Jan 29, 2015

The Pillars of Faith in Islam

The Declaration of Faith, which reads: 

la illaha illa Allah, Muhammad ur Rasul Lul Lah

There is no other object worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

The Muslim also believes in the following;

ü  All the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, including Adam, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. Etc

ü  All the revealed Books of Allah of which the Qur'an is the last and perfect revelation.

ü  All the Angels who are spiritual beings of Allah.

ü  The Islamic doctrine that the power of actions proceed from Allah and every human being is morally responsible for his own actions.

ü  The Day of Resurrection and of Judgment.

ü  Obligatory Prayers, five times a day.

ü  Fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan. This fasting takes the form of basically abstaining from all foods, drinks and sensual pleasures from dawn to sunset.

ü  Zakat which is an obligatory tax or 'poor-due' on certain assets above a prescribed quantity - a provision for those who are below or financially are not sound so it becomes the responsibility of those who are well off to help who are in need of our help & support.

ü  The Pilgrimage to Mecca, if one has the means of performing it.

Islam is a complete way of life. a well defined criteria are before us that how to live, where to live. when to live and why to live - the reason of our life and its needs.

The holy book Quran is in our hand to read it. A complete guideline that guides us and gives us answer of our questions.

Explore it what are our responsibility in terms of a husband, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a brother and a sister, a friend, a neighbor etc. 

And if we are a Ruler that how to run the country and how to response to the people of the state & if there is in injustice, inhumanity, barbarism, depravity, usurpation or encroachment on other rights - for every single cruelty the Ruler will be interrogated on the doomsday.

The Quran is the only source where we can get every answer of our questions - there is no ambiguity - every thing mentioned therein are very transparent, clear and understandable. 

The Quran is literal word of Allah which He revealed to His prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through Angel Gabriel. It was memorized by Muhammad and who then dictated to his companions. They in turn memorized it, wrote it down and reviewed it with the prophet Muhammad.

Moreover the prophet Muhammad reviewed the Quran with the Angel Gabriel once each year and twice in the last year of his life.

From the time the Quran was revealed until this day is in its original condition without any change, deletion or addition as other divine books got tempered but not Quran.

We should know that who crated us and why we have been sent in the world - why the Heaven and the Hell have been created - what are our deeds and why our deeds will be accountable in order to determine our reward in the day of judgement because who created us of course has a right to ask us what we did during the life given by Almighty Allah and as such our good and bad deeds will get its reward accordingly. 

The Quran is a complete cure and solution of our problems if we understand well and has comprehensive knowledge then we can avoid of errors.

There will no cruel, no tyrant, no subjugation and oppression if we really conceive it - the only guidance provided by God for Muslims is the Quran. Quran also advises us that how to treat who are non Muslims or those who did not accept Islam. And how to treat with animals and other living things.

Allah is the Creator of the Universe for all mankind who is the custodian of earth and sky - who is the custodian of our life & our needs who takes care for those who worship and those not but He gives bread and butter for all. 

Not only human being but animals and every living things get their feeds. He is omnipresent - Allah alone is the Almighty - the Creator, the Sovereign and the Sustainer of everything in the whole universe. He manages all affairs - He stands in need of none of His creatures and all His creatures depend on Him for all they need. 

Allah is the All-Hearing - All-seeing and the All-knowing. He is the most Gracious - the most Merciful -  and the most Benevolent. 

Islam is not a new religion. It is in essence, the same message and guidance provided by God revealed to all His Prophets.

"Say: we believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob and The Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets, from their Lord - We make no distinction between one and another, among them, and to Allah do we bow our will (in Islam).

The Qur'an, Al-'Imran 3:84… The message which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad is Islam in its comprehensive, complete and final form.

"Let there be no compulsion in Religion: truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah (one God) has grasped the most trustworthy hand hold that never breaks and Allah hears and know all things. Qur’an, Al-Baqarah 2:256
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