Dec 20, 2014

Massacre of 132 school children by Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Tuesday 16th Dec 2014 in Army Public School Peshawar & PML-N ban lifting on death-sentence execution - a serious demand by people of Pakistan to hang TALIBAN where more than 200 lives lost & 129 wounded.

After brutal killing of 132 innocent school children alone on the very first day of TTP attack - PML-N Govt. hastily called All Party Conference (APC) meeting to deliberate and formalize the strategy to uproot Taliban who has waged war against Pakistan since 8 years.

An open insurgency against Islamic Republic of Pakistan not only attacking on govt. establishments i.e. civil and military air bases, law enforcement agencies, its offices & training centers, barracks & army headquarters but attacking on shopping malls, school, religious places, churches, temples, mosques, hospitals & public area even though the operation ZARB-E-AZB is continuing but Pakistan still under series of horrific and frenzy attack from Taliban.

The recent assaults on Army Public school in Peshawar where more than 200 lives have been lost & 100 are still under medical treatment & some of them are in intensive care unit (ICU).

DAHSHAT GARD BAGH RAHAY HAIN IN KA KHATMA QAREEB HAY (Terrorists leaving their den & hideouts while their deaths are very close) said prime minister - a slide running on TV channels.

·         The people of Pakistan asking PML-N what does it mean?
·        And who is helping the terrorist to run away and
·         Why PML-N has sought 7 days as discussed in APC?
·         Is govt. itself involved in helping and facilitating TALIBAN to go somewhere from Pakistan temporarily?
·         Is govt. taking time on the name of 7 days break to pacify & extinguish the uncontrollable and towering rage that’s has been emerged across the country due to TALIBAN inhuman and violent attack?
·         Why govt. does not hang the convicted death sentenced criminals whilst the court has awarded death sentence?
·         Why there is delay in execution?
·         Why president of Pakistan does not reject appeal request submitted by pronounced death sentenced criminals?
·         Why the govt. gives safe passage to terrorist they either speeds away during transportation or breaks the jail and govt. as a dumbfounded does nothing?
·         Has the govt. surrendered before TTP & helpless?  

Prime Minster asking APC nominated committee to devise & outline strategy to submit summary report to the premier within 7 days to finalize the parameter that how to move handling TTP killed the innocent children, the future architect of the country, a great loss truly not for the parents but the nation too.

If in 18th months PML-N could not formulate & work out any strategy then what it will gain within 7 days….asked school teacher who survived in Peshawar school attack?

Instead to go aggressive & expedite severe punishment - seemingly looks that govt. plans to give a safe passage to terrorist, said a defense & political analyst as PML-N particularly has been in good book of TALIBAN.he stressed.

We are very much accustomed to see the unending result of the ‘Committees & Commissions’ held in the past which never ever brought any result rather remained misty and hazy so we don’t see any honest move from the govt. to get the nation substantial measures against TALIBAN.  

So nothing will happen & TAALIBAN will be killing our children again and again and the govt. except political rhetoric will be doing nothing, said a father sharing his apprehension.

We just see the condolence and sympathy messages, and funeral prayers but what happens next – the broil goes down like soap opera - this is owing to our govt. insincerity and dishonesty with the people of Pakistan - their agenda are not in favor of the country and countrymen, said a mother who lost his 14 year old son in barbaric attack.of TTP.

The killing us –they have soft corner and they don’t even denounced TALIBAN publicly, mother of martyred child alleged - No religion dictates to kill innocent and impeccable child who are blossoms, faultless and flawless.

TALIBAN asked the kids ‘what’s your father’ - Upon hearing the answer that kids father were an army officer then the innocent boys were killed getting a sharp knife inserted into their chest and you could imagine that other students who survived or rescued are still mentally disturbed - the horrible environment they countered have made them senseless.

The school management however are treating them through Psychologist – Neurologist are examining the rescued children - most are still talking less as they saw the murder scene of their classmate in front of their eyes, said the uncle holding back the tears whose nephew was studying in class VII and he was position holder.

Sharing the ordeal with one TV channel father of martyred child student of class VI, knowing from the rescued child that the terrorist reportedly dragged the lady principal, they shaved off her hair and propelled in the fire – she burnt alive. And some lady teacher instead to run away from the scene remained busy letting the child out of the class and lost her life.

