Aug 14, 2014


A mammoth gathering in Islamabad on 14th Aug 2014 – Long March call to topple PML-N govt. assumed office on fake and forged mandates in the Election of 2013 & ruling the country as a ‘monarch not like a democrat’- killer of the people mandate & the interpretation of democracy mandated in the Constitutional book of Pakistan strong public perception.  

Though the long march has two names yet the stem of the movement & the universal theme of the play is the same to get rid of monarchism running the state in the name of democracy in Pakistan.
A real Pakistan - the dream of which had been visualized by the founder of the country Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and freedom fighter who fought the war for freedom to get a separate homeland where every Pakistani can live & adopt any mean to promote and protect their economic, social, political and cultural interest.

But the corrupt political leadership has lost the dogma of democracy & its momentum, more precisely has  strangled the real cause and reason for which the country came into being on 14th Aug 1947.

Notwithstanding of 67 years history of Pakistan still we are in search of genuine & sincere political leadership.
Our political apparatus spanning in between two groups i.e. PML-N & PPP - the landed aristocracy which does not allow middle class to come into the parliament.

The nasty tactics and mechanism discourages the new comers to participate in the country electoral process, with the ulterior design to keep the political empire limited only in two hands which itself negates the essence of democracy.

We know stagnant water emits bad odor due its passivity so other group and candidate must be allowed to contest & enter into the political corridor instead to monopolize the regime - the electoral process should be easy and convenient so that every legitimate candidate may join the election.

The marchers of PTI - PAT with inclusion of Sunni Itehad Tehrik - Jamat Wahdat-ul-Muslemeen - PML-Q have a common demand with PML-N to leave the premiership and arrange mid-term election with the changed electoral process impregnating e-voting system equipped with finger and face identification with the detail of voter.
The new leadership will have to legislate the law to make more provinces, splitting, distributing and awarding the power from central to local administration at District and Tehsil level so that a real justice must be accessible to everyone at their door step.

the local administration should be more powerful & authorized exerting their approved criteria to attend the problem of the dwellers or city inhabitants instead to approach Central and Provincial govt. said by TUQ & IK who emphasized that they will make the policy and procedure to streamline the local administration and its liberalism.

It is the landed aristocracy who wanted to domain the country and always politicized the mandatory administrative need of the country.
A country of 200 million people scattered in 307,374 square Kilo meters where land consisted upon 97.13% and water 2.87% cannot be governed by four governors & four CMs - we will change the politically motivated assumption in ground-realities, said IK.

The outlook of PML-N, its constant illogical & immature political decision apparently has choked & paralyzed the govt. with no prominent and meaningful role yet has been seen during its one and half year performance.
To run the economy on bailout package is not prudent, if you replenish your foreign exchange reserves and bring it to the desired level from the loan-acquired amount how can you term it a good decision of an economic manager?

To pay off loaned amount you take more loans and meet the debt servicing, paying huge interest – do you term it a good economy enquired by an economist?
State bank of Pakistan (SBP) reports says domestic debt rose by 44.2 % in FY14 reflecting the poor health of economy. In the first three quarters (July-March) of FY14 the fiscal deficit was entirely met by borrowing from domestic resources.

SBP in its latest quarterly edition of compendium July 2014 said the interest payment on domestic debt grew by 14.5 % during the first 11 months (July-May) of FY14.

The domestic debt increased by Rs3.258 billion in FY14 has put excess burden on the economy in the shape of interest payment.

In the first 11 months FY14 the amount of interest payment rose to Rs986 billion compared to Rs861 billion FY13. It seems that figure of entire FY14 will cross to Rs1.0 Trillion (sources daily Dawn).
Inter alia the performance of PPP & PML-N during their 3 times in power since 70s are candid. How painful and unproductive they have been except to bind the nation with more load of debts & squeezing the life more vulnerability.

From 1977 to 2007 total debt had been taken US $ 6589 billion – PPP in its tenure from 2008 – 2013 heightened the debt figure at US $ 14000 billion and now PML-N during its one year governance has brought the figure at US $ 18795, so we are living on borrowed money said, PTI leader during public meeting.

The question stands valid whether such heavy loans taken by PML-N - did it invest on any development program in the country for building infrastructure & to improve the living standard of a normal person - did even a single fills spend towards large and small scale projects at grass route level or the whole crunch went in misuse asked IK.

