Feb 18, 2015

Gossip & Backbiting are mental syndrome so stay back at a discreet distance.

Gossip & Backbiting has a little difference but both are curse and everyone should refrain & reserve from such mental syndrome. It does not only reflect a positive mental attitude but spoils individual’s life in totality.

If such mental illness continues getting you more bewildered & disgruntled, afflicting with myriad problems, apparently known as silent killer that’s gets you disguise and sneak in other’s affairs.

Gossip approaches towards rumor and information basically pass-on others may be true or false. It leads to heightening stories or spreading unconfirmed news horizontally, prone to fabricate and forge a fictitious edifice of sands which of course in reality is nothingness & doing so falls under the ambit of gossip.

Information that’s moves from one person to another about other people’s behavior and private lives often including unkind and untrue remarks, Gossip however is classified into

(a)    Juicy gossip indicates an interesting and shocking especially pertains to someone sexual behavior 
(b)   Idle gossip reflects idle curiosity
(c)    Hot gossip denotes current rumors mushrooming around
(d)   Malicious gossip manifests unkind and cruel deliberately behaving in a way that may harm and hurt others
(e)   Common gossip exhibits a general discussion spanning or flashing
(f)     Office gossip about colleagues, staff and management on someone hiring, promotion, transfer, special facility etc. & similarly
(g)    Home gossip & Village gossip what boils around

Whilst ‘backbiting’ you talk about other in his/ her absence reflects negative thoughts or bad words for one’s behavior or attitude – unpleasant and cruel talks about someone who is not present.

Gossip we do at home, in family and with our friends about others activities with dual approach either it’s may be correct or incorrect without knowing its impact on others life which can tarnish, disgrace, defame and conclusively can appear as a curse for whom it is being talked about. Certainly such practice is not good which destroys the image & personality for whom the discussion is continuing.

From a good person who is man of principal and maintains moral ethic, values and standard will not do so talking in absence of someone which almost ends on negativity, whatever the problem or complaints if you have about he/ she should discuss in presence of him/ her instead to ignite and incite hatred or involve the things which originally has no relation with him/ her. 

‘Backbiting’ basically is the result &product of frustration & depravity, encroachment on the rights, disappointments & depression a feeling of sadness, deepening and plunge into recession, victimization & ineffectual result of the efforts gained which were not up to the mark as expected & unfair behavior etc.

As a test case we take here office environment - the growing such symptoms (sated above) tantamount that the person himself/ herself is not aware of potentiality what he/ she has - don’t know about the caliber required to be acknowledged or possibility to open up new vistas of avenue for promotion, or he/ she is overconfident about work and conduct or lacking the substantial skills required to weigh while appraising their performance at the year-end & just vociferating that he/ she has been stiffened instead to realize that they are stuck in a groove and unable to accept their disqualification and errors in practicality.

Though some time we get biased management but such nasty and rusted elements do not last and very soon face they are doomed, so in broad spectrum it does not happen in most of the institutions if you are competent and have ability then prove yourself instead to make hue and cry and do backbiting.

In short all such opposite and negative attitude of the person feels them orchestrated and then he/ she starts backbiting for his/ her colleague/ family and other member of the society where they dwell.

Whereas Gossip considers one who goes about telling and hearing news, to run about telling idle or malicious tale, scandalous rumor and tittle-tattle, spreading news without knowing its authenticity and base, involving others with the believe for not to tell others but it goes ahead like a jungle fire.

Gossip can be a conversation about others that reveals information about their personal or private life, or a general report of the behavior of other people and it can be a way of talking without divulging too much information about oneself.

Gossip is not limited to woman but man also have been noticed to engage in it, the nature of information the way it is passed seems different but overall objective is the same, even those who do engage in malicious gossip, often do it unconsciously.

Gossip has no relation with civilized or uncivilized society; it has been penetrated since beginning, nature and environment of communication goes differ but practice behind gossiping is the same and so long as we are alive such ailment will see it continuing.

Every Religion forbids also for not to do Gossiping Backbiting. We understand that by gossiping we are developing our alliances and there will be more strength in building relationship (while gossiping) with each other and that our status before others (with whom gossiping) will be more impressive and building influence.  When we talk we drop names of people we know, we show how we know about certain people and so build ourselves up in the eyes of the person or people we are talking to.

So Gossiping & Backbiting both are harmful & we must be very careful while sharing others in our conversation. In both cases we are talking about the person who is not in between us, which indicates to insult and degrade the person (who is not available) so that we may keep our head-on with whom we are exchanging our views.
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