Jun 27, 2014

Dr. Tahir-UL-Qadri a name of ‘tremor’ for the ruling govt.

That jolted Pakistan-politics, made the govt. machineries senseless when Tahir-UL-Qadri visiting in Islamabad bound flight from Emirates was diverted at Lahore airport on 23rd June 2014 giving justification of high security risk.

Dr. Tahir-UL-Qadri (TUQ) an icon of change to revolutionize the corrupt political system running in Islamic Republic of Pakistan terming the current political structure is baseless, illegal & unconstitutional.
Serious mismanagement and unconstitutional existence of Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) who conducted Election in 2013 was initially a forged, faked and unlawful as the appointment of ECP staff, Secretaries & Chief Election Commission were not followed in accordance with the standing guidelines & instructions defined in the constitutional book of Pakistan.

Therefor the ‘election 2013’ itself was illegitimate & impractical that’s made the whole election process suspicious, disputed coupled with heavy criticism of fake polling.
Massive rigging, usage of forged ID cards, mismatching & unacceptable voters finger prints, repeated vote casting against one ID, involvement of presiding officers to poll fake votes, mishandling of ballot boxes transporting by the candidates instead ECP scheduled arrangement. And preemptive support of one specific TV channel calling Nawaz Sharif Prime Minster of Pakistan while the election result were continued and extended time given by ECP had not been over.

Such extra ordinary support at live TV channel soured the legitimacy & authenticity of voting process, at eleventh hour changed the mind of voters those were in queue to poll their votes of course defecting the voting transparency and impartiality & ECP as a silent spectator did not object or take any action officially for such a serious error by media.
Apart from, very close observation between the authorities in power and media were echoing well in advance that “election has been scripted in Washington, endorsed by Saudi-Arabia, approved by GHQ & conducted by ECP” majority opined.

So before TUQ ‘election’ was not genuine but complete-fake so those who arrived in the assembly how can be a real crusader, a real supporter and helper to serve the people of Pakistan with honesty, loyalty and sincerity contended by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT).
And this is the reason that notwithstanding passing one year the political parties PPP, MQM & PTI have been complaining for recounting and even for reelection in some disputed & suspicious areas while PTI still vociferating to open the ballot boxes and recount the votes in 4 constituencies.

Though they have submitted petition in the court and ECP, yet the decision is underway. PTI has been conducting rallies across the country too for enormous rigging since the very next day result announced officially. And in some constituencies’ election conducted by ECP that’s made PTI successful evidencing the claim of huge rigging, said by PTI MNA.
A regular hue and cry among different political groups who challenged and complained for forged polling and ECP, NADRA & honorable Courts in the country remained busy & still busy in hearing outnumbered petitions filed.

The Election chapter as such has not been closed & demand for reelection or midterm election from PTI is continuing.
A thick cloud of uncertainties, unfaithfulness & unacceptable mandates based on serious corruption in the election has marred the political & economic stability more vulnerable. People don’t believe in the govt. and public offices, apparently govt. machineries seems them ineffective to support & handle their problem.

And TUQ shouting loudly for the same issue to “Reform the ‘Electoral Process” in the country so that a real crusader, a real lover and helper may come to the power who feels pains and really works for the people. A welfare state where the impoverished segments of society living in very critical status at least may get access the basic needs of their life.  
The deprived class are dying for one time food, they are starving to death, and mothers are throwing their child in the river, strangling their offspring’s, slaughtering the children and killing themselves. Husbands are thrashing and pestering their wives to do sex, beauty parlor and massage centers have been converted into brothel, social crimes rates have been heightened in the country due to soaring prices of livelihood.

A very agonizing picture of the society around us, TUQ highlighted while addressing his supporters, a serious resentment, indignation and frustration among common men against govt. They are helpless & hopeless, looking towards a savior to get them out from such unfair & unjust situation.
Referring the role of opposition in the assembly which is not like a watch dog to debate on govt. about unnecessary expenses or putting rein for its unbridled behavior, initially PPP & PML-N are the two shades of the same coin said TUQ.

