Jan 27, 2015

Employers hiring candidate giving him/ her three to four department works against one designation in consolidated salary & justifying the move for reducing operational cost & to augment their income

Currently the employment market has been much squeezed due to growing tendency among organisations to reduce cost or evolving cost-cutting phobia. 

Hiring a candidate & merge 3 to 4 department jobs with one designation in a consolidated salary has flared up the job market and definitely a plague ending this doctrine in dichotomies.

Does not matter what ranks & line of business but preference is there that ‘’ hire one man with three to four jobs descriptions’ like a retailer who advertises ‘’buy one get two’’ on the eve of Sale promotion.

Similarly this materialistic approach has eclipsed the organisation and inundated the Human Capital management where the candidate is hired evaluating his/ her talent, caliber & competency but more importantly asking candidate to undertake or induct multiple responsibilities in a limited salary.

Jobs are advertised in print media and & at the job portals of outnumbered recruiting agencies where one designation is followed with trail of job descriptions which is a total disarray, an evident in-conformity & inconsistency between the designation and the job descriptions specified.

Does it not lead to pressurize and get the candidate overburdened, expecting to meet the dead line or get the task complete timely, efficiently and productively – what do you say this growing trends that’s has unleashed in the job market and certainly on the consent of the ‘’Employers’’?
What do you name this trends in modern world - if it had happened in Bronze Age then you would have termed it an oppression, unfair, violent & injustice that one man is being axed and treated like a Slave who just obeys the direction of his Master.

So the move by the employers that ‘’saving operational cost and multitasking culture’’ where one man is recruited to perform multiple jobs under one designation with all commitments to deliver in given time frame, given budget and given limited support i.e. with no extra man power though not justifiable but continuing thriving & flourishing the employment market, really an unfavorable practice.

The only motive behind this tactics & culture is to manipulate, demotivate & discourage, depress & demoralize the candidate, playing with their need & emotion to hire in low salary with 3 to 4 department works, a vicious attack on helpless candidate.

Employer’s justification for such unfair hiring is to minimize the rising operational cost and maximize the profitability and run the institution in less overhead expenses.

The plea, somehow though can be appropriate but in practicality always has been objectionable in terms of quality delivery, debate however among the diehard and core management have been also that how one man can do all if we don’t support with additional man power or segregate the jobs among different departments with an independent departmental Head instead to wrap the whole needs in one.

Of course quality of individual performance & his deliverable has been compromising, giving incomplete assignment and not desirable as expected so the zoom goes collapsed for reducing the operational cost, instances have proved.

A haphazard initiative by the management for cost-cutting phobia could not prove vital and viable, rational and professional, eventually ended in severe mismanagement who was boasting that we would get the operational cost down and reduce the overhead expenses distinctively in the following year - of course was not a good decision but backfired resulting the company became unsuccessful with numerous slackness.

Due to incompatibility among job descriptions assigned to the candidate giving multiple task i.e. jobs of three to four departments in a consolidated salary could not yield good but ended in hotch-potch, not only gave the organization a jerk but a lesson to restructure its manpower with individual department leaders with relevant job descriptions instead to merge jobs of other departments.

Prone to cost cutting insistence also compels the management for staff retrenchment this extreme action also needs a home work for in depth studies before fall of hammer.
In professional environment we believe in ‘what we see and feel’ in practicality no assumption or illusion. In current scenario ‘’one man-show & all-rounder’’ concept have fully been failed rather has been buried once for all. And in general if you are identified as ‘’all-rounder’’ it signifies that you are nothing or not result oriented but a collection of thrash.

‘’One man show & all-rounder’’ has been replaced by ‘’professionals’’ who is well versed in required discipline, having ability to lead the team, leadership with cutting edge role, regular meeting with staff and top management keeping the stake holders in close limelight of the projects, MIS and an accomplished coordination among every segments & elements of the projects with day to day updates.

A well-defined working strategy along with corrective measures, strict adherence to policy and procedure & desired regulatory compliance in the area aiming to attain determined goal & that’s only possible if you have been ‘’dedicated & straight’’ to one department where you cogitate & analyse the emerging pros and cons, focus minutely the only task instead to go entangle & confused in trail of job descriptions.

Being a professional you are cognizant and your concentrated effort gets you more responsive where you consider the probability of the dice when you roll, facilitating you to club and take the decision, that’s only possible when you are not overburdened but inseminating your proven ability in the organisation with your professional expertise. ..

In professional world every job has its own intake - own dynamics - own requirement - own criteria - own feasibility & own parameter and we cannot merge as a ‘’ready-mate matrix’’ or eligible as ‘’all-rounder prescribed panacea’’ for all, not valid in today’s job market.
Need and preference of every profession, time and management, attempt and termination i.e. delivery are not correlated so two or three department works how can be conjoined with one man.
Even if it moves but does not end systematically or according to the Operational manual of the company – of course gets adverse remarks while auditing the company that leads to put the company on high risk because of not complying the defined company policy and procedure and regulatory authority guides lines mandated.

It’s not a ten commandment, the modus operandi of every departments are independent and have broad outlines where the departmental heads formulate the SOP and writes job description accordingly.

During company audit, error, irregularity and mismanagement certainly are highlighted when ‘’External Auditors’’ at the year-end investigates & vet the Departments working strategy, cases and transactions handled on case to case basis whether followed the procedures laid down, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Furthermore, KPI of every jobs are not equal but an obvious difference & that’s the vision & mission of a professional who prepares the matrix according to the need of the job using his/ her sagacity as preferable and in favor of the task undertaken.

Now there is expertise and specialty in every discipline – one master cannot be a master in other subject so how one professional can be suitable or adjustable in other profession but the management seems busy in deflected criticism blaming others in the organisation if the output of the candidate hired for multiple jobs could not attain or failed to meet the dead line or by any reason getting the management with compromised output of the task handed over.

Plausibly repudiating & deviating the reality that one man cannot be all-rounder, eligible & competent in delivering the assigned task timely or as envisaged resulting the story ends in mess.

It looks half cooked meal - or half cooked with half uncooked - so what is the use to hire such a person who does not have comprehensive knowledge about the job or well trained and experienced in related field, academically and technically qualified to handle the job with zero error or the specialty he/ she has for the job being hired.

Interalia, how Human Resource Manager can be Administration Manger – How Administration Manger can be Accounts Manager - How Finance Manager can be Administration Manger – How Production Manager can be Sales Manager – How Operation Manager can be IT Manager - How a Relationship Manager can be Human Resource Manager and vice versa.

Every area of disciplines have its own entity, dynamics & ambition, merging the job descriptions will get you annoyed and a source of nuisance, a time for the employer to think!

There is cut-throat competition in the market so how you can beat off your competitors if you have been enveloped in cost reducing phobia where most of the business has been clouded a general phenomenon to hire a candidate who has capability and accustomed to perform multiple tasks under the shade of one designation at a consolidated salary.

A quite wrong perception has proved ineffective & in vain, though such philosophy are mushrooming at greater extent despite its failure but who cares as before top management too is to get their salary and go back home whether the business really grooms or settles temporary.

Considering the upside down a consultant or an expert is hired to correct such irregularity, anomaly, factual and tactical errors, mismanagement & grave negligence that’s caused the company to recede and got the yawning gap in between investment and output, very marginal profit if not loss occurred.
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