Jun 11, 2014

Death of 7 people in Cold storage at Cargo terminal Karachi is not an accidental but deliberate - Pakistan army operation to repulse the terrorist attacked cargo terminal & Ispahani Hanger at Karachi airport.

A worst example of obliviousness - point scoring move of political pundits & serious negligence of the agencies & authorities involved in the military operation carried out on 8th June 2014 when terrorist attacked Cargo terminal Karachi but did not care to free the 7 lives confined inside the ‘cold storage’.

The cargo terminal is known as old airport being used for loading and offloading the goods and also serves the arrival and departure of VVIP/ VIP & Hajj services existed in east side of the airport while Jinnah terminal in the west.
The front elevation of the airport leading from Cargo terminal to Jinnah International airport though has different entrances to go inside at terminal 1,2 & 3 yet the back side of the premises internally has a wide extended open area starting from the apron of Isphani Hanger, Taxiway and parking slots of aircrafts scaling long tarmac from east to west.

The airport is imbedded with aircraft engineering and overhauling shops including the Ispahani Hangar for wide & narrow body aircraft for repairing and maintenance facility where most of the PIA aircraft are checked and regulated at the aircraft hangars in Karachi.
The terrorist equipped with highly sophisticated weapons wanted to attack Ispahani Hangar and damage the parked planes at the apron but due to good militarily maneuvering the militants could not successful but routed by Pakistan army.

The militants were dressed in camouflage of ASF (airport security force), they were well planned and wanted to capture the entire airport network. However due to failure of airport security forces & police deployed at the airport could not suffice to overpower and eventually Pakistan army took over the airport on the instruction of PM, started joint operation against the militants where 10 terrorist were killed who were bombing and damaging the national assets.
In this operation the nation lost 38 lives (martyred of ASF, police officer, PIA staff & 7 death of private cargo officials trapped in cold storage) & 28 injured.

Regarding loss of 7 bodies burnt alive in cold storage due to severe heat, steam and suffocation became the reason of the arrogant & outrageous attitude of politicians who remained stick in numbering game instead to issue order for immediate action to save the life.
And ignorance of the authority though they did operation at Karachi airport to crush the ill motive of the militants but could not notice to save the life of 7 people and even avoided to highlight in the report submitted to PM that’s led a serious criminal negligence.

However on media uproars, the authorities woke up and sent the rescue team to recover the bodies 0f 7 people trapped in cold storage more than 30 hours.
If at the very first call raised in the morning of 9th by the victims’ family who protested at Star gate (entrance of cargo terminal from Shahra-e-Faisal) and asked the govt. to help him in recovery of their loved ones but the govt. instead to listen & serious for rescue they hurled tear gas and charged baton on helpless protestors.

The authority even blocked the road and led the confined people to roast in excessive heat, steam and suffocation in cold storage at cargo terminal (that came under militant attack) , The building had been gutted completely with fire and even till the start of rescue work it was burning with high flame by mid night of 10th June.
If the rescue operation had started earlier the life of 7 people would have been saved, said by one of the deceased family.

It’s a clear intentional murder of the people who were employees of a private cargo company working at cargo terminal became the prey of predatory political parties busy in photo session & point scoring. However the nation wanted to know that

a)    Who will be responsible for this serious inadvertence?

b)   Why the civil aviation authority (CAA) did not notice when submitting ‘Airport clearance report’ (ACR) to Prime Minster (PM) complying his instruction to clear the Airport by 4.00 pm?

c)    Why PM was in hurry to restore the airport functionality where CAA even did not specify & hid the number of planes damaged, destruction of aircraft-hanger, number of actual death and injured & 7 missing people detail during military operation (with terrorist) at cargo terminal that’s remained continue from 12.00 am till 4.30 am

d)   Why CAA, D.G Rangers, Head of Airport security forces (ASF), Police officer did not notice the screaming & yelling of 7 trapped people inside cold storage asking for help, sheltered themselves frightening bomb storming & indiscriminate firing between military force and terrorist

e)    Why the authority did not notice the hue and cry, relative of trapped people who the very next morning of 9th June gathered at Star-gate demanding the release and rescue of 7 people raising voices to extinguish the fire that had engulfed the entire building (where the cold storage exists) & cleaning the heavy debris lying in front of the door

f)     The aggrieved family even offering help to support CAA management if the desired heavy equipment is arranged to clean the area

g)   But instead to listen the protesters the law enforcement agency hurled tear gas and used baton to disperse them

h)   The crestfallen people did not leave the place, contacted media who aired the hysterical-voice of trapped people from inside cold storage
As per one of the deceased family that at 12.00 am of 9th when army took over the airport & started operation, they received call from his son saying that I have sheltered in cold storage, outside there is huge bombing and gun-fires and we are unable to move anywhere, pray for our safety, the poor caller was unaware about his fate.

One of the deceased mother said, she received call from her son in after noon of 9th about 1.00 pm that he cannot come out & unable to open the door (generally cold storage door does not open from inside unless someone opens from out)
However, the media noise specifically by one TV channel, later followed by other channels, drew attention of the authorities concerned to help them out to release 7 trapped people from cold storage who had been inside since 1130 pm of June 8th

i)     The TV anchor received call from Governor of Sind assuring to send fire brigade to extinguish the fire around cold storage and bulldozer to demolish the wall enabling to rescue them.

j)     Calls from PPP stalwart Sherry Rehman, Shermila Farooqui, Bilawal Bhutto, MQM, and PTI & Malik Riaz a private property dealer assured the anchor to send equipment, TV slides also saw running that PM just knew through media about the confinement of 7 people in cold storage at cargo terminal Karachi during last night operation, he however has instructed Pakistan army and concerned authority to get the trapped people rescued as the TV slides depicted.

k)    Chief Minister Sind along with minister of information (after media vociferating that brought them wide-awake) though they visited the cargo terminal but did not issue any instruction to concerned authority to start any rescue work.

l)     Categorically CM said that it does not fall into the jurisdiction of Sind govt. but the responsibility pertains to CAA.

m)  Sherjeel Memon explicitly told that Chief Executive of the province (he meant for CM Qaim Ali Shah) spent the whole night yesterday (9th June) at the airport during military operation & remained at the site till 4.30 am till the clearance of CAA but instead to credit CM, federal govt. did not say even a single word of appreciation & acknowledged.

n)   CM & his crony had photo session and left the site without even talking to CAA to initiate rescue work or dig out 7 trapped people from the cold storage.

o)   Sherjeel memon further added that CAA had cleared the area & submitted report to PM and people trapped inside cold storage does not seem him alive due to excessive heat and suffocation, he said.
Even if we take the word of Sherjeel memon, he cannot be excluded in discharging his onerous responsibility to safe and secure the life of people instead to leave the 7 lives roasted in furnace, said by a sobbing conceived wife just married one year before.

The army however conducted operation and recovered 7 dead bodies out of cold storage, the body had gone scorched & scalded due to severe heat and suffocation as the area had no electricity and the building was completely gutted by fire.
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