And its PML-N apathy, their callousness, brutality and barbarism, inhuman & sadistic life style has made the people poorer. Full scale onslaught on common men is the skyrocketing prices of livelihood where the govt. has been failure to control. Getting the dollar parity low with Pakistani currency but did nothing in reducing the prices of groceries & essential commodities.
Certainly we don’t find such ecstasy, elation and euphoria among the premier of other developing countries but ours PM not reluctant even using national kitty for his personal use, neglecting the initial needs of a common men who are unable & difficult to earn livelihood, unable to buy basic necessity of life.

It’s really appalling and shocking that Nawaz Sharif currently Prime minister of Pakistan generally a money-making prime minister & accused of tax evaders, availing loans from multiple financial institutions in the country against fictitious industries & in the name of family members and later getting it written off, keeping chain of properties & owner of multiple industries in the country and overseas, asserted by political analyst.
Nawaz Sharif prime minister of 200 million people of Pakistan (developing country) where 80% of populace are poor & 70% are living below poverty line while its PM does not feel shame & outrageously abusing his power, misusing national wallet for his personal palace refurbishment and renovation, purchasing a lot from national exchequer & avoiding to consider the needs of the people, letting them die, how callous, audacious & impudent, said by TUQ sharing with media. Following information has been taken through above hyperlink, however it can also be seen by clicking the below link
  • How PM just in one year of his tenure knowingly spent huge sum for adoring, decorating & illuminating his palace in Raiwind Lahore.
  • He bought 6 sniffer dogs at Rs.2.4 million and 2 latest model BMW 76Li bullet proof cars at Rs.120 million for his personal use & not only this the PM spent millions for rebuilding his garden.
  • Further PM spent Rs.28.4 million on repairing and renovation of PM’s House and PM’s office desk with the breakup of Rs.16.4 million & Rs.12 million respectively.
  • The Prime Minister’s Garden took alone a total of Rs.1, 022,000/= 
  • The first hand budget for PM office was Rs.754 million & also a grant of 68 million was approved which sums up to Rs.823 million.
We are ashamed but don’t know whether the PM is? How relentless he is? Surely such exorbitant & unwise spending getting the country to counter with a yawning gap in between revenue collection and govt. spending but who cares?

The industrial growth has been reduced due to severe power crisis where the shortfall touching 4000MW entailing prolong power outage across the country, unemployment, millions of students of school going age are unregistered, poor performance of public services industry, No gas, No safe drinking water, no concrete road, inadequate govt. hospital with no medicine, public school with no furniture, drinking water and lavatory,  courts without judges, prolong power outage attributed to close down the industries,
No specific & distinctive role in micro & macro-economic activity though some development program started but kept limited to Punjab giving impression that only Punjab is Pakistan & other part of the country or provinces has no liberty and right to get PM attention.

During one year even not a single kilo meter road has been built in Sind, Baluchistan and KPK. No news of ‘local body govt. keeping in abeyance the mandatory election truly delaying & obstructing the development program in urban and rural areas to initiate.
PML-N Nawaz Sharif & his coteries whenever come in the govt. their manifesto are different not similar what they talk during election campaign. The motive behind mainly to fulfill their own desire, not to ameliorate the status quo or rectifying the debilitated and deficient condition of common men.

The rising corruption not only affecting the welfare of masses but the economy itself losing its strength, maiming the national economy infirm and shaky due to engulfing the state with power crisis & deteriorating law and order & lacking desired infrastructure such unfavorable environment certainly distracts the investment.
They (PML-N) treat the election and govt. an opportunity to enter into the assembly and terming the govt. a golden hen to en-cash whatever can do, availing maximum benefits that seems them most advantageous in given tenure of govt.

