Aug 25, 2014

A stunning news disclosed by Mohammad Afzal Khan (MAK) a retired Additional Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan

MAK shared mind blowing revelation about massive election rigging with one private TV channel - The terrifying ordeal of General Election held in Pakistan on 11th May 2013.

It was enormous election rigging that never happened in Pakistan in its 68 years of history where the Judiciary - the Election commission of Pakistan – GEO TV channel – and the designated Returning officers by the judiciary remained involved - under whose supervision, instruction and guidelines the whole electoral process went compromised.
Verily it strangled the essence of ballot - the core theme of democracy that runs on the credibility of election – people mandate who gives their trust to the nominated representative contesting election in a democratic set up but unfortunately the trust of people their mandates had been stolen – really very shocking, said MAK

It was a well-planned to counterfeit the election and was designed by top ranking officials sitting in Judiciary and in Election commission Pakistan (ECP).
The election had been conducted to elect the members for National Assembly and for four provincial assemblies i.e. Punjab, Sind, and Baluchistan & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Elections were held in all four provinces, the Federal capital territory of Islamabad & in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

But the massive rigging an unprecedented forgeries that's made the general election controversial and suspicious in Punjab particularly.

Retired Supreme Court Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan Mohammad Iftikhar Chaudhry played a key role in marring, ruining and souring the election, he personally advised to "Returning officers" to do rigging across Punjab province, said MAK.

Generally the instructions are issued by ECP not by judiciary but it is CJ Iftikhar Chuadry who misused his authority and influenced the electoral process - He deputed Returning officers & dictated particularly in Punjab to please Nawaz Sharif.

And the Caretaker govt. Najam Sethi also remained instrumental in forging the election and its not a matter of 35 punctures but there are 100 punctures that's applied by Najam Sethi on whose ambit election went compromised, said MAK.
Chaudry Nisar, Minster of Interior who told in the floor of national assembly that there were 60-70k votes polled specifically in Punjab and that's were not identifiable & verifiable due to the capability of the ink which had its own limitation if the verification had not been sought in a limited time.

Definitely there is no such limitation you can verify the ballot papers after 100 years, said MAK.
How Chaudhary Nisar can say this - it means he was involved in pre-poll rigging, generally a sealed ballot boxes are stored in Vault room unless somebody breaks the seal and goes into it, said MAK.

Nevertheless the secretary of the Election commission clarified further that "historic rigging" was seen in general election 2013 & its a worst example. 

The Chief election commissioner himself conceded failure of free and fair polls in the country, mentioning Karachi - Pakistan's largest city of 2.2 million, the elections were initially deemed to be free and fair and Fakhroo Bhai was threatened by the muscles of some specific group in Karachi that made him more afraid, said MAK.

However in the Election rigging following officials remained active who superseded the power of ECP.
Former Justice Riaz Keyani had been a dominant figure encroaching even the right and authority of Fakhruddin G Ibrahim (Fakhro Bhai) and it was continuing on the support of CJ Chaudhry Iftikhar - Justice Ramday – Tasaduq Hussain Jilani - Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan all were involved in damaging and stealing people mandate, said MAK.

While talking with Imran Khan (PTI chairman) through one of the private TC channel where MAK was being interviewed he told - 'If you want to go for reelection then you will have to ensure the technology oriented voting system that my recognize voters, his/ her finger, face and other details' asked MAK.

A Biometric voting system reducing the rigging curse and its better if arranged locally manufactured 200k electronic voting machine instead to buy from overseas and its mechanism to be understood well in advance to handle the apparatus efficiently so that Pakistan can conduct a free, fair and impartial election as we have been witnessing in India, emphasized MAK.
Inter alia, all who involved in forging forgeries and maneuvering election be brought to book for justice so that in future no one may dare to compromise the election sanctity which is the basic & core demand of democracy – even if I am involved I can be hanged, said MAK
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