People endured the difficult and painful situation of Pakistan People Party (PPP) from 2008-2013 and elected Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) for the second term for 2013-18 but PML-N during its 14 months performance  made the people more dreadful, distressed and distraught but added more agonies., said TUQ.

Imran khan Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman & Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chairman - both wants “Electoral Reform a technology oriented voting system & Restructuring the whole political structure” so that a true and real democrat can arrive into the parliament to serve the people in letter and spirit.

A trumpet against PML-N illegal & forged govt. who stole & corrupted the whole election process suspicious, lost the ‘election’ credibility and abused the people mandate, asserted IK.
Despite PTI regular contacts with PML-N govt. machineries since 14 months with NADRA, Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) and even submitting petitions in the Courts to dig out the election-result of 4 constituencies where massive rigging had been arranged by PML-N stalwarts but govt. its cronies & concerned institutions remained silent & oblivious, maintained IK.

Except coughing venom, inflammatory and derogatory words PML-N rejected the demand of PTI to recount the result of four areas in Punjab and it is PML-N nugatory and bigotry tactics, imprudent and impudent behavior that coerced PTI to use its democratic right to do rallies, and demonstration using the people power to reject PML-N forged govt.
A long march towards Islamabad now to get our demand materialized for ‘midterm election’ as no matter of four constituencies but the whole electoral constituencies lost election credibility, the core demand of democracy, demanded IK.

Now when PTI has scheduled its long march, people moving from every corner of the country towards Islamabad then Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif is ready to have a table talk, sending parliamentarians to sit for negotiation, showing flexibility and offering to open 10 constituencies’ instead 4 as he (PM) mentioned in a hastily called National Security Conference held on 9th Aug, added IK.
Referring PM national speech on 13th instant, asking Supreme Court to constitute a commission team of three judges of Supreme Court to investigate the election rigging so that everything may public.

We can’t rust PML-N govt. till they are in office, we want premier resignation then will see the ‘commission report on election rigging’ asked IK.
The fate of commission reports always in Pakistan has been compromised referring the recent report of 'Model Town Lahore' where 14 lives had been massacred and commission report in its findings simply says that it was fault of some police officers - it means police officer has license to kill anyone – not kill to one or two but to 14 people and can do straight firing on the people who had gathered at Secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran while removing barriers employed there.

And what a tyranny that still the FIR has not been lodged despite deceased family repeated approach to the police stations – this is the PML-N democracy said IK
And Gulu Butt a nasty man or police tout, he was breaking wind glasses of the vehicles parked in the enclosure of Minhaj-ul-Quran Secretariat and he has been relieved off the court - Is it democracy? Unless you give the punishment how we can cope over the rising criminality in the society.

There are 55k criminals languishing in jail are not referred to the court or they are not executed. More than 500 convicted criminals who has been pronounced death sentence but the file are lying for signature from President of Pakistan. Howe we can control if the punishment is not entailed?

Corruption cases are lying in NABS but institution are not doing their work because of political influence. The recent report from the controller general accounts Sind where Rs24.26 billion misappropriation has been detected, who will ask to get the money back and deposit to national kitty? asked TUQ.  

Karachi is a commercial hub & heart of Pakistan just during three days Eid holiday it got $ 355 million dollar export loss, instead of closure we could arrange some alternates.

PML-N came down when it heard that PTI & PAT have combined long march for massive election rigging and severe mismanagement in state affairs where the country has been plunged into economic, social and political chaos though PML-N got 2/3 majority in the parliament but did not do any legislation for the welfare of masses.
Electoral process needs to be reformed to avoid of further rigging that’s has been the criteria of politicians who forge the election and comes in power – completes their tenure and goes back not after serving the people but looting and plundering the national wealth.

The billions of amount loan had been & have been taken by business magnates, influential lords & political parties but they don’t pay off rather having political affiliation they got either the whole sum or part written off.

They are maintaining personal account in overseas bank & transferring money from national exchequer – we will bring all such ill-gotten money back to the national wallet said TUQ.
PPP & PML-N have the chain of properties in UAE, Middle East, UK, Africa & other countries in addition to Pakistan - Undocumented scale of agricultural lands across the border & don’t list to avoid of govt. levies since 1947 - the landed aristocracy are not paying agricultural tax and these are the elements who have stronghold in the parliament.

