Mar 18, 2015

‘’Customization’’ not only hysterical in commercial & trading markets but our personal life too inescapable from this stroke

Customization has been an integral part of our life not only prevalent in manufacturing and servicing industries but common and widespread and it has synthesized our daily life. The impact of this unprecedented marketing tool is not a paradigm but emblematic since decades. Over the period of time it grew and pierced the consumer’s market & instantly enveloped the whole peninsula. 

Marketer as such has inculcated the ‘’customization’’ into the mind of customers where the products got reshaped, redeveloped, adapted & groomed where customer liking & disliking, preference and suitability worked as a pivotal and vital, a very aggressive management technique to meet customer demand and that practices energized the market.

Customization became a clarion call of the day & utility of the technology oriented production gave a blow to advance, renovate, refurbish and revitalize the marketing to satisfy customers’ need, building customer confidence, maximizing profit and boosting commercial growth.

Whatever were the types of market, in every mills, factories and manufacturing industry (either at small or large scale) customers’ preferences & propensity to consume by customers had been the backbone of business. And industrialist always preferred to adjust & realign, streamline & optimize their products according to the taste, trends and wants of customers instead to impose & stuff their own intention and that’s the reason that ‘’customization’’ always remained a cardinal approach for the industrialist & manufacturer.

The pace of industrialization thrived & accelerated when the industrialist envisioned and radicalized the existing manufacturing process rather preferred to give the industry a radical transformation, with new measures and reform preferring to groom customization business and even their own survival into the market. They revisited & diversified, recognized & ensured the adaptation of modern technologies to innovate, uplift, upgrade and equip their products with modernity with the ultimate objective to fulfill & accomplish customers’ requirement.

The conglomerates at national and international level accepted the importance of ‘customization’, its brilliant outcome that’s why they brought reform in the industry. They ensured scrupulous attention to detail, read out customer needs fastidiously and meticulously entailing the whole production portfolio exacting with customer demands to extinguish their thirst & giving them easy accessibility of products at affordable prices with multiplied features and characteristic, associating the products with warranty and guarantee commitment along with support services after sales, making the products handy and easy mobility.

Of course were the additional facilities that business community adopted and that was a revolution in market where customization identified as customer centric, customer friendly & customer driven products and services where we are taught to accept that ‘’customer is always right’’.

Customization unequivocally is the key stimulant that’s considers – to fulfill customer expectations, to regard customer emotion, to motivate customer and maintain customer culture.

Before the employer if we talk about customer services (in broad spectrum) is the commitment 
to serve them better, excellent services, creating ways and means, facilitating the end users to support comprehensively. A promise to improve competitiveness by constantly enhancing the performance & quality services delivery system in place, giving them attention, promising for dignified services with open arms, giving impression that we are sitting for you and to attend you, listen to you, & very close to you to get you understand from A to Z for the products & services the institution is providing.

Prime emphasis on the services proving to be the best, providing at the same time efficient innovative peripheral products to customers. The overriding concern is customers and customizing the services being extended and the products being put for sale, going through every detail of the customer’s experience, reflecting a friendly and efficient service image to make the service vision come true.

It is the customer who becomes the reason of our salary or survival of the institution so our first and foremost working strategy & priority should be to serve customer as they trust in us and we believe to maintain customer autonomy.

Every efforts pertain to be a customer driven & customer centric where customer satisfaction being the center of all thinking, so being fair, courteous and helpful and quick considering the ultimate competitive edge with a proverb that systems are good servants but bad masters.

Further, it has been universal truth that so long as you provide maximum benefits to customer or your products is customized with a package of incentive, marketing of such product will be more responsive to makeup ‘demand and supply’ & volume of production thereof, certainly gives a boost to profit when product sustainability has been customized.

In commercial industry ‘customization’ appeared as a propeller where marketer reshaped, alighted and elevated rather the vision and mission of industrialist brought evolutionary changes across the globe considering the empirical evidences from customers.

The entrepreneurs’ survival though got a jolt but they took unimpeded action and made it possible that how proficiently and skilfully, progressively & aggressively they met out consumers demand equipping and impregnating the products according to customers desire & specification & how brilliantly the products went customized while showcasing for sell.

Again, ‘customization’ has confined or we have been engulfed in its memorization, we can’t close our eyes or shut our mouth, it has enveloped & grasped our requirements and interests, our needs have completely been overpowered & managed by ‘’customization’’ which has facilitated and made our life more easier.

So the secret of market successful not depends because of its competition in terms of prices or quality but depends that how smartly and fashionably the productions has been customized which is very close & more advantageous exacting to customer requirement.

Whether we are among families & friends or travelling somewhere the services we are extended or the goods we buy have been enriched with customization. The overwhelming attraction generated by customization characteristics, the customer care, closeness and realization that how he/ she has been treated or their preference have been responded, a trust is built in between producers and purchaser and that’s way the market moves on and business grows.

Even if we at home, in comfort, in educational institution, in marriage hall, in recreation center or in club, in shopping mall, in the car or driving the car, on the road or walking at footpath, in medical center or sitting before a doctor or medical specialist the services & goods we purchase are adorned & featured with customization traits that’s attracts customer willingness where the salesman highlights its merit and convince customers giving mountainous benefits for the products he wants to sell.

