Mar 23, 2015

23rd March the 75th Anniversary day in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In remembrance of 23rd March the nation celebrates Pakistan Day or Pakistan Resolution Day with more fervor, enthusiasm and with renewed vigor and national spirit - Pakistan Day or Pakistan Resolution Day that held in Lahore in 1940.

A Resolution had been passed by Freedom Fighters who fought for Pakistan ‘’a land of the pure’’ free from looter and plunderer of National Treasury. A team of good people, excellent leadership with honesty, loyalty and sincerity to run the country and taking care its ‘’people’’ being the first and foremost essence of the cause - for which a separate homeland had been sought by the Freedom Movement. The basic ideology before the Freedom Fighters were to enforce the law of the rule maintaining the political, social and legal rights for everyone living under the dome of Pakistan.

The name Pakistan literally means "Land of the pure” in Urdu & Persian which was coined in 1933 by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, a Pakistan Movement Activist who published in his pamphlet ‘’Now or Never” what a brilliant & effective slogan, Unprecedented & unshakable overwhelming efforts made the movement true.

But unfortunately the momentum for which Pakistan came into being on 14th Aug 1947 still a big question mark before the ruling elites. They should see earnestly - are they really doing well for the country? 

People of the country had population 30 million at the time of Independence which has been populated now to 200 million are still looking towards their leaders to materialize their dream. Giving them a peaceful life, a life free from terror, accessibility of basic needs and objectively a welfare state so that everyone can live with progression and prosperity.

A solemn affirmation the leaders have been taking oath since 1947 (in subsequent dates) to be honest and sincere with the country and serve the nation but except disappointment and frustration we Pakistani could not get any visible changes in the infrastructure of the country and people standard of living if we see in broad spectrum getting it worsening & feeble state, said political analyst..

110 million out of 200 million people are living below poverty line, they are starving to death because there is scarce of one time food. no clean drinking water, inadequate development plan at micro and macro level, bad governance, no housing facility, no concrete road leading to city, rattled transportation, health and education crisis, unemployment, power outage & rising shortfall, serious mismanagement, heavy indebtedness, abuse of acquired loan from international lender agency, unbridled corruption, rampant lawlessness, inconsistency among govt. institutions, rising nepotism and favoritism, a madness to nationalize the industry instead to revamp basically earn money after selling the national industries on peanut prices without any documentation for fair tendering process.

An army of greedy politicians – So called democracy or claimant of democracy - where the rulers seem less powerful and the decision are taken by KHAKI WARDEE - and this is a clear incompetency of democrats who are weak in governing the state and its discipline. They are involved in massive corruption, they come in power to make money and satiate their own stomach leaving the masses to die.

The 23rd March an emancipation from Indian sub-continent Hindustan where Muslim were in minority and Hindu in majority – Muslim for the specific reason had no conformity and able to accept & adopt, associate & embracing Hindu dominated community.

Living with Hindu or Non Muslims’ culture, customs, tradition, thoughts & beliefs, practices and values, religion & faith which of course were conspicuous & apparent distant, distinctive differences, inconsistency & non-adjust ability with Hindu were the substantial reasons to dwell or accommodate with them.

23rd March on this auspicious day - the Nation do celebrate showing their solidarity, willingness & association with uttered believe that we are Pakistani - we love Pakistan – it is our homeland we respect and have strong strength & un-shattered faith to be loyal with the country.

On 23rd March a chain of special program are conducted – cultural shows coupled with territorial landmarks - Folk songs and dances - Iconic parade displaying a beam of national arms and sophisticated war arsenals.

Impressive march past – Aeronautics demonstration - Participation of personnel of three services Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, marine and Pakistan Air forces - Military parade & exercises – Cannon fires - Laying floral wreath at the tomb of national leaders & freedom fighters - Hoisting national flags in schools, colleges and universities & singing national anthem etc..

Warmly debate on Pakistan & reason of its existence - Program in electronic & special edition in print media – Regular debate & quiz on national TV - Get together of people at different platform with the only ambition and momentum to commemorate 23rd March.

A reminder and a call to wake up and look who you are? Where you live? How you achieved this homeland which is Pakistan? And why you need to cogitate to perceive and conceive? Why its invention sought and created Pakistan? A reminder to the generation of the country to think about their homeland Pakistan and its sovereignty.

A call to revive, revitalize and a commitment to save and serve Pakistan that came into being after a heroic struggle of millions of Muslims of the subcontinent and great sacrifices rendered by them.

Pakistan day is a day of happiness and celebration of the emergence of a separate homeland of Muslim of the subcontinent - On 23rd of March we commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic ‘Pakistan Resolution’.

We however salute Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah under whose dynamic leadership Mr A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq moved a ‘’resolution’’ and demanded ‘’a separate sovereign state’’ for the Muslims in the North West and Eastern Zones of the sub-continent. The resolution was seconded by Ch. Khaliq-uz-Zaman and supported by several prominent leaders and members of the Muslim League (the then political party) to transcribe the hopes and wishes of millions of Muslims into reality.

We must declare that we are Pakistani and proud to be a Pakistani. Do best for the country - think positive do positive and move for positivism.

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