Jan 19, 2015

Land Mafia capturing schools premises in Karachi

Land grabber or land mafia is not sparing even SCHOOL PREMISES - the running Govt. Schools being encroached and Govt. authority the Ministry Of Education are in deep slumber – they wake-up when media wakes them up.

We really don’t deserve to call ourselves man because we have been enveloped in extreme greediness, among us are fraudster, trickster, cunning, thieves, vandal, robber and looter who steals other property, said school principal who invested the whole life in teaching, a prestigious profession where knowledge and experience are shared to nurture a student.

But the land grabber who captures other’s land just for few bugs & don’t realize that it is school, a center where our children are educated but the heartless LAND-MAFIA having no conscience demolishes the building and keeps our children out of school.   

Govt. Schools (or Public sector schools) in Karachi are under serious threat not from Taliban but from Land Mafia or land grabbers engaged in obnoxious activity not only has terrified & terrorized the school children but school staff too are afraid of uncertain situation on account of insecure and unsure about the school premises where the future architect of the country are produced.
Currently when the news broke out in media that two schools in Karachi just in a week time had been captured by land mafia but it is MQM chief Altaf Hussain and Governor of Sind personal intervention who got the school released from the illicit occupation of miscreants or land mafia.

And how really it is sad and disappointing that Chief Minter of Sind and Minster of Education have no role to nab and arrest such group who are busy in such crimes - illegally occupying lands in Karachi, the do illegal construction, makes boundary walls, puts notice that the said property belongs to someone and its case are under process with land department or building control authority etc. a fictitious notice is displayed to keep others away of the marked land.

CM Sind & Education minster are unconnected and indifferent call themselves govt. representative and claim to ‘’disseminate education for all’’ but just a lip service and boasting, keen to deliver political speech but failure in practicality.

Of course deliberately they want to keep the generation illiterate & obscured so that their political offices may glitter & thrive in the country without any voice against them, really very negative approach, said a father who shared school internal problem with visiting govt. official.

Education Minister Sind who is unaware that how many school have been captured & outnumbered schools even have been closed due to their ignorance and inefficiency that children of the area are unable to read and write and became prey of the predator.

If schools are there but have been deprived of basic facility - instead to do something education departments slink away and leaves the thing unnoticed that’s go more worsened. Eventually the generation goes out of school and joins other social evils which turns the society into cancerous un-curable disease & as such instead to produce a dynamic educated personality we produce scoundrels and parasites, said Head mistress.

It is unfortunate that Govt. of Sind and concerned ministry of education are really hypocrites just comes in power to make money not for the future of our children, said a mother who collected his child back from the school when the land grabber were demolishing the school wall and children were reportedly sitting on the ground without any rugs, school desk and chairs.

If the schools have been closed or school which is not equipped with its basic facility – Are the Govt. officials blind to attend the complaints that’s forwarded frequently from school principal to the ministry of education & to office of the Director of education situated in four constituencies i.e. East-West-South & North - whose responsibility to attend the complaints if lodged, asked head mistress shared the ordeal of her school with Governor Sind.

The rising apprehension and uncertainty among teachers and students no doubt has a thick cloud that’s impacting the ‘’teaching and learning process’’ adversely. And parents also seems helpless when they saw that their children are sitting outside of school premises and even inside the school boundary but not in class room as the wall demolished and unauthorized construction were continue in the middle of school ground too with scattered heap of rubble.

The wrought-up parents demand from ’Education Department’ is very obvious emphasizing to look aggressively and crush such elements cropping into the way of ‘’education’’ which is unequivocally is the core need of their children, asking the govt. to abstain further encroachment of school designated-building  and whoever finds guilty in illegal possession should sternly be executed.

We are well aware that school and education are concomitant and it is existential where we are imparted ‘’information, knowledge and wisdom - education broadens our horizon and gives us better understanding about the world and its dynamism so if the teaching & learning goes standoff due to capturing school building - it will certainly be unjust & irrational with our children who want to read but we don’t let them read.

In one of the school, media showing that some ‘’catering & decoration guys’’ occupied the school putting inside huge stuff of catering services, utensils, table and chairs, cauldrons, bamboos and tents in class rooms and children were sitting outside of the class room on the ground.
If the complaints lodged the very first day with school top management sitting in the ministry or its allied offices then why did not somebody from education department come and ousted the miscreants who captured the school asked the parents.

Truly media have been highlighting encroachment of ‘’school building’’ regularly by ‘’land mafia’’ but it is incompetency, slackness and sluggishness of Secretaries – Directors & Zonal Heads drawing hefty salaries and enjoying with heavy perks but not performing onerous responsibility with dedication and loyalty rather their induction not yielding or adding any value in protecting the school building.

They don’t take notice what goes around & becomes the part of the crimes, connives & apparently goes oblivious instead to resolve the issue energetically but deals it lethargically.
The Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries and occupants of grandiose designations working under ministry of education must ensure that all Govt. Public Schools falling under their ambit and in given jurisdiction are always functional and school are in good condition getting it equipped with the desired material.

And if there are impediments it should immediately be noticed and attended to remove instead to leave on the mercy of miscreants whose only motive to earn money to sell out the land and avail commercial benefits.

There are following check-list indeed needs to follow by the authority working in Educational department to ensure that no more school building may capture by the land mafia and school education may continue without breakdown even a single day.

a)    where are the Secretaries - Directors & Zonal Heads of Education & what are their responsibility
b)    why they don’t do regular visits in Govt. Schools
c)    why they connive when the schools goes into the hand of land encroach-er and
d)    wake up when media uproars their mismanagement grooming in the city
e)    you can’t say that the things developing in the Karachi East- Karachi-West – Karachi North & Karachi-South are not known to them & they should know how much public schools are functional in the area
g)    how many schools need renovation and refurbishment
h)    how many schools need teaching staff &
i)      how many school s are there whose staff did not receive their monthly salaries
j)      how many schools have threat to encroach & grab by land mafia & why
k)    the authority despite knowing sitting idle and conniving intentionally
l)      are they not equally criminal abetting, collaborating, aiding & facilitating to occupy the school if so
m)  Why such administration and management exists any more
n)    Why the huge sum against salary of secretaries, directors, and zonal heads are disbursed if school are not secure or its premise are unprotected
o)    How many schools are deprived of basic facility
p)    Schools have no toilet 
q)    Schools have no drinking water
r)     Schools haves no plastered walls and plastered ceiling showing iron bars, a live threat for the children
s)    Why the electricity wire are moving to and fro
t)     Why schools don’t have black board, school desk and chairs
u)    Why schools don’t have door and windows
v)    What is the difference  between summer and winter if the school premises are not updated
w)   If the school goes inundated why the holes or leakage are not plugged or cemented
x)    Why the schools sewerage tank are chocked and who will ensure its cleaning
y)    If the school principal/ Head master/ Head mistress draws attention of Zonal Director then why school problem are not attended and fixed timely
z)    Why schools don’t have playground and not maintained as schools produce sports man under the shade of extra curriculum activities
a) Why the schools does not have first aid boxes & provide necessary training to meet any emergency
bb) Why there are heap of garbage around the school & inside of school who will ensure its daily cleaning

If everyone in school management working inside school and in concerned educational offices in ministry and Secretariat's offices sincerely performs their duties with renewed vigor we can save school premises and can ensure its functionality uninterrupted.

Please save the school and save our children a clarion call of the day to educate every child in the country - nurture the generation in a safe and secured environment who will hold the rein of the country in future - the future of the country is our children.
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