Aug 29, 2014

Why nawaz Sharif govt does not last whenever he comes in power?

There is serious allegation and counter allegation in between PAT, PTI & Govt. PML-N that who requested & sought help from Pakistan army to intervene and act as an intermediary - role of a mediator between PAT, PTI & Govt.

Today in national assembly floor ministers of PML-N and opposition leader delivered provocative & inflammatory speech asked the speaker to tell the parliamentarians who has asked to intervene army to resolve the deadlock in between PAT-PTI & Govt.
Khurshid Shah Opposition leader (PPP) was screaming at the floor he objected furiously & outrageously mentioning that PPP gave lot of sacrifice for restoration of democracy in the country – we will not let the democracy go – why the army an institution has intervened in democratic process, he asked.

We are elected govt. elected parliamentarians and elected PM in the house we will not  tolerate others intervention - among other things mentioned that if you don’t want democracy - burn the Parliament, burn the Supreme court and burn other institutions, blasted Khurshid Shah.
Just after speeches of PML-N ministers & Opposition leader - PM (himself) addressed the august house said, ‘Mr. Speaker I don’t know, I was sitting close to the COAS and received a call from PAT & PTI leadership that they wanted to see COAS and COAS asked me then I said I have no issue if they want to see you’, said PM innocently.

Soon after PM speech PAT chairman Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) rushed to the dice in his sit-in assembly at the road & clarified categorically that PM (Nawaz Sharif) is a big liar, he is inveterate liar giving the false statement in the assembly straying the nation and respectable army institution, he is avoiding of the reality that he sought help from Pakistan army but now hiding & avoid of truth from parliamentarians, said TUQ.
PM requested Pakistan army - we TUQ & Imran Khan (IK) never ever requested and asked any help from the army - we got a message from the military concerned department to see Chief of Army staff (COAS) Mr. Raheel Sharif that if they offer the service of a mediator to end the stalemates, playing a role of a neutral umpire in ending standing deadlock and then we went to see COAS clarified TUQ

He (COAS) is a nice man who heard our demands patiently and calmly and gave us commitment to have our problem resolved.
I also shared the wrong FIR with COAS which Nawaz Shairf (NZ) and his Brother Shahbaz Sharif (SB) lodged in Faisal town for the incident of Model town Lahore which was even on the intervention of COAS otherwise they (NZ+SB) were not moving even a single inch since more than two months after killing of 14 innocent lives and 90 injured, said TUQ.

The question persists that why Nawaz Sharif (NZ) shows his inability and incompetency whenever comes in power
why the democrats fail to handle the state affairs democratically
why parliamentarian avoids to do legislation to protect the masses for their safe & secured living
why the institutions does not play its due role to support the parliament and pushes the country chaos and confusion and then seeks help from the army

The main thing before them (PML-N) is their dishonesty, insincerity and disloyalty, said a veteran politicians.
God gave Nawaz Sharif 3rd time premiership in Pakistan & 6th time CM seats but he always destroyed the country - undermined the state and its sovereignty, and fooled the people with his sugar coated pills and false hope.

He along with his cronies imposing impression that they are very close to the people, well aware of their needs and has a feeling to change the disastrous life which is apparently a show and nothing more - they have signed off multiple MoUs and contracts from overseas investors but all seems a hollow and empty promises just a piece of paper and noting more. 
In reality a heap of corruption and style of old monarchism system where democracy has no sense at all and ruling the country with fascism, strangulating the name of democracy by their own hand.

Wrong interpretation of democracy in totality – the dismayed & suppressed people are looking for a real savior who feels pain for them doing something meaningfully and that’s the reason the majority have come out of their home on call of “REVOLUTION” a change in status quo.
Since 15 days 30-40k people are sitting in “open sky” in the capital city of Islamabad, enduring weather vagaries, getting themselves boiled with sizzling heat & getting themselves wet in the heavy rains, rocking with thunder and storm with no proper food and other facilities why don’t the parliamentarians and head of govt. looks or even try to understand that why they are in Islamabad why such a mob, said TUQ

There is influx of people who joined the ‘REVOLUTION’ call of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) and call of ‘NAYA PAKISTAN’ from Imran khan (IK).
Leadership of both group i.e. Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) & Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) however met with COAS and shared their demand after failure of any significant breakthrough from govt. officials.

Govt. NZ requested with COAS to end the deadlock and as such both leadership joined COAS a very clear stand of PAT & PTI.

Nevertheless their initial demand of premier resigning still stands valid with no compromise on it - they will not go further until the resignation of NZ because of his heinous crime said by TUQ & IK.

Among other demands of PAT & PTI – the alarm is for massive rigging in election of 2013 and lodging an FIR for 14 people in Model town Lahore who had been massacred are the prominent.
What were the reason that PML-N did operation in Model Town Lahore while removing barriers from the vicinity of Tahir-ul-Qadri residence and killed 14 people in straight firing and injured 90.

And when the deceased family approached the concerned police station in Faisal town Lahore PAT Lawyers did not find the SHO, Head Muharrir (who writes the complaints) to lodge the FIR despite their regular follow-up, pointed out TUQ.
Notwithstanding sharing the agonies of victims with PML-N negotiation team by TUQ & IK the massacre of 14 people still FIR could not lodge

Whereas the coteries of PML-N denounced TUQ & IK for not shifting or showing flexibility to end the deadlock that’s had been since 15 days. A mischievous tactics of PML-N who were not serious to end the stalemate, highlighted TUQ

Eventually COAS intervened and called the leadership of PAT & PTI – Now it revealed that the FIR that’s had been shown in T V channels was not real but fictitious and just to fool the marchers sitting since 15 days in Islamabad.

