Aug 21, 2014

The ball of AZADI MARCH & INQILAB MARCH is in the court of PML-N after receiving the demand of PTI & PAT – Govt. seems rigid & leaders of both Marchers are also not flexible

The next 48 hours for Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) govt. seems crucial as the consent & conclusion of the talks received to the PML-N govt. who met with the chairman Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) of Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) & Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan (IK) in late evening of 20th Aug (with PAT) and in mid-night (with PTI).
The basic demand before PAT & PTI is to seek resignation from Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shabazz Sharif the first and foremost and they will not move further until and unless the resignation is tendered..
According to PTI & PAT the practical & serious reconciliation process started today on 20th Aug - the first time from the govt. otherwise since their sit-in demonstration from 14th Aug 2014 - No govt. officials contacted them in person, said by the chairman of PAT & PTI.
Govt. non-seriousness is obvious that since arrival of both marchers PAT & PTI at Islamabad the negotiation seemed to have reached impasse because govt. did not consider to break the deadlock said PAT & PTI leadership. Their main apprehension were to put the containers, digging the roads and blocking the entrances, increasing the number of police, FC and troops in Islamabad to keep the marchers away.
Govt. could do negotiation or could go in talk with both of them very earlier before giving the call of 'long march from PAT & PTI' or before arrival in Islamabad with the heavy mob of more than 100k marchers, a close estimates of the participants, said the analyst. 

And basically to listen anybody ‘numbers’ don’t justify to measure the strength and weight of the procession, you have to see what they demand - what they say - how more their demands are genuine & bona fide - representing the feeling of masses - how accurate and precise they are in their claims - does it signify and base on reality and substantial? Said Ayaz Mir a senior Journalist during discussion in current affairs.
But it is govt. non-seriousness & seemingly oblivious who underestimated the marchers flow in Islamabad & ignored the first call of 'long-march' from IK against ‘heavy election rigging’ by PML-N in election 2013.

IK has been highlighting, vociferating and beating the drum since 14th months of Nawaz govt. but govt. did not pay heed and remained busy in ecstasies - whereas  TUQ complaints for not lodging FIR for the massacre of 14 innocent lives in Model Town Lahore – a tragedy happened in June 2014.

Now the parliament and its adjoining area known as 'red zone' are under siege of the marchers those had been parked earlier in Aabpara area Islamabad. The sit-in protest now has been entered in its 8th day but the marchers’ ambition and zoom are still radiant & alight.
The Marchers of PTI & PAT are in full zoom, well-coordinated, stick on the same page of their demand, completely charged with revolutionary zeal despite a week long protest in Islamabad from 14th Aug notwithstanding the impact of weather vagaries & enormous difficulties in ‘getting food, water and lavatories (availability) at the site’ for outnumbered youth, young ladies, women and kids even breast feeder and elders are still tenacious and dogged, firm and feisty, persistent and resolute.

The marchers were portraying very frustrated picture - the agonies being encountered by them & a debate over the plight of common man living in miserable states in the country.

The partial, biased & harsh treatment being meted out by affluent & well off - treats the people and weigh them in their so called ‘status parameter looks them a burden in the society whereas the govt. so called democrats have left the masses on rudderless path with no beacon of hope getting bulldozed by the govt.'s mismanagement, accentuated TUQ
Govt. ignorance to support the down trodden masses who are unable to support their family due to low salary, no house, no reasonable means of survival, no subsidy to buy livelihood – are these not viewable & do-able for the govt. to legislate the law to patronage such derived people? .

We came here for the change and revolution to get rid of brutality of corrupt leadership and corrupt management who has maimed the economy, we have been indebted with unending loads of loan, our youth are unable to get employment, school and colleges have been high jacked no easy access of education.
Status of school at primary and secondary level in rural and urban area are noticeable but it is unnoticed by the ruler? – resulting the youth are diverting to unproductive things & have involved in social evils and in other crimes - school administration does not get allocated funds but where it goes? where is accountability? said IK

There is acute power crisis, shortfall augmenting every passing day, no solution so far for Electricity – Sui gas shortages and no water in the taps - where a normal person should go – who is the crusader or savior in so called democracy to attend their problems stressed TUQ.  
There is no difference in between PAT & PTI our demands are same our views and ambition are similar - we came here to restore a areal democracy in the country not like PML-N who has made the country hostage & wants to keep status quo instead to run the economy at cutting edge level.

The merit has left its importance before PML-N - they have filled every position in public sector with the majority of their kith and kin, a worse example of nepotism and favoritism, said IK

We are homeless our children are unable to access the basic needs of life,, There is no development at micro level if you do any development at macro then who will be the beneficiary - naturally the rich no poor so where is the support at grass route level for a common man and why such segment of society are usurped, IK & TUQ asserted.
There is no justice or equal treatment at the ground - if you kill anyone you will be charged, govt. institution and allied agencies will prompt to arrest you but if you are killed by feudal or those who are in govt. machineries even the FIR you cannot lodge against them, referring the incident happened in Model Town Lahore, said TUQ

So is it democracy? Are we serious with our people and really honoring their mandates who brought them in the assembly?