The school children aged in between 5-16 years was targeted by the terrorist; it was very painful incident, tears rolling into the eyes of everyone seeing the outnumbered small coffins.

The intelligentsia and civil society are of the view that constituting a 'Committee or Commission' in Pakistan never procured anything – it is a fantasy & fancy word of postponement or deferment as the premier has asked APC team to prepare strategy seems ridiculous.

Massacre by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Army Public School not only made everyone moaning and groaning but international print and electronic media too captioned the inhuman and brutal carnage of TTP asking govt. of Pakistan to hang them till death in order to cleanse the society from the evil plans of terrorist.

At this an awful and appalling tragedy overseas countries condolence and condemnation messages are continuing at diplomatic level to the govt. of Pakistan & sharing sympathies with the family of martyred children where 132 lives alone were children on the very first day of attack such indiscriminate and brutal slaughtering (massacre of children) specifically is the second in world history, said a political analyst.

People flew into rage across the country, demonstrated rallies and procession, mourning with candle lights, raising slogan against the govt. and demanding PML-N to hang TALIBAN with no second opinion - take severe action that has been disastrous for the county and its people since decades.

The operation ZARB-E-AZB started on 15th June 2014 as per DG ISPR mentioned in his press conference to have been killed 910 Terrorist during operation while Terrorist killed our 132 children in one day, said a sobbing father in a fit of rage while collecting body of his son from the school.

Terrorist targeted children - did not hostage – and we rescued the children from TTP siege, collected 100 bodies of children alone from auditorium. The operation however against the militants would continue until every one of them was finished, DG ISPR asserted.

We have been witnessing such type of statement, condolence and sympathy, cent percent assurance to the aggrieved or deceased family - from politicians & even from Pakistan Army have been to cleanse Taliban factor from the country but no avail.

Nothing will happen in Pakistan unless our leadership respects and thinks about us, said a crying mother who had dead body of her son studying in class V. The terrorist must know how a child is raised – what sort of sacrifice a mother or a parent does? 

TTP has been fighting to topple the government and enforce their harsher brand of Islam across the country. They have killed thousands of civilians, soldiers, policemen and government officials in the bloody insurgency. 

They (TTP) want to subordinate Pakistan under their domain and enforce their so called Islamic chemistry with the help of their touts & pets living in Pakistan & even sitting in National and Provincial assemblies who always support TTP, feed them & having a close coordination – more precisely govt. is afraid of TTP - there is no intention to remove otherwise what’s expediency with the govt? 

The stronghold of Islamist or Islamic activism – collection of Maulvies – Maulanas & Mullas - the radicals want to push back Pakistan to TTP’s so called Islam & Talbanization - what audacity it  is?
But why Pakistan an Independent state should follow their instruction - TTP thriving because of our Maulvies & Islamic activist, sitting in assemblies patronizing TTP, aiding, collaborating, assisting, supporting & facilitating TALIBAN so they are equally responsible for the terrorism in which we have been confined, said Islamic scholar - so whoever is tout of TTP also deserves to be hanged along with them. As per law whoever murders or provides the instrument to murder both fall in the same category.

The govt. either sitting in Treasury benches or in Opposition always seems discussing and classifying the TALIBAN factor - terming the terrorist ‘a good Taliban or Bad Taliban’ – ‘Punjabi Taliban, Afghani Taliban’ & ‘Pakistani Taliban’ instead to deal them with iron hand, asked by mother who was roaming to and fro searching her son body in madness. 

She further told media that if there had been such killing of prime minster and president’s son then they would have felt the pain. The cruel, heartless, sadistic, barbaric & coldblooded Taliban did not even spared the school children brutally killed them along with school staff.

There were 7 suicide bombers camouflaging in law enforcement uniforms entered in the school & opened fire on the students attending training session in school’s auditorium, said DG ISPR.

Premier & ruling elites are well aware but they avoid any drastic action against TTP because of sick motive for the country otherwise there is no obstacle for the premier to eliminate TTP from the soil of the country.

