Feb 12, 2015

Your personality opens new vistas of avenue (always) if it is maintained adequately

Unequivocally ‘’personality’’ enables you to get response & return (immediately) despite having other mandatory characteristics in you either related to your job or your presence in social life, whether you belong to showbiz, associated with any services industries or work in sales & marketing whatever the avenue or area, business corridor or venue.

Personality shapes & reinvents, exhibits & showcases your figure more convincingly & impulsively, every traits & qualities comes after, first you impress others with your dynamic personality, perfectly grooming your face and hair.

Maintaining personality with intensity exposes you more graceful and pleasant, of course through your proper dressing with matching suits, hair combing & polished shoes get other to look at you with cheers.

So we are certain that personality with suitable dress-code is concomitant rather personality shines from decent dressing, makes you sparky and lively when you have elegant dress on your body or you are in attractive outfit and that adornment persuades others to speak to you.

And this is you who opens the door to move further and that’s the reason we name the ‘’personality’’ a synopsis which manifests everything in a nutshell when you appear in syndication or go for interview or work in front line of business though back office also needs but compromise on front line of business is not advantageous.

Proper dressing enhances your personality, giving an impetus to enlighten your figure so decorating yourself with proper costume is the basic need which you have to choose that how to celebrate the ecstasies or console the event of sadness.

Personality unfurls its importance and impact and nobody can deny from being mesmerized because of your suitably adornment, a cosmetic preparedness & readiness that how you put yourself in the market to sell.

In the materialistic world where everyone performs & acts, depends that how magnificently they performed? Really enthralled people & made others stunned? And how exquisitely they convinced others so basically everyone played their role and got their payment.

Mind it that we are actually selling ourselves does not matter what platform it is but our appearance before public, in office or among family & friend – Our performance’s ultimate objective to earn money or gain moral philosophy i.e. maintaining moral standard, values and principles but economic does not oblige moral support it only envelopes money matters.

And as such the service of a son for his mother falls under obligatory duty and not economic activity but service for the company concludes on earning and that’s the parameter of economic ambit, says Economist. 

Among other requirements either mandatory for employment or working in any disciplines personality gives you spontaneous cheer and spontaneous reaction.

Personality is the first and foremost component when you are in business or on job, or in the meeting or you are on date, or sitting before family and friend & even if you are attending funeral ceremony. Every phases of life ‘’personality’’ is the core and influential symptom that impress others facilitating you to proceed.

In contemporary society where you live every one first looks at your face then your dress & asks how you are? Or How you doing? First observation is the personality which includes face and dress code. If you are with radiant face and radiant smile it encourages others to ask further question. And if you are crying, frustrated or in fierce anger no one has time to ask what the problem you have? Because life is busy and no one has time to get involve and generally avoids.

So live with the people who laughs – don’t debate what has been lost or your past – others are interested in future -they consider who you are and what your plan is? How you look and whether your induction will accelerate their production and profitability so they weigh your caliber but the first thing comes under observation is the personality.

In the world where we live looser and failure have no place at all – does not matter if you lost something or got defeated, such unsuccessful becomes an opportunity for you to correct to re align your priority & re vitalize with more vigor and determination but others have nothing to do with your defeat.

Your characteristics will start radiating when your personality is well groomed, you have matching suits, clean shaved or beard with good outlined, face with acceptable make up and polished shoes such readiness gets you handsome & smart. And then you enter showing your talents such as stronger & persuasive, your outfit will say that you are enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, well organised, equipped with leadership skills & result oriented and that’s the desired potentiality employer is looking for.

Your dress code is the first impression that’s flashes your body gesture, your face impression signals your eligibility and competency that how suitable you are?

In market mechanism if a salesman sells company products or in the bank if a relationship officer (Retail/ Corporate) fishing loans or selling bank products or marketing credit cards - first he sells his personality and then products - so individual readiness in terms of his personality is the core demand before highlighting the attributes of products as among a trail of characteristic of an individual personality is the prime factor.

In practical world everyone  is busy for bread and butter and for gold and glory and from dawn to dusk people are busy, it’s a routine practice but how much the efforts get him/ her prosperous and get them happier it depends how they sell themselves first.

If you have ornamented yourself adequately it means your personality issue is closed & now you opened the door for your other characteristic (the defining and inherited) enabled you to translate to perform the given task with sincerity, honesty and loyalty and how you did prove instrumental in attaining the company goal.

Did you think that how it could possible not because of your sugar coated words but because of your own personality that enabled you to attract the listeners & buyers who convinced with your style of presentation, well-disciplined & suitably attired.

If you have been posted at customer service counter, you should be attired suitably coupled with stated traits & with radiant smile - if you don’t do this you will not be losing your customer but also your employment.

No one will ask what you have taken in the morning whether a glass of water or a glass of milk but everyone will focus on your personality that how smartly you have equipped yourself because personality speaks.
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