Dec 11, 2014

Man always needs woman – a universal reality that you can’t deny.

Does not matter in which age you are? But support of woman indeed has been a primary need – though faces are changed by the time and relationship as well but it is a woman who backs the man to go – glow and grow.

The assistance from woman never ends but continues till the man lasts. If we do in-depth studies that how more the proportion of contribution of a woman has been associating in man’s life we see it’s an unending process.

It starts from man's birth till his death and even though if man meets accident or expires - the survived child is taken care by a fostered or adopted mother (which is a woman) & the child is groomed with the package of survival insight, survival strategy & survival kit - a swift and warm supports remains active to get the child grow till he arrives at the stage to stand on his own foot.

A general perception in a contemporary society that man always seeks support from woman – when he is baby-boy he is looked after, cared and nursed by a woman who is either his mother or some lady from his family – in the hospital he is cared by a lady doctor and hospital-female-nurse who cares for his bedding & feeding and not only caring for his dirty nappies but nappy rashes is also taken care. If the child is breastfed of course mother takes his son in her lap or by any reason if mother does not exists or incompetent medically then this service is hired by another woman.

And it is very candid in the Holy book Quran when ‘Adam’ was created by the universe Creator (God) - Adam was living well but to kill Adam lonesome the ‘Eve’ was born and they were asked to live in paradise, so concept of couple came into being - Undoubtedly they were living in paradise very calmly and peacefully so man with woman are an integral part of the life - woman assistance cannot be detached or separated from man.

When male child starts crawling across the floor the lady holding up in her arms either his mother or a female nurse who ensures nutritious diet enabling the boy to grow stronger & healthy – behind him certainly a woman who backs him till arrives at school going age.

It’s a woman who is identified as mother prepares him ready for school - before school van arrives gets his school bags and tiffin ready – and takes her down to the bus stop and ensures his boarding in school van and when mother gets call form school that her child is on the way to home, it is mother who goes down and collect the child - and if mother has own transport then she drops the child at the school and collect him back when school is over so support form woman always seems intact.

It’s a woman who is his mother she checks his school diary and enables the child to complete his home work and when there is a parents day it is mother who attends it –An unforgettable character remains with the child is a woman that’s why we say that woman is behind in the triumph of a man.

It’s a woman (a mother) who pushes the child to prepare for exam & gets him ready for job interview, encourages & motivates the grown child to move dynamically to arrive at zenith. .

And the grown child is married - a woman comes in his life is known as wife - a life partner & she is a woman - takes care for her husband who takes oath to live with him - caring her husband for his health - fulfilling his economic & social needs.

So being a wife (a woman) she spends her most of the time securing & protecting husband home besides his daily, weekly and monthly schedules - she does everything for his convenience and mental easiness & facilitates man to perform his official and home duties efficiently & fashionably & the woman is a wife whose responsibilities further multiplied and shifted from husband to his child and moves on.

We can say unequivocally and without reluctance that presence of a woman in man’s life is imperative and reality can’t be ignored.

When man enters in practical life - support of a woman does not end or squeeze but spirals & grows more and more as long as man's living and working parameters expands gradually.

In his office life he feels pleasure to appoint office secretary which is a woman - If he is travelling he wants to keep woman with him during travelling either on official visit or personal trips - he insists and prefers to sit with a lady so that lengthy tour may not bore him.

At home he gets his diary prepared by his wife and in office it is jotted down by a female secretary who is a woman - when man attending any party whether business or in family-gathering he needs to mingle with woman - it’s a man nature to have a chit chat with woman that gets him radiant and serene.

If any employment interview is taken by a woman – man feels very cozy and never lose his emotion but ends the interview with good note.

So presence of woman in man’s life emboldens him to conquer the field as per his wishes – he loves smiling woman always so there is no need to any pain killer but just a lovely smile either from his wife or from a woman who has a stake in man’s business.
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