Feb 3, 2015

Time to revamp Pakistan Cricket Team instead to be clouded further with devious, sneaky and unscrupulous who have sucked the Cricket Board

The nation are saddened on the defeat of ‘’Pakistan cricket team’’ not qualifying its serial play to arrive in world up - now at the initial they could not win the match but countered with unforgettable defeat really disappointed the cricket lovers. However there are chances to reach its ambition to contest for world cup.

The reason of unsuccessful got a hot debate among different walks of life that the team did not perform well or meet the target given - what were the irregularity & mismanagement in team selection or the team had not been trained fully with the required technique and mechanism of the game before dispatching the team to contest or the opponent team had been underestimated  or the coach who had been hired from overseas to train our hero (though not) or coach arranged locally were not well versed with cricket technicalities & really were incompetent imparting essential training or what were the reason that made the team failure … are the big question mark?.

But almost everyone are at one page that there are severe-politics in Cricket that has tarnished its image – an underdog syndrome due to thick cloud of politico-association the Cricket in the country has lost its name, unless we induct a technical CEO who is fully equipped with the cricket and its pros and cons instead to appoint people like Najam Sheti who added no value but spoiled and rusted the institution.

We will have to clean the black sheep, the devious, the sneaky and the unscrupulous who have devalued the Cricket Board.

Here we will have to solemn to work the institution honestly, sincerely and devotedly otherwise time is not far when the name of cricket from Pakistan will just be a worth reminding, a history of the past – so don’t do this and revitalize the institution with proper insemination.
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