May 20, 2015

''aXact'' a computer software company involved in forged degree scams - a big Cyber crime of the year?

A mass scam though this nasty and stinky business mushroomed since decade but this is the first time came to public that what ‘’aXact'' had been doing?

How more aXact had been reliable & trustworthy on the name of ‘’Professional Degrees & Diploma procurable in a short period’’ advising just to invest in US dollars and get the desired degrees from internationally acclaimed universities situated across the globe?

A chain of forged and fabricated web sites glittering here and there - asking to log in and get into the platform of ‘’On line Professional Degrees – a hassle free and on line education - no burden of classes & personal appearance but just an enrollment for the degrees and payment of tuition fees in US dollars for a given period - & getting every procedure accomplished on line? But the main accentuation is on line!

Securing On line degrees in various subjects – running ads on Google – if clicked you would never ever get any physical existence of any schools, colleges and universities but just a toll free number, email & contact numbers - where a complete drama had been conducted under one roof.

And it had been portrayed (convincingly) in a professionally attired environment giving language preference and accent of an individual who used to show that the authority was on line - establishing assurance between the caller and the attendee of the desired country – a fake interview calls so that every caller would believe the legitimacy of the degree from the desired country was correct, the report unveiled.

‘’aXact’’ a name of international repute in computer software industry has gone under heavy debate of unimaginable fraud after unearthing the story in print & electronic media, it spread like a jungle fire where every one came to know that who is the don of the day?

In 2006 Xact was prosecuted using name of some schools, colleges and university in US - issuing fake degrees  - when the news unearthed by one of the schools owners that some agency used its name and issued forged degrees whereas aXact was neither accredited, registered nor authorized to use school's name eventually then aXact owner was fined too by the court.   

Currently ‘’aXact’’ offices in Karachi – Islamabad & Rawalpindi have been sealed, relevant records, computer hardware and even staff present on duty have been taken under custody of  FIA, media reported.

aXact has been alleged involving in issuance of fake & fictitious diploma and degrees in volume of educational subjects – getting prey those who had interests to secure higher education from foreign universities for better future.

But ‘’aXact’’ the company in question looted such interested people with both hands and issued them a forged and fabricated, unauthentic & unregistered & illegal certificates and diploma which originally had no existence at all.

aXact bagged a lot against selling such fake degrees using the name of well renowned & top most universities identified as an icon in educational hierarchy. Using grandiose name of universities, showing enlistment of outnumbered top most lecturers, professors & dean in different faculties basically misguided & trapped the interested people as such radiant faces shown on the net were paid actors.

No physical address of any university, college and schools in given web link is seen except toll free number and contact person - looking ghost educational institutions - neither accredited nor registered with any top universities whose name used or degree of such university issued, clarified in the report published.

As we know that aXact is known as a sister concern of Bol TV Channel which is still to go on air - The aXact group offers big salaries and perks to Bol employees with a well furnished office.

aXact group has hired senior journalists and giving them heavy salaries even before the launch of ‘Bol’. The recruited employees of Bol are drawing their salaries whereas there is no commercial even being run as we understand commercial ads becomes the source of revenue for TV channels but in Bol case it is still on the paper.

So people has right to ask what is the source of income for Bol - how it is financing or meeting its growing day to day business - how Bol is crediting hefty salaries to its hired employees who are sitting in office though not sitting at home but the disbursement started as soon as the employment contract signed off? 

American Newspaper also claimed that the videos provided on the aXact website of Professors are also fake, they are all actually actors & even there is no physical university registered in such name.

Axact actually is running a printing press - a well organized ultra modern technology oriented printing press where degrees and diploma are printed in a more advanced and sophisticated way maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Its a big scamming company earns up to $ 10 million in a single month - the former Officer of aXact told the New York times that the telephone sales agent also knows that they are providing fake degrees and services. It is cleared that the revenue earned by giving fake degrees is spent on BOL TV network where employees heavy salaries with perks and benefits such as employees insurance, medial facility for self & parents in top most hospitals in Karachi are provided - company maintained car and even to the top ranking officials with latest model of cars 7* treatment really.
For the time being we felt that we are living in a well developed country within 3rd world - when I saw scale of latest model of cars and four wheels in parking slots of Bol premises - a complete new outlook of Pakistan where the participants had been given a red carpet reception with outnumbered entertainment outlets., said an invitee who attended Bol award giving ceremony held in Karachi. 

Though the Bol still has not been aired due to some administrative glitches with PEMRA, however it alarms those who still seems interested to join Bol of course will get a jerk and think whether to move or not?.

aXact has its offices in UAE too where the money is transferred from all over the world, predator takes it course when prey falls in its trap against on line degrees and diploma this practice is continuing since long, revealed in the report.

Though FIA has raided ‘’aXact’’ offices in Pakistan and internationally investigation also has been initiated to check the fraud rendered by ''aXact''.

But from Pakistan perspective we don’t see any viable and productive inquiry if aXact is found involved in such a heinous crime. It’s basically opening of more pockets in the govt. functionaries to grease their palm instead to do any legal stern action, said a college professor sharing with media.

It can be seen the practice being followed in Bol, a trail of discussion in social media where a normal TV anchor gets position of Executive Vice President while he/ she was simply a TV anchor or senior TV anchor. A cameraman get appointed as Senior Cameraman against hefty salaries and perks - such practices negates the market salary slab or the claim of equal opportunity employer, resulting creating frustration & depravity among others working in electronic media. 

BOL chief however avoided to accept such serious allegation for the fraud done by ''aXact'' software producing company and said it’s just a sinister design of our competitors and we are going to live on 1st day of Ramadan.
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