolation - heightening social crimes & non execution of convicted criminals - police state & weak judiciary have converted the govt. incapacitated - a face of failure state,  serious reservation among civil society and intelligentsia.

Political parties believed that PML-N stole the whole election process-Unimaginable Election rigging - Suspicious role of Ex Election Commission of Pakistan - Ex Judiciary & Geo TV news channels who went beyond the limit supported & pampered PML-N victory before closure of polling time in the country.
Reportedly PML-N chairman Nawaz Sharif was called ‘Prime Minster’ by Geo TV channel while telecasting Election results flowing from the constituencies. After Geo announcement Nawaz Sharif along with his brother appeared before media who thanked the nation for trusting him. 

Certainly such action of Geo aggressively impacted to other contestant and people of the country who were aghast, stunned and astounded that what happened and how because the polling time had not been closed and results were continue receiving to the TV channels.

Neither Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) nor Judiciary raised, reprimanded or warned them through any official notification for this deliberate action of Geo TV & even no suo-moto from judiciary had been taken.

Portraying Nawaz Sharif as PM till ending election was not an unintentional act that’s broke the law and made the election controversial said PTI chairman.

And that’s the reason that since then parties are on move claiming to recount the voting and checking finger prints, getting report of ballot box mishandling, free use of stamps, tampered ID cards and even ballot box transportation by the candidates instead ECP nominated officials were the nasty ingredients that made the election 2013 suspicious

Now political parties have centralized at one platform and asking PML-N to announce for midterm election in the country.

Terming PML-N a failure that could not flourish democracy in the country, a political rhetoric & unrealistic mission making long term plan while people are starving to death for no food & no water – no electricity & no gas – no CNG & relief on fuel.

Non affordable soaring prices of livelihood – unemployment – people are killing their children as the labor class or daily wage earners are penniless to buy food and to fulfill the basic needs.
The life of a common man has been paralyzed, they are preferring to suicide but the govt. PML-N talking for Tube-train and for which it signed off MOUs with China while the status of local and national train are in terrible said by PML-Q.

The claim of ‘Democracy’ by PML-N govt. is dwindling more precisely losing its strength not only among political die hard but before civil society and the masses where rising nonconformity & glaring inconsistency in planning & action, said by college professor highlighting about democracy.
The maimed economy stuffed with limitless sprain & strain among different economic variables & unsteady macroeconomic activity, giving a rickety outlook. The total reliance on borrowed money and prone to run the country on bailout package is very alluring.

Whenever needed PML-N knocks the door of International lender (loan giving agencies) get it and enjoy it – buy one get two - no need to worry as generation will pay off said by chairman Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).
The easiest and convenient way to race for loan instead to do economic reforms to revive & revitalize the economy & steering it by correct application and implementation with viable strategy & planning.

Streamlining the policy and procedures, revamping existing economic structure, resource diversion to productive channels, curtailing overhead expenses, eliminating the nepotism and favoritism, staff retrenchment and recruitment on merit, reducing irrelevant channels for production, cost minimizing, restructuring available resources and mobility are the tools generally taken by the planner to revive & ameliorate the sick units instead to sell out as the PML-N believes.

A detailed report of expertise on administrative and technical irregularities and its remedy to strengthen up, stronger & uplift the industry, development at grass route level for long term solution, feeling human capital attachment with the company if the unit generating employment.

Attaining maximum benefits by correct planning for short and long term accelerating pace of industrialization instead preferring to dispose the state owned enterprises at peanut price in the name of privatization with unfair bidding process as the practice went in the past or when PML-N was in power in 90s justifying a burden on national kitty, said by Awami Muslim League chairman Sheikh Rasheed.
Someone asked why to sell out, the reply came that to fulfill the commitment made with IMF in order to release the first installment from the approved trench of USD $ 6.7 billion where 64 sick units to be disposed while 31 units out of 64 have to privatize during 1st years as per lending contracts and remaining will go gradually during 4 years of the govt. tenure, IMF document says.

Having such negative aim and ambition how the people can trust in the govt. who since taking its office believe in loan and that’s the reason that PML-N has taken USD $ 70 Billion loan for the financial period 2013-14 said by PTI chairman Imran khan.
Currently PML has received external loan USD $ 55. Billion in 2013-14 from international lender and another installment for USD $ 15. Billion that was meant for the second financial terms 2014-15 but the govt. intends to utilize during the current financial year 2013-14 instead 2014-15, to meet its economic mandatory services said Finance ministry.