Upon us this bloody war has been imposed - who is supplying arsenal & war heads to fight against Pakistan - from where the flow of arms and ammunition is continued - why don’t we plug the flow or leakage – why our intelligence and ISPR seems unable to unleash the elements & tracking the influx. 

Lal Masjid in Islamabad running by TTP diehard Maulana Abdul Aziz so called cleric, avoided condemning Peshawar brutal attack - Maulana Abdul Aziz (a burqa cladding guy who was speeding away during 2007 Lal Masjid operation in Musharraf era) refused to show sorry & sad feeling & utterly said, “It is inappropriate to condemn one incident and remain silent on the other”.
Such inappropriate word from the mouth of Abdul Aziz sparked the situation that turned into strong agitation before Lal Masjid. The mob asking Abdul Aziz to apologize and eventually Islamabad administration intervened though an FIR has been lodged by civil society yet asking Govt. to evacuate the TTP hold Lal Masjid and arrest Abdul Aziz because of his subversive activities and open involvement in state terrorism.
Lala Masjid Islamabad has been converted into strong & effective terrorists den where on the name of Madrasa the rioters, suicide bombers & fighters are trained where outnumbered male and female terrorists are produced.
An unbelievable security threat in the heart of Islamabad, a capital city of Pakistan - Govt. must open its eyes towards arms and ammunition storage depot inside in Lal Masjid, asked a protestor gathered at Lal Masjid.
Role of govt. however against Taliban has been shady, shifty and dodgy. The govt. has been a silent spectator avoiding of any punitive action or awarding them capital punishment - placing itself in dilemma – dividing its loyalties.

If we go in past Nawaz Sharif himself had been fostering ‘Punjabi Taliban’ in Punjab and even then politicians raised finger that why Sind, Baluchistan & KPK were under consecutive bomb explosion why not Punjab or Lahore.

Everyday market, school, churches, mosques, temple & public places had been under severe security threat, heavy explosions & suicide bombers attack striking the explosive laden vehicles but only Lahore had no causalities….why?

If we turn the page and look PPP govt. (2008-2013) the ratio of Taliban explosion & Terrorism had been regular in Sind, Baluchistan and KPK but not in Punjab.

And it is Nawaz Sharif govt. that created a ‘reconciliation team to negotiate with TTP. The motive behind the committee was to bring Taliban and its nominated member for table talk.

Nevertheless 6th Feb 2014 Press reports – Govt. of Pakistan formed its Negotiation team to talk with Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) aiming to resolve the militants’ bloody seven-year insurgency.
From govt. four members had been nominated
·         Irfan Siddiqui Special assistant to the prime minister and coordinator of the committee
·         Rustam Shah Mohmand a former Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan
·         Peshawar based journalist Rahimullah Yousufzai and
·         Retired Major Amir Khan
From TTP following hardliner were in negotiation team with govt, members
·         Maulana Samiul Haq Pro-Taliban - Pakistani religious cleric and member of Taliban's negotiating committee.
·         Maulana Abdul Aziz (Lal Masjid cleric who is running Jama Hafsa under the guidance of TTP) &
·         Professor Mohammad Ibrahim (a hard liner of Jamat Islami)

Though the two sides gathered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House Islamabad for a preliminary meeting to chart a “roadmap” for future discussions amid deep skepticism over whether the dialogue could yield a lasting peace deal.
The talks however could not prove fruitful rather ended in fiasco on different reasons and most importantly that during the talks with TTP the militancy were continued referring the massacre of 22 Army Generals and killing of Polio workers in North Waziristan.
Such dubious role of TTP compelled army to stop negotiation due to constant attack on Pakistan army & its establishments. The critics said that such peace initiatives in the past failed and only emboldened the militants.
The closeness with the nominated negotiating team from TTP attested by Shahidullah Shahid said that Mualana Samiul Haq and his two colleagues (Maulana Abdul Aziz & Professor Mohammad Ibrahim a diehard of Jamat Islami had their blessing to go ahead with the negotiations.
Such a blunt support from Shahidullah Shahid – does it not sufficient for the govt. & Pakistan Army to arrest them and inquire the whereabouts of TTP, their den and hideouts ensuring operation cleanup once for all, said a senior Journalist.
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