Jan 13, 2015

Safety & Security parameter for Schools to be complied strictly by school management to avoid of further loss to our children

The scene of terrible carnage happened in Army Public School Peshawar still has not been waived off the mind of Pakistani citizen sustaining mental agonies those lost their lives in the massacre.

Though the govt. has re framed the 21st constitution for establishing military courts in the country and empowering Pakistan army ensuring amendment in army act too to leash and use its muscles eliminating the curse of extremism and terrorism from the country that has been engulfed since decades.

Though Schools (public and private) have been opened after month long closure however the following mandated responsibility of the Principal – Head master/ mistress & senior teachers to ensure desired safety and security measures (in letter and spirit) in the school premises with no compromise at any level.

a)      Staff who are tutors and staff who works in school administration are equally responsible in maintaining schools security

b)      Staff who are non-administrative like the canteen guys, cleaners, peon and security personnel are also responsible to maintain security of the school as they work in school so officially, legally & morally they have obliged school security so long they are associated with schools

c)       Any casual staff being hired in the school should be monitored by the administrative personnel of school, their movement and mingling with school personnel (non administrative) should be monitored.

d)      Movement of any unauthorized person to be followed through the main gate keeping his/ her ID with reception desk. And he/ she should not be allowed to enter in class room only to treat with principal of the school

e)      No back door entrance to be functional during office hours or out of office hours, it should only be treated as emergency gate and not for general use.

f)       Round the clock security armed personnel to be deployed on regular basis either with 8 hours shift or 12 hours
g)      The security personnel to be outsourced/ hired with approved/ registered security company whose work and conduct has national repute or known well

h)      A qualified security personnel - Retired armed forces are the best to hire as they are aware of the required training & equipped with desired security training to meet such incidents

i)        School premises at its four side walls should be covered with external cameras that’s will be focusing the surrounding at least 200-300 meters (with 80 degree movement capability) with high resolution or high density.

j)        monitor screen to be witnessed by the school principal or head of administration during office hours/ school hours with the brief knowledge of school staff and visitors

k)      A well planned mechanism to be maintained for security perspective to avoid of any untoward – CD/ DVDs to be kept in archive for future reference

l)        All the camera installed internally and externally to be maintained under regular maintenance contract by service providers enabling to record the image on digital video recorder (DVR) readable, visible & understandable instead to get blurry picture for no use.

m)    Staff hired on temporary basis – their whereabouts and back ground to be  screened  & checked thoroughly to avoid of the induction of real culprit

n)      Who supports the mercenary, helps and facilitate to do the crime as happened in Army Pubic School Peshawar where the internal staff were involved in the massacre who provided ladder, put it alongside of the wall and facilitated the TTP to get into the school through backside wall where the mercenaries remained inside the school for three hours & did their obnoxious and heinous crime - of course was a great loss not only the family who lost their near and dear but also lost the future architect for the nation.

o)      Such internal criminals are more dangerous than external – they are called hidden enemies so be careful always keep your eyes opened as we are at war

p)      Anyone who is coming inside the school – the guard deployed at the gate must keep handy scanner to scan the body or any metal object if she/ he has before entering into the premises, any objectionable items to be surrendered at the reception desk or with security personnel at the gate

q)      All the material coming into the school by administrative and non-administrative staff to be screened by the security personnel employed at the school gate.

r)       Entry of every school staff to be ensured through handy-scanner on daily basis

s)       If any unwanted movement is seen on monitor-screen kept in school principal or head of administration’s room does notice then immediately someone from security along with school responsible person to be
spotted & investigated

t)       Telephone number of Bomb-disposal squad, Rescue team, Fire brigade, Law enforcement agency nearest office, Commissioner or Deputy commissioner, Police station, Ambulance, nearest medical centers all should be displayed for everyone convenience

u)      Regular meeting with school principal and security armed personnel (deployed at the school gate) to be arranged for understanding the on-going practice and its updating or revise procedure as and when needed considering the security risk implication or consistent security threat in the area

v)      Street vendors or hawkers standing close to the gate of school to be monitored closely or  abstain them away of school gate

w)    Every suspicious activities to be noticed seriously and remedy thereof to avoid any untoward

x)      School van or bus to be screened for security purpose before departure

y)      Any outsider sitting with bus driver should not be ignored

z)       Activity of bus driver, conductor, helper to be in close contact with security personnel of school

aa)   Fire alarm to be fixed – Fire detector & sensor to be maintained regularly &

bb)  Fire extinguishers to be refilled when it is expired – just a show piece will produce nothing but disaster if needed

Stated above are the security measures which should strictly be complied with & adhered to so that we can save our children from further terrorism. 
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