So the govt. has now breached & crossed the fiscal borrowing limitation, as per SOP the loan meant for second term cannot be used in the current year but by doing so PML-M went against the borrowing mandate.

Giving the nation skyrocketing and hollow promises since one year. Before a normal person democracy looks good and feel good when they are satisfied & everything are accessible conveniently, wishes are fulfilled but the prevalent situation currently is quite opposite. 

A normal person even are deprived of basic needs of life, their livelihood has been awful, impoverished people are out of food and out of work, soaring prices and power issues are the imminent failure across the country, said by Jamat Islami leader during his protest rally.

Power Shortfall mystery
Power shortfall and prolong outage of electricity, gas, water & CNG supplies are the preliminary issue which PML-N showed its incapacity to manage. Every passing day the shortfall has been manifolding causing more embarrassment and frustration among people.
But since PTI protest call on 11th May 2014 some TV channels ran slides that ‘power prolong outage’ has been reduced & shed. A joke with the nation....

And after three days concerned minister announced that there is no power shortfall in the country rather has been zerorised while Khawaja Asif told to media in his press conference that by 2018 power issue will come under control.
And now again the power minister issued statement that ‘short fall’ has come down to 2500 from the growing shortfall of 4500 megawatt, press reports.

Does it not look a jock and how immaturely the minster dealing the sensitive power crisis – And for ‘zerorized’ how it happened - Was it a miracle that Pakistan which is countering with chronic power shortfall since Zardari 5 years + Nawaz Sharif 1 year how it came down and reduced in one day? Does it not signal that something being hidden?

It invites two question either the power shortfall was not true but fabricated just to keep the masses in trouble across the border with serious mental uneasiness & discomfort. Not only afflicted the people but affected the economy too that’s came to standstill, economic wheel grounded to a halt & industries closed due to serious power breakdown.
The unplanned load shedding compelled the industrialist to leave the country and shift their investment somewhere. 

In Faisalabad alone 10k small industries closed it business, - about 40k industries (with the combination of small and large scale) have been closed due to power insufficient supply in the country and not only electricity but gas discontinuity & abruptness made the industrialist more vulnerable to terminate their business & made the capital flight possible. The senseless attitude of govt. giving following shades

a)    Did PTI protest call accompanied with other political group proved a panacea to stop the forged power shortfall immediately?

b)    Did govt. used a forged power shortfall i.e. about 4000 megawatt in the country to keep the ‘circular debt’ account alive so that Billion & Trillion of amount may transfer to IPPs account holders?

c)    If the power outage as per govt. has been ceased then what is the use to keep ‘circular debt’ continue? Close this blood sucker (circular debt) once for all and save the economy, divert the huge sum to other productive channel for the welfare of the masses? Asked group of politicians who staged rallies across the provinces.

d)    If repair and maintenance for older units becomes cheaper and it gives production soon - govt. should initiate & parallel it can work for short term and long term projects to subside the uncertainties developing in masses.

e)   Is it inexplicable for the govt. to share the reality with the nation that why Circular debt cannot be re-negotiated & re-structured as govt. is buying electricity costly and it becomes impossible to provide electricity at cheap rate? Govt. should focus on it instead to honor the inflated circular debt seriously.

f)   Re write the ‘circular debt contract’ and save unnecessary burden on national wallet that is draining huge sum against circular debt payment.

g)    Circular debt is known as a curse to the nation whose stomach never fills - It’s a Dracula sucking national money since long.

When PML-N assumed its office in June 2013, the very first payment it released Rs.503 billion against circular debt to IPPs stake holder and at every three months a good chunk of national money released & now again it has been accumulated to Rs.300 billion which needs to pay off otherwise the fuel supply to the plant producing electricity will be stopped, a press report.

h)  PML-N govt. boasting radiantly that power shortfall has come to zero. If this is the case then why load shedding is continued in the country? Still in urban area 8-10 hours & 12-14 hours in rural load shedding are maintained. In addition to the intermittent breakdown which is of course an extra unscheduled outage.

Govt. talking about investment, visiting foreign countries, signing Memorandum of understanding (MoU) & contracts for multifarious projects & myriad business activities but ‘power shortfall’ alone a crucial subject needs to be resolved to attract new investors and enable the existing industrialist to keep their business in the country instead to move.