Currently the Sit-In (Dharna) of Marchers in Islamabad 'red zone' close to the National assembly by PAT & PTI workers are in its 8th day - asking collectively for PM Nawaz Sharif resignation - a consensus and collective demand of both PAT & PTI.
The Sit-in (Dherna) also has been scaled across the provinces, in every capital city of the province - PTI & PAT workers are staging demonstration and supporting the long march of their leadership sitting in Islamabad for a historical change in the country politics, said by IK & TUQ

The ally of PML-Q, Sunni Itehad Tehrik and Jamat Wahdat-ul-Muslemeen have also asked their workers & supporters to stage protest and demonstration across the country against the atrocity of PML-N whose main approach to loot and plunder national wealth - not to enact laws for the betterment and advancement of the common man at grass route level.

Islamabad a capital city of Pakistan its environment has been filled with the slogan of ‘GO NAWAZ GO – GO NAWAZ GO’ – No FIR for Nawaz Sharif & Shabazz Sharif involved in killing of 14 people in June, & 7 people at Yauma-e-shuda day & 1 killing during hostages of Model Town Lahore, asked TUQ - Where for 10 consecutive days - no supplies had been allowed to come in model town Lahore - the area had been cordoned off with heavy contingent of containers, policemen - ambulance and medical aid had been prevented strictly to get in - resulting one of the resident died due to not getting medical treatment timely.

Is it a democracy? Said TUQ.

As per Ahsan Iqbal - this is the 1stround of formal talk from govt. - demands however have been received us & we are going to see the pros and cons - PTI 6th demands
a)    Resignation of Premier Nawaz Sharif and Shabazz Sharif
b)    Reelection with Electoral reform - technology oriented voting system
c)    Neutral caretaker govt.
d)    All Election commissioner’s resignation who were involved in massive election rigging
e)    Corruption cases opening against PML-N and others lying in NABS
f)     Punishment who corrupted the election

Anwar Mehboob who arranged extra illegal ballot papers printing from Urdu Bazar Karachi and facilitated PML-N to win the election with fictitious practices.

Was it not election rigging?  and the parliament which came into being - do you treat it a legitimate parliament?

On the floor of National assembly Chaudry Nisar Interior minster openly said that "60-70k forge votes had been polled and it could not verify" - So if that was the case then how you say that existing parliament and parliamentarians are legible to sit in and do legislation? asked IK.

Does it not kill the democracy the basic demand to have a free, fair, impartial & transparent election in the country? And if I am asking the PM to resign - Am I doing wrong? 

The tragic-event of Model Town Lahore where PML-N killed 14 innocent people we want law to take its course - despite session court verdict still the FIR could not lodge & deceased family attempted repeatedly SHO police station but refused to book FIR - so if PM & his brother are in power how the deceased can get justice, said IK & TUQ.
The people in the National assembly are passing resolution to keep Nawaz sharif in office why don’t they pass resolution or urge the govt. to lodge the FIR for killing of 14 lives.

However PAT chairman also shared his 10-charter of demands with the govt. nominated committee members comprising Qadir Baloch, Ahsan Iqbal, Ijazul Haq and Hyder Abbas Rizvi,
There are about 30k workers of PAT has been arrested and don’t know where they have been kept - still unknown to us, said by TUQ – Is it democracy? Protest, raising slogan, Sit-in are the basic right of voters who are living in a democratic set up.
Nevertheless the demands from TUQ submitted to the negotiating committee - on the top was the resignation of Nawaz Sharif & his brother Shabazz Sharif who has been the principal accused of 14 killing in model town Lahore, said by TUQ

During his all-important keynote address, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri presented his revolutionary agenda he would implement after peaceful, green revolution. The chief highlights of the agenda are summarized in the following 10 points:

a)  Every homeless should be given home - Every homeless family will be given 3/5 marla residential plot for free. They will be given interest-free loans for the construction of house which will be recoverable between 20-25 years. Those families, who do not have financial means to return these loans, will be handed over the keys of constructed houses.

b) Every person will be given employment or employment allowance. The youth will be helped in career counseling and planning for their jobs. The practice of making them beggars, indebted or loan defaulters will get them free from such confinement.

c) Those having monthly income of less than Rs15, 000/20,000 will pay half of the real amount on flour, rice, milk, cooking oil, sugar, and plain clothes.

d) All taxes will be eliminated from the gas, water and electricity bills for lower middle class and they will pay half of the exact amount of these utilities.

e) Official insurance scheme will be introduced and the poor will get free medical treatment.

f) Education up to matriculation will be free and the parents will not be able to keep their children deprived of education. The students desirous of higher education will be given opportunities to do so and their admission will be ensured as per merit.

g) Pakistan’s total area is 200 million acres. Out of which 100 million acre is cultivable. The half of this land is under private ownership while the remaining 50 million acres will be distributed among the poor.

h) Sectarianism, terrorism and extremism will be eliminated. Ten thousand peace training centers will be opened for training of the people. Syllabi of religious seminaries will be revised and amended.

I) The women will be given opportunities for respectable employment in the form of domestic industrial units. They will be given complete socio-economic security by doing away with discriminatory laws.

j) Disparity in the pay structures of all senior and junior public and private sector employees will be minimized to possible extent.

The prevailing situation requires patience, wisdom and sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve prevailing impasse through meaningful dialogue in larger national and public interest, military spokesman Maj. Gen Asim Bajwa said in a statement
Also we request govt. of Pakistan for its lenient view to see the presence of children, kids, & breast feeder, elders, young and youth of our country who are the guest of the govt. in the capital city of the country - they did not come from outside - they are our children our elders & we should respect them and should establish a best example of hospitality.

They are Pakistani and came here to lodge their protest, their suffering with the believe to convert the state into a welfare state which will be running under shade of real democracy.
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