Oct 28, 2014

PAT ends its Sit-in in Islamabad while PTI continues till getting resignation of Premier Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) wraps up its Sit-in from Islamabad on 21st Oct 2014 whereas Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) keeps their Sit-in continue until the demand of premier resignation is accepted due to massive rigging in the Election 2013 by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group (PML-N) PTI chairman Imran khan (IK) contended.

Though Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) has left the place but we are not going to close our Sit-in - our sitting will remain intact till Nawaz Sharif resignation.
IK said that our ‘AZADI MARCH’ demands are very obvious to support the down trodden people getting them out from the tyranny and cruelty in which they have been confined since decades & it will be the first and foremost priority of ours - we will thwart & break the iceberg a constant threat with the exiting political leadership who has besieged the countrymen.

TUQ said, we (PAT & PTI) are on the same page our combined collective efforts to erase the corruption era that’s has devastated the country and battered the economy will be our first responsibility when come in power.
The sagging economy are before us which has been eclipsed due to heightening corruption in the country we can resuscitate but of course through an honest, sincere and loyal leadership not alike the current claimant who beats the drum for democracy but treat the people like a slave & enjoying their monarchical system of politics which does not endorse to the constitution.

They cheat with nationals, steal people mandate and sit on the head of people. Don’t come in power through legitimate & correct electoral process but with fraudulence & underhand method and more precisely unscrupulously.
So how they will care for people – if they come in power with people mandate then they will be eager and keen to serve the masses otherwise whether you vote him or not they don’t care for you said TUQ  

Therefore it’s the crying need of the day to make sure that election must held through electronic oriented devise essentially not through conventional procedures which has been a regular debate among the masses and people whole the year - has been involved in discussing on its shadiness.
The so called elected representatives are hypocritical due to their wrong policies & modus operandi to run the state - people neither progressing nor moving towards prosperity but countering more calamities because there is no agenda for people welfare at all.

It’s about 17 months of PML-N & PPP completed its 5 years tenure in the name of democracy in Pakistan but there is no improvement or any visible plans for the down trodden people - has been noticed - instead impoverishment rate has been multiplied in every sector of economy, said a seasoned economist.
Economic matrix issued by the state bank of Pakistan in 2nd quarter 2014 financial term giving very appalling and lousym detail except augmenting the debt ratio and horrible execution of MIF dictation - paving the way to privatize the govt. owned industries more instead to think for its revival & seeking adequate technical and administrative strategy from experts to make such units functional.

Vying to sell out as we know that an industrialist cannot be a politician – he will always think for earning and how to increase the production and profit - becomes the main yardstick before him – so how the premier (PML-N) can get you a good Pakistan – a progressive & prosper Pakistan - your homeland how to move towards self-sufficiency in every aspect of economic race.
eTUQ announcement to end Islamabad sit-in emphasizing to expand ‘sit-in’ now in other cities for two days – truly a good move to keep the awareness candle alight – so long as people goes awake & the majority joins - more good result in the election can be attained urged TUQ.

The campaign to inform people - to convince people - to assure people - to encourage people – to keep people apprised – to listen people their frustration being sustained in their locality – the mountain of mental agonies to be addressed so that while conducting election may get an overwhelming victory and elected leader may resolve the issue and mingle among their voters to figure out and resolution thereof.
The relationship between voters and leaders may thrive & flourish in reality as we do witness in other democratic govt. and such trends goes long and durable bcertainly.

Always keep the door opened to meet your voters, assign responsibility at grass route level to the elected candidates to attend the inhabitants living in a given area so that every thorny/knotty, fundamental, growing and experiencing problem can get due consideration and solution instead to ask voters to pass through a pre-determined barricades, tedious and unnecessary lengthy protocol causes to loath with the leaders.
TUQ said we are not going to cease spit-in - our working strategy the wake-up call to spread across the provinces enabling people to encourage and make them stronger to raise their voice against rising poverty and getting their rights in the country.
Information about the current political stature that’s has been a curse and made people more vulnerable - so how to get rid of these scoundrels and parasites are our ambition to use people liberty in term of politics, economic and religion - an struggle for people liberty.