Unequivocally immediate measure to cope over power crisis will revitalize the feeble economy by generating more employment opportunity.
Constructing highways, flyovers, motorways, metro buses & tubes train of course adds value in economic activity but for a normal person the most important thing is food, employment so that they can buy food, shelter and get basic amenities of life. They may live comfortably, easy availability of goods and services, cheap rate groceries, electricity, gas, water in their city/ village etc. are the most important doable action of govt. than investment in infrastructure so PML-N at this juncture will have to realign its priorities, said political analyst.

Democracy before a ravenous or those starving to death is sheer an empty slogan that’s has lost its entity, importance & value, impact & sustainability to support the people of Pakistan, asserted by the majority of people sharing their disappointment with media at open public forum.

There is no democracy in originality so the question of derailment does not exist, said the chairman of political groups of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf) - PML-Q (Pakistan Muslim League-Q) - JI (Jamat Islami) - APML (All Pakistan Muslim league) - PAT (Pakistan Awami Tahreek) - AML (Awami Muslim league) & other parties even in Opposition has been lambasting for the forged and undemocratic status of PML-N that came into being following the massive rigging in general election held in the country on 11th May 2013.

a)   PTI & Other political parties request for mid-term election due to massive rigging in the election and

b)  Urging the govt. to use Technology oriented electoral system & ''Eelectronic voting machine'' with fingerprint - print identification system

c)   And dissolution of ECP, appointing new personnel as the existing ECP staff have lost their integrity.
Recounting ‘people-mandates who trusted-in’ should be visible with no illegal means as PML thumbed their nose, stole the whole election, stigmatized the core essence of free, fair and transparency, said by PML-Q, PAT, JI, PTI and AML during their protest rallies in capital city.

An open allegation against Ex Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) & Ex Chief Justice of Supreme Court who orchestrated, abused their authority in making the election highly contentious - their illegal & dirty politics impinged the whole electoral process, said by PTI chief during his nationwide protest call.
It’s about one year but rigging claims yet have not been closed, Assemblies in the country are active but the parties are still busy asking ECP to unearth the fraud and forged votes done in their constituencies.

Winners are challenged by the defeaters for re-counting, finger prints screening & re-polling, NADRA is asked to verify finger prints & tampered ID cards that’s used for multiple votes, Civil court, High court and Supreme Court even are involved in hearing the petitions of Election corruption said by PTI chairman.

If the transparency had been maintained earlier such issue emerging now would not have happened PTI added.
PPP, MQM & PTI have been distinctive to verify the finger prints of their voters, after verification the situation reversed qualified candidates are declared disqualified during postmortem of the finger prints polled in the relevant constituencies.

There are 500 cases lying unresolved in Election Tribunals since 2008 & despite our repeated request to dig out only 4 constituencies where massive rigging had been carried out but ECP is still doing dilly-dally and shillyshally & avoiding verifying the finger prints of 4 constituencies. We have requested ECP & Judiciary already to honor our request, said PTI chairman.

Integrity of the election process will determine the integrity of democracy itself. So the election system must be secure and robust against a variety of fraudulent behaviors, should be transparent and comprehensible that voters and candidates can accept the results of an election.
Over all the role of PML-N in terms of public welfare is zero, very depressive and alarming, people genuine grievances are not addressed & redressed. No distinctive & drastic measures we see for people welfare, said annoyed house wife quarreling with grocery supplier charging exorbitant prices in Karachi.

The majority of the people living below poverty line, 80% of the populace has no food no concrete shelter and other essential basic amenities really very appalling and diabolical.
Signing of MOUs for lengthy and heavy projects not subsiding the pain of a common man who is yelling & rattling around for the sake of Food, Electricity, Gas & Water, and CNG a talk of the town.

We don't see the role of govt. that might have been rendered to support the masses for their betterment and advancement - even not a single problem has been resolved, said by a group of daily wage earner sitting outside the Mill in Industrial area Lahore.
Due to soaring prices of livelihood there are acute frustration and depravity among people - A mother jumped into the river she had a five children and was unable to feed, she could not afford the sobbing of her children and preferred to kill herself.