Indeed, our needs qualitatively and quantitatively are honored & decorated with ’customization’ which makes the life easy, conducive and congenial & for marketer charms & profitable who substantiates their products, enticing attracts and interests a lot. And tempts customers’ stimulation & persuades to buy the things. The multiple options associated with the products intended to entice people to buy.

Customer escalates his/ her demand & buy the things as soon as arrives at the equilibrium point and customer’s response enables the entrepreneur to customize their products with renewed characteristics, detailing goods and services with a bundle of benefits & making the products customer friendly and more charming.

Customization therefore a panacea for entrepreneur to produce, build & adjust the products as per customer‘s specification. You can’t run the market as you wish but you will have to see with customers’ eyes not yours.

Customer wishes & wants are translated signifying that customer consideration has been inducted. A general formula that nothing should be hidden but transparent and visible, the ingredients applied or used in production, the place where it prepared, production & expiry date, every information pertaining to products be manifested prominently, any ambiguous & wrong information will discard and reject the products completely and image developed for the brand will go off.

Does not matter how beautifully it has been wrapped or enveloped with glittering look or having grandiose name. Be honest whatever you do show case, the basic relationship that develops in between customer and producer is the trust and if this chemistry is compromised by any reason, the product will lose its worth & further marketing will lose.

It’s a human nature where customer first judges, weighs and evaluates in between effulgent & glaring or differentiate between beautiful & ugly. And if the things are glittering & sparkling, shiny & sleek, beautiful and lovely, pretty and attractive, magnificent and picturesque, stunning and breath taking, exquisite & elegant, then customers go for the best or what suits them so the suitability of customers reflects that required product has been customized and it will satisfy him/ her. So it’s a customer sovereignty who governs the market or upon whose wishes and preferences market works.

For marriage bride and groom are customized, they are adorned and costumed in specific dresses when marrying or at initial stage when the relationship going to be established, customization makes the relationship easy and conclusive. 

Again, if we are in bed room, we have remote control in our hand, we can put on and put off the split unit, we control the central air-condition temperature, we start the ceiling fan, we watch outnumbered programs being broadcast ed & telecast ed through radio & TV channels. LED with 3Ds equipped with Internet facility where the cluster of social media accessibility and web surfing facility are reachable through remote control & key boards there is no need use a computer or laptop as LED has been customized with Internet access.

Similarly the smart mobile phone has been inseminated with computer’s facility, it’s not a phone but a handy Laptop in your pocket with updated Microsoft office. All the gadget being sold in the market are the latest example of customization where you see the world at your finger tip. Through on line services we can remit money and receive as well. We can pay our utility bills through mobile phones & keep our near and dear closer for 365 days. We appear in exam through online test and get the result within no time.

Smart safety and security surveillance system are the best example of customization, through IP phone system we do centralize hundred premises and can witness the security status at one designated control room.   

On line banking system also deserves to highlight, we can open account in any bank, we can withdraw and deposit money & can pay the bill through account being maintained. Introduction of debit cards have made the life easier for an account holder who travels across the globe but done keep hard cash into the pocket but just on a swipe of a plastic card in ATM machine he/ she gets cash – does it not refer to customization?

We do upload word file data at external storage (OneDrive) which is accessible from any PCs. The Google has made our life easier whatever we need through multiple search engines we get millions of information within no time.

Through the induction of new technology i.e. mobile phones, IPad, IPod, Tabloid the PC & Laptop, whole functions have been consolidated & centralized in a mobile phone where we see the world like a dot and such customization really have squeezed the multiple entertainments at one device.

Currently we are talking about megabytes, gigabytes and very soon everyone will be having terabytes these terms are usually used in the world of computing to describe disk space, or data storage space, and system memory. For instance, just a few years ago we were describing hard drive space using the term Megabytes. Today, Gigabytes is the most common term being used to describe the size of a hard drive. In the not so distant future, Terabyte will be a common term.

Britannica encyclopedia coming in 32 volume now available on DVDs. Similarly encyclopedia on different subject those had a substantial weight and required to rack on a big book shelf now it comes in few CD/ DVDs. 

The activities pertain to a kitchen and cooking matters have been gathered & been functional through electronic devices where the cook or the house wife don’t bother to grind or crush any cooking material through their hand but just a push button the cooking raw material goes crushed within no time, pre-half cooked meals comes in cane even are sold into the market just open the cane and put on stove.

A live happy birth day of our kids we do witness if sitting in other continent through skype, employment interviews are conducted on skype a face to face or one on one interview are held without any error, photo shoot is communicated at the other end within no time these are because of advance technology and customization intensity.

The production departments in the industry are busy day and night to customize their products getting the industry more advanced & aggressive while meeting customers demand.
The services industry like banks, insurance companies, air lines, telecommunication, transportation, water and electricity, public and private sector, law enforcement agencies, marriage bureau, regulatory authority and other services directly connected to serve the people have been impregnated with customization where people feel easy and convenience while approaching.

The dresses and costumes what we wear either in marriage or in the event of sadness tailors do stitch accordingly, all ready made clothes in the market are prepared according to the taste, liking and specification of customers.

Whether we do renovation or refurbish our home or offices the material and equipment consumed on its adoration & uplifting are customized so that customers may attract and satisfy and as such customization has been unparalleled interference & are essential elements in our life.
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