The struggle that’s had been made in 1947 to subdivide India and we got a homeland in consequent upon - and now though we have an independent state but it has been encroached and captured by dishonest who do national politics through family and tribes system not through free, fair and transparent election - a gang of criminals are ruling the country where a handful majority has dominated Islamic Republic of Pakistan and has changed the fundamental economic operating system that is democracy and only democracy.
The Sit-in, Demonstration - Rallies & Public meetings in every cities of Pakistan will be held on regular basis and we will keep ‘’Revolution-agenda’’ continue till the goal of ‘’revolution’’ is achieved, clarified TUQ

The objective of revolution to be attained (at any cost) which had been started by PAT – we have a given sense and self-recognition to identify the barriers cropping into the life of people progression and prosperity - now people are in wide awake. Everyone knows ‘’what is Revolution & what is the meaning of Change’’ and why PAT took the initiative.

The masses who have been trapped since decades in the cloud of so called democracy now looking for complete overhauling. People rights to live in their own country have been snatched & usurped - the rights of freedom and wisdom have been suppressed – rights to live with harmony and tranquillity with easy accession to the needs of people have been deprived off - their entitlement and legally supported power & strength to let them breathe have been a dream.

The nation has been left over the mercy of monarch really are culpable and needs immediate action to restructure the whole political system in the country to restore the democracy, clarified TUQ.

The national wealth that’s has been accumulated into the hand of ‘’Family and Tribes political influence are not spent on the welfare of the people of Pakistan - we are now on the street and raising our democratic rights to kick them out.

TUQ maintained that no compromise on our stance of revolution and we still believe in negotiations - we have been asking resignations of the Prime minister and the Punjab CM, but the government does not seem ready to hold talks despite knowing the facts and figure of massive rigging in the election and massacre in model town Lahore.

But its audacity instead sagacity of the govt. and the parliamentarians to sense the things in right perspective that why 100k people of PAT & PTI are sitting under open sky since 60 days.

The parliamentarians instead to support sit-in people’s demand or solution thereof they conjoined and termed the protestors alien, gypsies, beggar and mugger - the people their voters who sent them into the assembly now they are called with bad names and such abhorrence and hatred are levelled against them.

Our stands are still valid and there is no deal over the killing of 23 people in Lahore, necessary legal action will take its course and the culprit will face the court verdict. There is no compromise on the blood of martyrs – our demand as before was to appoint neutral officials in the joint investigation team (JIT) which was constituted on Model Town carnage but no action so far - no deceased family will accept Diya (compensation amount) against the killing - we will arrest the culprits for accountability.

TUQ further emphasized that the agenda for a revolution has not changed and we will continue to strive for reforming the system of the country – we will keep the masses free from the cruel clutches of so called democrats.

Everyone salute to those who became the part of that sit-in who endured untold myriad problems not only the whether vagaries, sizzling heat or impacts of torrential rains under open sky & non availability of basic facility at the site besides sustaining the hunger and thirst i.e. forfeiting of foods even coming to the camp by law enforcement agencies in Islamabad.
A capital city takes care the destiny of 200 million people of the country where the law is enacted - a federal set up of the country which fosters the provinces to progress & prosper as prescribed in constitutional book of Pakistan.
A mammoth sit-in in the history of Pakistan where none or any political parties might have shown such a consecutive Sit-in for long period and remained determined & resolute with strong willed against the govt. to oust the premier for his faked and forged mandate - twisting and defacing the concept of free, fair & impartial election a candid claim of a democratic election.

Salute to the family of martyrs, lost their lives and those who wounded in the struggle of revolution known as ├ĆNQILAB MARCH” started along with Imran Khan (PTI) AZADI MARCH.
Both started their journey from Lahore on 14th Aug 2014 with the only manifesto to pull the people out from the oppressive rulers for their powerful & unfair behavior meted out. 

Where the masses are being targeted since decades and getting them harm socially, economically, legally, racially, politically & sexually just to keep political offices charm and lightened instead to assist people in terms of education and lightening the houses of people for their well being.

Progression and prosperity for people betterment and advancement who trusts-in their political leadership but its political apathy that poor is going more poorer and rich more richer.