Again a mother fed the poisons to her children 2 out of 5 were in critical condition, the reason known by media that woman had no food and since 3 days her children were hungry she had no money to buy food, both the news were related to Faisalabad a city of 1.2 million.
In Lahore mother threw her child in Ravi and jumped to kill herself but she was saved, on inquiry it revealed that mother has no food to give her siblings, they were hungry since 2 days kids sobbing mother could not afford.

A mother strangled to death her two babies aged 8 months and 2-1/2 year they were hungry, husband was jobless he was thrashing and pestering to do sex which the wife could not - eventually she looked towards her hungry child and preferred to kill them.
A father slaughtered his children and then killed himself, the reason known by media that father was jobless despite his repeated attempts to get daily wage work in the factory nearest his home, the factory had no production, a disaster for a daily wage earner, Father in deep disappointment preferred to slaughter the children and then finished off his own life.

All story had happened in Punjab where PML-N has its hold seems failure to provide the basic support to the people just busy in the fraud enlistment of Guinness book.

PML-N boasting that we have democracy in Pakistan and no one will be allowed to derail, everyone is happy, every institution are functional, law and order is good, no target killing, no kidnapping and ransom, election went well and we have won the election by 2/3 majority so whoever is crying or screaming for any rigging must accept PML-N govt. and let the govt. completes its 5 years said Nawaz Sharif addressing in convocation held in Lahore.

There are mounting widespread anger about PML-N performance and its delivery during its 11 month tenure since assuming power either to the country or the people of Pakistan.
Govt. loan phobia but where these amount goes?
Has it been invested in any project that’s meant for the welfare of the people or just govt. took the loan to pay off previous loan -to bridge the gap of balance of payment & debt servicing -to pay off circular debt- to pay off import bill -to bridge the gap of current account deficit - to maintain foreign exchange reserves to clutch the currency devaluation against dollar etc. though the dollar has been reduced comparing with Pakistani currency yet the price of petroleum related items did not get any affect - no impact on daily use items being purchased by a common man that's brought down to Rs.98 from Rs.110 - 'why not honest in the action' said by annoyed school teacher who was buying grocery for his house. 

If loans utility mentioned above - does any Economist endorse and consider govt. action a viable strategic approach to support the economy through mounting loads of loan instead to do reforms & good economic planning.
So far the PML-N has taken loan US$ 54.7 billion during its 11 months and it wants to add more US$ 15.3 billion towards country external debt from International loan giving agencies in addition to the loan availed from State bank of Pakistan & Commercial banks in the country. Though International lender has released the loan in phases yet some are in the pipe line to receive by the govt. during the financial year 2013-14.

It’s a premeditated crime showing the madness of the govt. who has crossed the standing limits mandated in Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act (FRDLA) decided to avail the loan that was due on its turn in 2014-15 but govt. took it in advance to use in FY 2013-14 giving plea that in 2015-16 that amount will not be availed.
As per report of Medium Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDMS) Country’s External Debt had been estimated to Rs 7.202 trillion at the end of this fiscal year on June 30 against Rs 5.7 trillion same period last year showing an increase of Rs, 1.502 trillion. It refers the third review of IMF program held in Dubai said ministry of finance.

BY June 30 2013 Public debt had been recorded at Rs, 14, 366 billion but it has been increased by 13% touching at Rs 16, 065 billion, increasing in public debt mainly due to financing fiscal deficit which was recorded at 8pc of GDP against the budgeted estimate of 4.7pc. But Economist sitting outside the assembly telling a different story that;
The govt. heavily rely on “Non-tax revenues and cut in Public sector development program (PSDP)” to maintain budget deficit below six percent of the GDP (Rs.1560 billion) after slashing revenue collection target by Rs.200 billion because govt. has commitment with IMF to restrict budget deficit at less than 6% of GDP (Rs.1560 Billion) by the end of June 2014.

Though the govt. had revised the Annual Revenue Collection target by Rs.200 billion to Rs.2275 billion for FY2014 from budgetary target of Rs.2475 billion.

The govt. has two options, ‘non-tax revenue and cut in PSDP’ to control the budget deficit of the country as agreed with IMF”, said prominent Economist Dr. Ashfaque Hassan Khan
Non tax revenue basically to squeeze the masses by imposing more taxes, services surcharges, public services fees, social activities and entertainment facility, utilities, railway fare, passport, ID cards, govt. stamps papers etc. all such direct services those are related to serve the people will be brought into ‘non-tax revenue’ for availing goods and services provided by the govt. 

