Jan 7, 2015

National Assembly approved two bills i.e. 21st Constitutional Amendment & Pakistan Army Amendment Bills 2015 through voting process with the masked faces of parliamentarians avoided to support the bills

National Assembly sought to legislate the law through voting process constituting “Military Courts” (MC) & empowering Pakistan Army to try extremist & terrorist Tehrik-e-Talban Pakistan (TTP) waging war & involved in arm insurrection & brutally killing of innocent people of the country.

The lives and properties either civilians or armed forces are insecure – country’s strategic installations are at high security risk – 70k civilian and armed forces have been martyred & we have been propelled in an unending war squared us since decade.

The war not with external but internal forces who do coward attacks – bomb explosions, improvised attack & remote control planted bomb – collision of explosives laden vehicles – suicide bomber – attacks on market, public places, churches, law enforcement agencies and their offices, military barracks, civil airports and military air bases, military headquarters and training centers, children schools, hospitals and nursing colleges have been on hit list of TTP, said the premier Nawaz Sharif before starting national assembly motion for two amendments in 21st constitution & Pakistan Army act.     

Today 6th Jan 2015 - National Assembly however adopted the motion - unanimously secured 245 votes instead 228 the minimum required strength to pass any bill. However 247 members of National assembly and Senate voted in favor of the bills to set up constitutionally protected military courts to try extremism & terrorism suspects to hang the convicts. a drastic action against TTP.

Among 247 votes, members of JUI (F) Mulana Fazl-ur-Rehman group, JI Maulana Sirajul Haq & Qaumi Watan Party chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao precluded to vote though they were sitting in their chambers but did not join the assembly motion to favor two bills presented for legislation. Besides, PTI leadership, Ejazul Haque and Sheikh Rasheed also remained absent from the assembly.

And as soon as the national assembly adjourned its session Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman did his press conference expressing apprehension - alleging that govt. did not take him into confidence and shared the script of National Action Plan (NAP) consisting 20 points where he wanted to re phrase some of the clauses and according to him were ambiguous.

Whereas the allegation seems meaningless as Maulana has been sitting next to the premier in every schedules of All Party Conference (APC) & later proceeding thereof - Maulana however pointed out in his press conference that govt. wants to do operation against Madarasa which is irrational and irrelevant - appreciating the highlights of ministry of interior Chaudhary Nisar quoting his speech that 90% Madrasa in the country are registered and 10% are unregistered.

The situation is quite reversed – in actuality 90% Madarasa are illegal while only 10% are registered, said a political analyst - Maulana further emphasized that Madrasa has its audit report so how it can be illegal.

Replying to Maulana question currently the Madrasas are involved in anti-state activities, they are extremist, have terrorized the environment due to provocative speeches in seminaries, misinterpreting Islam and & its criteria, interpreting for their own cause and favor such a moves of course fuels the sectarianism in the country.

Islamic extremist, radicals & frenzies in Madrasa are roaming in Islamabad streets and threatening the residents. The operation clean up 2007 carried out in Musharraf era was one of the obvious example where illegal arms, suicide jackets & explosive were unearthed in Lal Masjid known as Madarasa..

Further, Abdullah Mehsaud, Baitul Mahsud, Mullah Fazlullah, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, Maulvi Omar, Hakimullah Mahsoud etc were the products of Madarasa so why not govt. should check the eligibility of Madrasa, asked the analyst.

Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and his staunch political allies always have been sympathizing, supporting, facilitating, abetting, aiding and collaborating TTP - they even avoided to denounce publicly against TTP recent inhuman, cruel and violent attack in Army Public School Peshawar.

Even the statement of Maulana Abdul Aziz Lal Masjid cannot be ruled out where he said, it is inappropriate to condemn the killing of Peshawar and disregard the killing of Waziristan, media quoted.

Though National assembly has passed the bill having amendment in the constitution, empowering Pakistan army to start operation against extremism and terrorism ensuring speedy trial. The bill however will be presented in the Senate too to have these amendments endorsed.

The military courts will only be regulating for two years with specific focus on extremism and terrorism with the ultimate move to eliminating the terrorism once for all from Pakistan, said premier.

Maulana Fazl ur Rehman however threatened in his press conference that he will escalate the situation with his counterpart & with other Islamic parties working in the country if govt. does not clarify the action meant for Madrasa, Maulana emphasized.

Maulana apprehension for Madrasa giving impression that he will go against the govt. making hue and cry in the press, asking his like-minded allies to go for agitation against the govt. if his concern or observation is not extinguished.

Chief of Army staff (COAS) however while presiding core commander meetings, very candidly he pointed out that terrorist and his sympathizers would be handled with same tone and impact if they did not amend their behaviors.

We cannot overlook the cooking among our internal leadership who are not supporting the govt. move to eliminate extremism and terrorism in the country - how we can eradicate the criminals if there are hidden enemies among our rank, said defense analyst.
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