The monarch (an elected representative of a democratic govt.) is eating 72 dishes of food and the poor segments are looking for 2 times food – and this is called democracy – the parliament is saved – the supremacy of law is kept alive and premier is asked not to give resignation as the parliamentarians debated aggressively during open session discussion in the national assembly - what a ridiculous?
Currently in Pakistan 110 million out of 200 million people are living below poverty line, they are starving to death because of no food, no clean drinking water, no shelter, no job, no medical, no doctor and nurses and no emergency ward – if there is hospital but unequipped with necessary medial facility, no ambulance, no laboratory, no x-ray machine, no ultra sound machine - maternal mortality ratio are higher than other developing country where mother and child both are life threat stake. 

There is a vast difference between rural and urban area - facilities at public sector level are scarce in rural area where 80% of populace are living.
Despite remaining 30 years in politics from PML-N & PPP - the frustrated people now have come out and have a courage to take their rights back from the hold of corrupted leadership who are appearing as a barrier to change the status quo.

Both the parties PAT & PTI are on the way to bring change in Pakistan – a new Pakistan where everyone may have equal right – no yawning gap in between ‘have & have not’  - a beacon at the end of the tunnel to bring equilibrium among them, said TUQ. 
Our mission hard to attain maximum assurance & trust of the people to kick out the corrupted & tested leaders - holding the sovereignty since 68 years and did nothing for the people of Pakistan treated their opportunity a golden possibility to enter in the assembly and instead to do legislation to ameliorate people life they seem remained busy in exploring mechanism that how to undermine the state and its sovereignty, said TUQ.
Go everywhere in every corner of the county and expose the real faces of politicians who did nothing - the poor who was poor in 1947 are still poor in 2014, the rich who was rich now has been a millionaire & billionaire, asked TUQ.

This is because of wealth accumulation in some hands not investing in the country and not thinking people growth but enhancing their own investment by illicit means getting people life more miserable. 

Every fraudulent attempts will have to cease by inducting electronically attested devise in order to get the election neat and clean - PAT & PTI agenda can only be workable when they will ensure technology oriented voting system.

Before go for election or ask midterm election will not bring an obvious result unless the whole electoral parameter are upgraded & re-designed impregnating with technology to avoid of tempering and other possibility to make the election suspicious.

The system should be equipped efficiently replacing the conventional method of polling that has been an unending debate among leaders and controversial in terms of electoral legitimacy.
Implementation of the first 40 constitutional clauses mentioned in the constitutional book which has been dedicated for people welfare to be enforced without any reluctance, said TUQ.

Pakistan is not the assets of Feudal, Waidara - Jagidar - Sayeen - Sardar - Family and Tribes or any specific groups who are ruling the country since 1970.
Criteria to contest the election should be transparent and legible as laid down in the constitution not in the hand of feudal lords or landed aristocracy. All such ill practices should immediately be ceased if we want a new Pakistan – a Pakistan free from some specific group hold.

The people of Pakistan have been tired and fed up from the serial killer i.e. corrupt leadership sucking country's blood since 68 years & enhancing the strength of their wealth.

We need justice at door level – at districts and Tehsil level - more provinces considering the requirements of rising administrative and technical needs of the country - should not be politicized but needs to look seriously that how we can provide and serve people suitably.
Keeping 4 CMs, 4 Governors, 4 Provinces have been a maneuvering of handful family who wanted to keep the status quo continue in the country so that their influence may prevail in the country & people may spiral in exasperation, irritation and frustration - a deliberate situation that's wanted to keep from so called democrats.

Build the dams in the country instead to throw the people into the hell of monsoon floods - comes every year in Pakistan and no precautionary measures and concrete action is implemented before the flood hits.
Showing sympathy and sugar coated words and visits for photo session with the affected people is really a nasty politics – so be serious and take action before dog bites you!
Plagued by flooding for the past four years, again poor villagers in Pakistan have tested the disaster. Monsoon rains and breached dykes have resulted in the flooding of countless villages in Northern Pakistan, affecting over a million people.

For God sake don’t do politics on dam building and provinces augmentation - think for people that how to serve them – how to protect them – do every safety measure to avoid millions who have gone homeless, their crops, animals and cultivated lands of million acre have been inundated – despite knowing such catastrophe no action is confirmed so how you say this is democracy?  
People now believe in change – a radical changes of course is the only solution to change Pakistan and the deteriorated condition of the people who are living in the name of democracy but they did not get opportunity to see the real face of democracy in the country since 68 years – do operation clean-up and get real democrats inducting e-voting system in place.