The callous, cruel, brutal and tyrant PML-N govt. Nawaz Sharif did not realize that among the marchers are breast-feed children, children of different ages, young girls, youth and elders who are in Islamabad to present their demand, protesting to listen them, their plight, their terrible and dreadful living condition in which they have encapsulated but the PML-N treated them like animals & loathed to listen, boastfully says this is democracy and I am an elected PM, said TUQ.
The Supreme Court instead to take Sumoto - the honorable court asked the govt. to vacate the area encroached at shahrah-e-dastour where PAT & PTI have their Sit-in since 15 days as Chief justice and lawyers of supreme court were getting hurdles while crossing the road.

People are of the view that why NZ always has been very slow & reluctant in getting the things settled down – why don’t he depends on his own decision instead to span around his coteries, is there lack of confidence or don’t have political insights & rationalism, liberty and wisdom instead to seek the corners like seeking the help from COAS - Of course get him reduced his 30 years political history, said by MNAs/ MPAs & political analyst leveling him as an incompetent PM.
The FIR could lodge earlier why it was tempered if the same job is being done by COAS, why every time govt. need a push from army instead to do it by themselves.

The presence of PAT & PTI workers since 15 days in the capital city why not attended seriously and the negotiation ended amicably that's is now being assured by COAS to have it resolved? Where is govt. writ?
Now NZ has proved himself his inability that he is incompetent & disqualified keeping the post of premiership that got him just 14 months before – why there are rising frustration among masses – why the development work at grass route level is not being carried out – why our resources and treasures gifted by God in Baluchistan and Sind are not being en-chased and an honest strategic policies and procedures re streamlined to safeguard the people of the country & preserve our mineral assets but NZ seems busy in stuffing in his own pocket, said TUQ.

NZ has been an industrialist and an industrialist cannot run a state he will always think that how to earn money how to increase income and how to get more money with open and hidden corridor to increase his self-income instead to think about national kitty, said IK.
People are in terrible and dreadful condition – they have been deprived of looking for one time food to feed their children - to help them out for food, shelter, cloth, clean drinking water, sewerage system, proper transport and road facility in the area.

Availability of basic utilities, medical facility, and justice delivery at their doorstep, schools for their children, respect in the society where the majority of 100 million have been emasculated and the monarch is busy in satiating his own desire and wishes ignoring the people at - the UN Human Development Report estimated poverty in 2011 at almost 50% of the population.
The fraudster & trickster are deceiving and cheating the poor masses in the name of democracy getting endorsement & vote of confidence in the parliament because everyone gets its share so how will go against NZ, said IK, the basic objective before NZ that 
how extend his business empire, 
how more factories and industries to extend, 
how more properties to build in the country and in overseas, 
how many more loans to be acquired by squeezing national banks, 
how more fund to gain in the name of poverty alleviation and keeping in his own pocket & ignoring the masses.

A rampant corruption indeed in the country where one-man show is ruling the country in the name of democracy.
What is the difference if there is democracy and there is military ruler – what benefits coming in the lap of a common man – who is enjoying the democracy the culprits’ parliamentarians or a normal person of the country?

NZ has been pathfinder and trailblazer splashing out national treasury - we can imagine that recently he invited the PPP ex-president Asif Ali Zardari (his accomplice) and cooked 72 dishes for the team but did not realize that just outside of his Raiwind palace people are starving to death, mother are throwing their children in the river, father slaughtering their children, women are selling their chastity to fulfil daily needs, said TUQ.
No remarkable economic reforms at grass route level rather pushed the state towards the brink of bankruptcy and insolvent in handling state affairs with genuine and honest agenda to ameliorate the plight of the people by revamping the economic portfolios.

No major economic activity at micro and macro level have been noticed in NZ 15 months premiership except the nation got heavy loan and he says it is democracy & I am the elected premier I have parliament vote & how I can resign? Said IK
NZ takes the action on ad-hoc basis through loan & bailout packages in the name of raising the strength of country reserve, to pay of circular debt, to pay debt servicing, to pay import bill, through heavy interest to get more loan we are really unfortunate that we still did not find a faithful leadership, said IK.

In short loan has been a base before Nawaz Sharif who is more zealous to grab it and enjoy it throwing the masses into the hell and living in the mist of democracy paradise, said IK
In his 14 months premiership the debt portfolio now has tuned to US$ 16k billion – the indebtedness of people during Musharraf era were Rs 40-50k now every child who are born in the country becomes the indebted of Rs 100k-120k per head, always remained busy in fishing the loan and prone to satiate his desire pushing national interest behind.

As mentioned whenever NZ came into power he encountered the furious & livid military ruler because of his own error – earlier he was pull down due to unbridled corruption during his era in 90s and onward by then president of Pakistan due to severe mismanagement and lawlessness in the country, converting the state into police dominance.
Sometime disagreement with military and now his own inability to ask help from chief of army staff (COAS) to help him out from the deadlock of political crisis developed in the country that has stopped the economic activity.

A heightening loss to the economic movement in the country where more than 40k people are sitting on the road since 14 days in the capital and govt. has failed to reconciliation with PTI & PAT leadership to end their Sit-in.
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