Stuffing their wallets, undermining the state and its sovereignty, paralyzing the country with heavy debt burden, running the economy on bailout package, a short cut to squander national wealth and eventually pushing the economy at the edge of bankrupts, said by TUQ in public meetings.
Similar is the case with PPP, where interests between PPP & PML-N are common, PPP also has been emptying the national treasury with both hands. Availing the opportunity to be in power, abusing authority, indulging & enjoying national wealth with cold and heartlessly not concerning the welfare of the people, history replete with the tale of heavy misappropriation in national current account during PPP govt.

PML-N & PPP mounting corruption cases are still in NABs, transferring amount in personal account maintain in overseas obtained with illegal means misappropriating public funds & shifting kick back in Swiss bank.
The piling properties in UAE, Pakistan, UK and in Europe countries, running hotels in UAE & other states, keeping multiple bungalows, apartments and flats in London in highly paid area and avoiding to pay taxes & levies to the govt. of Pakistan, showing less bank balance and concealing properties detail while declaring assets or the time when filing election contesting papers with ECP.

Considering such anathema between PML-N & PPP people have been berating & reproaching publicly & intending fully to move for change and only change to get rid of such tested power hungry, scoundrels and their parasites sucking blood like a worm, a general perception among public.
Election conducted in 2013 was best example when people of Pakistan voted for PTI, an emerging third political party in political arena of the country but due to massive rigging claimed by PTI Imran Khan sustaining a perceived plan could not win the election so the dream of people for ‘change’ could not materialize.

But people did not sit aside rather appeared with more radiance and conviction to support Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chairing by Dr. Tahir UL Qadri, appreciating the alliance made in London with him & forming coalition with MQM, PML-Q, AML (Sheikh Rasheed group) & APML (All Pakistan Muslim League Pervez Musharraf political party) & PTI (Imran khan).
The need of the day to ensure a strong coalition & if they all do alliance and come under one umbrella, unequivocally will be 3rd major political force in the country to remove PML-N & PPP.

Entry of such political groups in national politics will bring a prominent change to upside down the current political façade - a drastic change and representation into the assembly from middle & lower class of people possibly the leadership enable a wider change to remove the frustration of common men, their suffering & serving them constitutionally prescribed in the constitutional book of Pakistan
PPP & PML-N are the landed aristocracy who contest election on tribes & families, strong hold of Feudal, Wadera, Sardar, Zamindar, Landlords and Patwaree have been encroaching political platform since 67 years history of Pakistan, have clinched with national politics and in every terms they have been whether ruling the govt or sitting in opposition.

We have seen unprecedented changes in India - Indian National Congress, byname Congress Party broadly based political party in India. The Indian National Congress has been ruling India from the time of independence. But in recent election the Congress party could not win the election and sweeping victory came into the hand of Narendra Damodardas Modi, leader of Bhartia Janata party (BJP).
Narendra Modi is15th Prime Minster in Indian govt. he is a normal man, belongs to lower class, started his political career from slum area, he knows what is poverty? What is hunger and thrust and how to work for the betterment of general people who barely relies what they earn and that’s become very meagre amount to pull on their livelihood.

So if the electoral process is redefined in Pakistan with technology oriented voting system then we see beacon of hope and fire on the top of hill a signal to get a compulsory change in our political apparatus where leadership will appear from middle and lower class, will serve the nation genuinely.
Entry of Dr. Tahir-UL-Qadri a new opening in politics whose presence with coalition partners to correct first the “electoral process” sensing the real concept of democracy to thrive in the country. His appearance has made the ruling govt. flabbergasted & dumbfounded.

A severe buzzing and humming striking the walls of national and provincial assemblies, speechless politicians, amazed top ranking business magnates, astounded landed aristocracy, nonplussed bureaucracy, a moment with eye twinkling among essential services & law enforcement agencies when they heard and witnessed that the Islamabad bound Emirates plane keeping TUQ & his 200 supporters on board has been diverted to Lahore instead Islamabad.
We hope to have “change and only change” the clarion call of current political crisis in the country to correct the existing electoral system to revive and maintain the sense of democracy and its runner through a perfect & true electoral system, said by PAT chairman Dr. Tahir-UL-Qadri.
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