Mar 4, 2015

Love Pakistan despite hurdles as this is our homeland and we have to protect it!

Love always with Pakistan & Be proud to be a Pakistani - due to frustration or dishonest & insincere political leadership the country should not be blamed – It’s the fault of traitorous leaders who are neither loyal to the country nor countrymen & that’s the reason 110 million people out of 200 million are living below poverty line – the national wealth has been concentrated in few hands who write the future of people and the country.

On the name of mega project the allocated amount & loan acquired from lending agencies at national and intentional level are stuffed in leader’s own pocket instead to do investment in the country honestly.

Resulting the debt burden goes multiply because of delay or heavy interest payment on loans basically have made the citizen with heavy indebtedness, the shaky balance of payment is very obvious.

The child just born in Pakistan becomes the indebted for 150k per head and as such every Pakistani is indebted with this heavy sum. The Govt. prefers to run the govt. on bailout package instead to do any meaningful change towards economic portfolio & think to do concrete measures to create opportunity of employment, any developmental program favorable to the countrymen or give the nation a welfare state where every Pakistani at least may get basic amenities of life and may live with peace and tranquility. The miserable condition of urban and rural area in four provinces are giving very groaning and gloomy picture.

Due to severe mismanagement & persistent inconsistency among institutions i.e. armed forces, parliament, judiciary & media have the topics of our discussions at international and national forum.

It is a general perception that the infrastructure, functioning and organization of a state are based on its four pillars. The armed forces, the parliament, the judiciary and the media.

We need consensus among these pillars which of course affect on the political economic and social standing of a country in a global scenario.

Despite all evils we love Pakistan and expect others to do respect, we should do a solemn affirmation to change the system so that every Pakistan may prosper and happy in this homeland. It is we who will eradicate all such irregularity being sustained by us. We will cast our vote honestly to bring a change and change which is only solution of the rising corruption.

The tribe and family cultural politics should no more be thrived and the leadership should come in the assembly from middle & lower classes instead to spiral into the hands of some handful criminals who has looted the country and are busy in undermining the state sovereignty. Yes our children also has been frustrated and instead to live in Pakistan they are leaving the country.

Professionals and experts are moving in other states such approach we will have to diminish so that experienced and scholars may live in the country to work in Pakistan and Pakistan only. 
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