Dec 3, 2014

Don’t be problem oriented but solution – your strong determination – Willpower –Drive and Perseverance get you strengthened your resolve

Problem indicates that you are alive but in vexation, however it gives you a jerk or gets annoyed & irritated when the things work adversely and unfavorably - pushes you to fall with intensity and gets you entangled & entwined with no escape.

And you don’t see any immediate solution even though prompt to escalate & cascade with your near and dear but instead to have it resolved goes more worsened, complicated & gets ensnared & entrapped with imminent situation.

So the solutions here to go to the route cause, reread & reconsider, rethink & reevaluate, reassess & reappraise, reweigh and realign the whole episode very leniently, peacefully and calmly with the only ambition to attain result or the goal associated with the issue.

Not keeping yourself rolling among the issues but seeing the pros and cons and coming out without spoiling. Your approach to weigh the problem & expecting to get confine with more problems of course gets you more tensed. Just see how to close and wrap up to avoid of further hit or counter attack, any delay and focusing repeatedly will never gets you out of the problem-web.

Here the dice we throw and see its probability as we have read out in our academic book of ‘statistics’. Reconsidering the situation for the sake of freedom to get rid of confinement or the thing that has been encompassed is a good approach.

Mind it so long as you roll the ball - its every movement will get you entrap with more complexities - more intricacies will come over you - so don’t roll – arrive at conclusion and don’t be the part of problem or focus on problem - you should cogitate towards solution orientation.  

And don’t be negative-prone, be optimistic instead pessimistic. We are living in dynamic world where things move concomitantly. Our life runs in between good and bad, right and wrong.

So we are here to learn by expanding our awareness about the world and about us. Learning about the world helps us to succeed - learning about ourselves helps us to evolve or challenges in the arena of relationship, health and finances are all part of the curriculum.

Daily life teaches us - all we need to know for the next step on our journey - each and every day we find new lessons to learn – our learning process never ends till our lasts.

It’s an unending phenomenon that moves and moves and every faces of evolution bring us new information, new surprises, new techniques new mechanism, new hope and new lessons.

So there is no ready-made agenda for us to live accordingly – it is we who prepare & underscore our matrix with the flexibility no rigidity as per the law of nature countering our predetermined practices and procedures.

We can’t keep detach or detract ourselves – we are the part of the universe and the system where we dwell – so we will have to be accustomed with the system and its requirements – if it does not suit us – no problem - living in the same system we will have to select the ways and means and what seems us suitable and congenial we can adopt.

Do you know when you orientate your brain towards problem it becomes conditioned to see more problems & gets you more disturbed & repentant?

So don’t cook or be squared – don’t messed up & confused - otherwise a thick cloud & eclipsed will stiffen you that’s will cause depravity & frustration, embarrassment & disappointments, isolation & depression etc. that hinders you to think about “solution”.

We know well that the road to success is paved with little failures. If you doubt this, learn juggling & balancing act. Infants are master of learning their method is trial and error. In this technique they lead us all – no one fails as much as learns as quickly.

Why fear failure? Ever mistake imparts gifts and lessons – each lesson leads to wisdom and every failure to new achievements – Failure and mistakes are the steps of a ladder which takes us up and up and eventually we reach its zenith.

Virtually nothing comes out right the first time, Failure and repeated failure are posts on the road to achievements…………….. Charles F. Kettering.
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