So it is vivid that to earn more revenue into the shades of non-tax revenue the ultimate victim will be common man. Is it a good economic planning instead to extend property tax parameter & inclusion of agricultural tax into tax base why the poor segments of society are more grinded.

Do legislation to bring the entire agricultural lands into tax net to give relief to people living in Pakistan who has equal rights to own the country, they are citizen and every year they mandate you for not to crush them but to relieve them from mental agony.

Dr Ashfaq (Economist), further said that government will utilize Saudi Arabia’s grant of $1.5 billion (around Rs.150 billion as non-tax revenue during outgoing fiscal year. The grant of $1.5 billion still has not been mentioned in budget.
The govt. restricted its budget deficit at 3.1 percent of the GDP (Rs 811.66 billion) during three quarters July-March FY 2014 which was 4.4 percent of the GDP in the corresponding period last year.

The latest figure released from Finance Ministry the govt. expenditures stood at Rs 3.29 trillion which is 12.6% of GDP against revenue of Rs 2.48 trillion that’s 9.5 percent of GDP.  
The break-up of total revenues Rs.2477.38 billion revealed that government has collected Rs.1786.19 billion as tax revenue and Rs.691.187 billion as non-tax revenue.

However the break-up of government’s expenditures Rs.3.29 trillion  giving breakup that Rs.909.06 billion was spent on interest payment - Rs.451.71 billion spent on Defense - Rs.60.054 billion on public orders and safety affairs - Rs,542 million spent on environmental protection - Rs.6.92 billion spent on heath - Rs.45.151 billion on recreation, culture and religion - Rs.45.151 billion on education affairs and services and Rs.1.135 billion on social protection during the first three quarters of current financial year.
The people have right to ask the govt. spent Rs.60.054 Billion on public order and safety affairs so where is the public safety. The state has been converted into police state, the worsening law and order situation in the country, how dreadfully the social crimes are heightening every day. Rising rap cases, target killing, kidnapping and ransom, Bhatta mafia, land grabbing, illegal water hydrants, so where is the law? or the measures that had been taken by the govt. does it seems worth full and productive for the safety an security of the citizen? Asked by audiences who were responding at open public forum organized by media.

Rs.45.151 billion on education affairs and service - The public school status in entire provinces are very shocking and presents a very shattered picture.
In Sind there are 48277 school where 42832 are working while 4,540 are non-operational and 2,181 are ghost schools, 524 school have been encroached by feudal lords, or have been converted into cattle herds, dunk factory & storing cultivated or uncultivated crops. while 17 school are under litigation but Sind govt. boasts to provide education for all and they passed a law that ‘Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education’ in compliance with article 25-A of the Constitution.

In KPK as per Education Sector Plan 2008-15 of the Elementary & Secondary Education Department - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 7000 additional classrooms will be required in Primary Schools during the years 2013-15 to provide the required space to existing enrolled children. Similarly 3000 Primary Schools will need the provision of basic facilities of drinking water, boundary walls and electric supply etc. 4000 Primary School will need repair & rehabilitation and 100 shelter less schools will need buildings.
On the occasion, KP Education Minister Atif Khan said the PTI believed that education was the only way out and the KP government would establish 28,000 schools under Tamer-e-School Program.

The education department has not provided free textbooks to government schools in Bajaur Agency and the students have been attending schools without books since start of the new academic session in April, press report.
Baluchistan- The number of ghost and dysfunctional schools in Baluchistan is reported to be more than 6000 - On Universal Children's Day more than 2.3 million children have no access to education in Baluchistan.

Punjab The Punjab government closed 6,200 operational schools in 31 districts, while an illiterate person had been appointed as adviser to the chief minister, the Punjab Assembly was informed on Monday. In addition to the ghost school which is on paper but not functional.
Rs.45.151 billion on recreation, culture and religion – if the amount has been consumed then it should be visible to everyone but unfortunately it does not exist. Upon recreation & culture did govt. spend even a single fills, people don't find any renovation and refurbishment works if such a huge sum has been spent.