The power hungry politician treat the election a gateway to enter into the assembly and do MUK-MUKA with same power greedy sitting at opposition bench to take over the next term, INQILAB MARCH is the only solution to turn down all such corruption said TUQ
They amend & legislate the law what suits them not for the people but for their family, kith and kin as the practice continuing by PML-N govt. a serious example of nepotism and favoritism where merit has been compromised.

PM and his family are living like a monarch not as a democrat so how the life of people of Pakistan will change if the elected govt. does not feel the pain of people, said TUQ.
Poor segments are bulldozed under the feet of callous and ruthless politicians who have hijacked the country under the name of democracy.

A sugar quoted pills which is administered orally by 200 million people has no impact at all because the pills has a chemistry of cheating, deceiving, alluring and has been fascinated in word game.
About 80% populace of the country have been impoverished – poverty stricken segment are starving to death and the ‘Trustees’ the govt. who had been empowered by the people to rule the country (through a democratic process) have been ignored. The elected representatives after arriving in the assemblies forgets their prime responsibility, is really very appalling & diabolical. 

An ambition and expectation from the masses to realize the dream and promises that’s leader makes during their election campaign to ameliorate their plight, getting them out from the mayhem & pathetic situation in which the majority have been engulfed and starving.
Inaccessibility of bread and butter - un-cleaned & unhygienic drinking water - inadequate sanitary system - dilapidated school & college building with no furniture and basic facility and closure of thousands schools in every provinces where outnumbered children are out of school even at primary and secondary level.

Low cost houses & food supply at subsidized rate – maximum patronage to the poor people – reducing the gap in between have and have-nots – agenda of PAT, mentioned TUQ.
Ghost school on the paper showing salary disbursement while the real teachers teaching the students are not getting their salaries in time or since months.

Schools have been encroached with influential lords of the locality they use to park the vehicles & storing the crops – schools have been converted for animal herds and being used for car washing centers –Does it not lead to cruelty and atrocities, said TUQ.
No electricity and gas in the area - hospital are without medicines - no medical laboratory – no doctors, nurses & paramedic staff – wages has not been paid since months – salaries are not revised and medical staff are working on low pay – agitating since years for pay re-fixation but the heartless CM & law minister giving orders to arrest the doctors resulting the patients are suffering.

No operation theatre - empty hospital with no ambulance - without x-ray machine – absence of minor and major surgical appliances – incubator - oxygen cylinder - ventilation system and non-availability of life saving drugs.
Certainly killing the people and the ‘monarch’ has no time to look into – they are busy in upgrading their RAIWIND palace – doing renovation and refurbishment of their garden, decorating PM offices, stuffing their ‘drawing and dining room with marvelous costly furniture whereas people who sent them into the assembly are looking for one time food, said TUQ.

No concrete road & adequate transportation in rural and urban areas for the masses but the monarch travelling in independent jets & helicopters - one for PM Nawaz Sharif - 2nd for CM Shahbaz Sharif and third one for Hamza Shahbaz - Is it democracy? IK enquired by PM.

Law enforcement agencies instead to perform their duties for the people to safeguard their lives and properties are deputed at the personal Bungalows of PM & cronies.

Thus the motive behind PTI & PAT to bring a genuine leadership in the country political system that has lost its credibility before nationals due to repeated error either from PPP & PML-N.
The poor performance of both, their slackness, lethargic & glacial trends - failure of state organs & the incumbents who becomes the tool to guide the leaders in its day to day state affairs. Identifying the needs of people & its implementation - politically shaded role of judiciary - total disarray among govt. institutions - political imbroglio among provinces resulting maiming and reducing the strength of economic key performance indicators, of course has reduced the strength of democracy in the country.

Such political-showbiz by PML-N & PPP are no more acceptable to the masses that’s why the majority wants to see the changed-leadership.
A new political force to replace such decades long tested & denounced political faces.  

Though the masses voted for PTI in 2013 election but the enormous rigging (at govt. level) could not qualify ‘the change’ slogan, eventually high jacked by PML-N.
The emergence of PAT & PTI indicating that there will be a ‘change’ in current political leadership. According to PAT they need “Revolutionary-changes” in the existing political structure that has detracted and made unable the entry of new candidate.

Let’s hope the country new leadership is taken over by a real patriot who is loyal, faithful & devoted with the country and its people – we can’t afford further PPP & PML-N leadership said a political analyst during TV Talk show.
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