Against health govt. spent Rs.6.92 billion –Did it really spend? See the condition of all public hospital across the region, the medicine are sold in private chemist shops, people are dying without medicines – why drastic action is not taken to being culprit to the task - where is punishment unless you ensure it can eliminate from the society. The basic facility in a govt. hospitals are missing, building are in shabby states, no doctor, no nurse, no medicine, no emergency treatment or any laboratory, no basic medicines even are available in the govt. clinic/ hospitals.
Is democracy flourishing well?
People problems instead alleviation are multiplying every passing day wherever they go they counter with myriad hurdles & inaccessibility for getting their problem resolved resulting serious annoyance, exasperation & indignation have been reported in a general survey conducted by the national newspapers & social media to know “do you happy with the current govt.” where 72% were unhappy, 18% were happy & 10% were un-cleared.
It’s a 21st century where everyone has right to speak and has ability to raise voices if Govt. is not doing well or discharging its onerous responsibility with sincerity, honesty and loyalty for the country Then people has right to clutch them, can drag them and can push them out from the assemblies & that’s defines the rule of ‘democracy’ where the govt. is nothing but the people power and people mandate makes the govt. legible and competent to support people, provide them a safe and secured homeland by fulfilling all basic amenities of life with no other substitute or second opinion of democracy.
And it’s a beauty of the ‘democracy’ where people elect their representative through a constitutional electoral system, through a legitimate voting system leaders arrive in the assemblies and do legislation for the people, considering their mandate.
So in case in of persistent lawlessness & absence of legal system & execution, unbridled corruption, rampant mismanagement, power crisis, failure in protecting lives and properties of people then the same people who mandated the political leaders can get them out following the same electoral system for not to vote them, democracy elaborates.

PPP & PML-N are very keen to keep democracy and it is the desire of every Pakistani too to run the state under democracy as we are the inhabitants & ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan said a majority of people visited at cultural show held in Karachi.
We look towards our politicians to fulfill their responsibility truly, think for the people, do for the people, what you take form the people – do you really return to the people – do you give them a welfare state? Do you facilitate them, respect and honor them to their rights and due shares in state affairs, said a senior citizen.

Politicians must know that why ‘democracy in Pakistan’ could not flourish and thrived, what were the reasons, behavior and mistakes that’s compelled army to do military coup or take over the state affairs in their hand either by imposing martial law, or by emergency or dissolving the assembly by then President.
Democracy in Pakistan since its independence in 1947 has been fluctuating throughout its political history. There are multiple reasons, it remained in incubator and lasted for some time but again shifted back on ventilation to breathe further but could not recover well.

The main reason of democracy cold not grow is the influence of Feudalism as 80% of Pakistan lands are occupied by Wadera-Jagidar-Sardar-Patwaree-Landlords who always wanted to keep their heads on and did not allow the democracy to make its root in the country.
Feudalism & elitism preferred to rule the country with subjugation, oppression, suppression, severe discrimination among ‘have and haves not’ asking people to bow their head, a regressive and aggressive mentality, a situation of Master and Slaves which is in principal is the basic error & negation the essence of democracy - that could not develop in the country despite its 66 years because the people are not living in colonial rule - Pakistan is an independent state where 200 million people are living with equal rights and opportunity in state matters.

And we are not stable yet because the feudal and bureaucracy always appeared as a deterrent to legislate the law which they feel it’s against them & their properties are under division - their influence and identity will be scroll down so they go against and avoid to document the chain of their properties in Pakistan and such it’s a case of excessive tax evasion.
They have a say in the assembly (always) whether in power or sitting in opposition it gives impression that Pakistan is their ancestral property, the descendant & son of the soil and others are bound to labor not to rule.

And that’s the reason that after 66 years no govt. could legislate any taxation or impose levy over feudal agricultural lands, even not a single fills are paid to govt. of Pakistan against their horizontally stretched land so how democracy can exist, a major chunk of money goes uncollected because of no documentation by Federal Board of Revenue.
Political corruption, serious mismanagement, failure in extending services and performance by civil govt. have been the reason to dissolve the assembly in the past or have been the reason in paving the way for military in 1958, 1977 1999,

Though PPP during its 5 years tenure did 18th amendment & withdrew the constitutional right to President of Pakistan who has been dissolving National Assembly whenever politicians failed to run the state & disabled in maintaining the sovereignty of Pakistan.
Similarly PML-N who is in power now, sending a message to the military for not to look towards Pakistan civilian govt. by humiliating General Retired Pervez Musharraf Ex chief of Army staff (COAS) who ruled the country for 9 years. He is executed under Article 6 for abrogating & changing the constitution on 3rd Nov 2007 & imposed emergency and that was an institutional decision getting it endorse from then cabinet.

Here both leaders PPP & PML-N are of the view that they can rule the country on the name of ‘democracy’ which will not be a real democracy but a name to fool the people of Pakistan and they will do whatever seemsthem valid and getting their entry in the assembly as an opportunity to loot and plunder national wealth as they have been doing in the past, a participant expressed his concern on TV Talk show over the topic ‘can democracy in Pakistan survive?’
In democracy there is power of people and its people strength who through valid electoral process elected their representative to run the state and the same people if see that elected representative are not delivering & their performance and are not up to the mark of the people then they can discontinue such leadership.

May 16, 2014

Geo TV channel showed immaturity & unprofessionalism while conducting its Morning-show celebrating Veena Malik and her spouse wedding.

There is no role of PEMRA, a silent spectator, seems dummy and ineffective whose credibility has been compromised.

Not only competitors’ even normal citizen of Pakistan agitating against the show aired that flared the whole nation.

People asking PEMRA to play its due role & rein over the nasty and foul play & more importantly the blasphemous words used in QUWWALI that’s jolted the nation.
In the morning show known as “Utho Jago Pakistan” aired by Geo TV where Vena Malik & her husband Asad Bashir were presented celebrating their wedding. The show when shoot created extreme anger and annoyance among different walks of life whoever watched the show.

The show has been termed against Islam that hurt viewers’ sentiments by singing the lyrics in QUWWALI and connecting irrelevant, unreasonable and inappropriate words with the Creator (Al Mighty Allah) & the family of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that led to blasphemous, said by Islamic scholars.
The Religious Scholars has also called for countrywide protest call against Geo TV channel demanding govt. to close Geo network immediately with punitive action against those responsible to conduct the show for their serious negligence and sick thoughts.

The inflammatory words in QUWWALI and posing Veena Malik and Asad Bashir as BIBI FATEMA ZUHRA (Razi Allah-u-Taala Anha) & HAZARAT ALI (Razi-Allah-u-Talla Anho) respectively stunned the people.
Print, electronic and social media are stuffed with horrible & nauseating remarks for telecasting the show by Geo TV channel that’s fueled the fire and caused more indignation among Islamic scholars.

Majority of the people and Islamic scholars insisted PEMRA to cancel Geo TV license with immediate effects who is involved in unethical & immoral TV shows at national level.
Geo TV not only tarnished the image of the country but also damaged the ideology of Pakistan & this is not the first instance, Geo has been breaching the predetermined code of conduct asked by PEMRA, said by one of the participant debating on Geo Morning show aired on 13th instant.

Weeks before Geo made character assassination of Pakistan army and ISI Chief portraying photograph of ISI associating with the breaking news of Hamid Mir attack. Giving impression that ISI chief seemed them involved in the attack. Continue displaying the photograph for 18 hours alleging straight to ISI left no room further but heightened the issue across the country where still the procession continuing against Geo channel.
The contents & lyrics of QUWWALI are inflammatory, insulting & derogatory that agonized the viewers that how arrogantly & outrageously Geo TV linked VEENA MALIK AND HER SPOUSE with the family of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), daughter of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Bibi Fatema Zuhra and Hazrat Ali son in law of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Social, print and electronic media are stuffed with deep resentment developed among public demanding PEMRA to cancel Geo TV license immediately.
The narrative in QAUWWALI played at Geo TV channel were giving a false impression and misleading the Islamic tradition, culture and custom, values and practices that basically never happened what has been shown in the show.

The program Producer & Director should have completed their ground work before airing the show, they should have checked minutely the pros and cons & the lyrics of QUWWALI that’s becomes the duty of a producer or director who is supporting the show or any event.
Celebrity of the show are VENA MALIK AND HIS HUSBAND ASAD BASHIR, the below link will take you to the show where the vulgarity made the show Blasphemous.

The contents of QUWWALI are mentioned below that will be self-explanatory that how with senselessness insanity the show has been attributed with the name of Holy Prophet and his family.















The authority in Govt. should take notice for telecasting such a vulgar and obscene program by Geo TV channel.