May 30, 2015

Karachi and its people has completely been pushed aside, ignored & disregarded -an open letter to CM Sindh from Karachiites

Chief Minister of Sind is also CM of Karachi but neither has he owned the people nor its problems whereas he too lives in Karachi.

He does not intend to uplift & ameliorate, correct & amend the worsening condition of Karachi - The capital city of Sindh running its Provincial assembly in Karachi with coalition partners are equally responsible for its ruin.

Why don’t they raise voice and pass the bill in support of Karachi where PPP sitting in treasury benches & MQM at Opposition along with other political parties chairing in the assembly.

As we know that Karachi has embraced every nationals & not only has accommodated every shades of languages being spoken across the country but has valid representation in the assembly also.

They are stake holders for Karachi matters so why such negligence, abstraction, detraction & disparagement?

Pakistan People Party (PPP) & Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) - strong die hard in Sind politics have been ruling the city since decades but no sizable changes except when MQM had a land slide victory in local bodies’ election held in 1987 and between 1988 and 1997 the MQM alternatively became a coalition partner of the PPP and the PML (N) twice.

In 2001 - Musharraf era, promulgated a new local bodies’ law that provided for establishment of the ‘’City District Government of Karachi’’ (CDGK) with a Nazim as its head - Mr Naimatulllah Khan Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) & Mustafa Kemal of MQM.

The two successive Nazims rendered a wonderful job for the welfare of people living in Karachi and accomplished many developmental projects giving the city a dynamic look – maintaining its identity ‘’city of lights’’ intact – strengthened the public services departments functional and accessible without any barriers and lousy practices.

A remarkable road infrastructure, flyovers, underpass, overpass, subway,  sprawling roads network connecting with down town and posh area and with industrial sites situated in four zones of Karachi.

Footpath & parks (women +children), water supply and sanitary lines, regular garbage collections and dumping, street light illumination, transport and bus stops were the services of CDGK provided to Karachiites.

A recognizable reforms & revamping in public services industries had been carried out – major renovation and refurbishment works were prominent under the good governance of CDGK.

But now Karachi a mega city of 30 million has no father - looks an orphan city. No one seems ready to care & treat the inhabitant facing with myriad problems.

PPP intoxicated with power show off, their flamboyant attitude, magnificent living style and arrogant behavior as if Karachi is their fiefdom, said a group of people furiously agitating for water.

Rampant corruption unearthed by Director General Audit Sind

Currently the Sind govt. is seen involved in unbridled corruption in ‘’public services departments’’, power abusing, political appointment, unabated nepotism and favoritism, money laundering & capital flight from Karachi to UAE and in other states have been the practice of PPP, uttered the audience in a program conducted by private TV channel I’m Karachi.

As per audit report published in national press – the report submitted to Governor of Sind for the financial year 2014-15 from Director General Audit Sind – stating massive corruption carried out in 34 public services departments.

The Auditor General of Pakistan has found financial irregularities, misappropriation of government funds and corruption of Rs1 trillion - Rs29 billion and Rs74.3 million in the audit of financial year 2014-15 in 34 Departments of Sindh government.

The Sindh government also failed to recover Rs29 billion & Rs296.8 million embezzled by the officials of different departments of Sindh government pointed by Audit Department in its report.

Among total funds released - amounting Rs5 trillion - Rs59 billion - Rs33.2 million for the Sindh government were audited and irregularities of Rs1 trillion Rs29 billion and Rs74.3 million were found.

Nearly 20% of the total funds allocated to public services departments
aiming to serve people of Karachi & Rural area of Sind - but instead to invest & spend for people welfare - betterment and advancement providing them the mandatory basic amenities of life but Sind govt. embezzled it & left the people to suffer.

The envisaged budget could not utilize honestly but misappropriated a good chunk of money avoiding addressing the woeful plight of people living in Karachi and rural area of Sind.

A big question mark for remorseless behavior of CM Sind not delivering the required service to Karachites except busy plundering & looting national wealth?, said by group of students debating over the restless condition of Karachiites organised by private TV Channel 

Not investing even a single fills on people services - getting them clean drinking water a talk of the town - buying new motors to restore suspended water supply of W&SB - not installing electricity generating units to reduce the power shortfall - not imparting education – not caring health – not spending towards repair of uneven road/ streets – not erecting street lights.

A complete denial of Sind govt. to address multiple problem such as uplifting the debilitated condition of govt. primary and secondary school in urban and rural area - needs furniture, lavatories, drinking water, evacuating school from the clutches of influential lords who has encroached school and children are sitting outside the school – school premises has been rented & children diverted to another school sitting like a chicken in poultry farm, refers urban school in Karachi .

Scenario of govt. hospitals no medicine – not installing X ray & Ultra sound machines – no incubator & ventilators to oxygenate the patients, no proper toilet and drinking water in hospitals – broken and un-repaired patients bed - abrupt condition of toilets - medical wards.

The report says that the Sindh government was directed to recover Rs29 billion - Rs296.8 million of the embezzled money but only Rs46.5 million were recovered.

According to audited report financial irregularities and misappropriation of funds to the tune of
a)   Rs3 billion & Rs858.1 million were found in Sindh Education Department
b)   Rs3 billion & Rs848 million in Sindh Board of Revenue
c)   Rs3 billion  & Rs466.4 million in Sindh Live Stock and Fisheries Department
d)   Rs189.6 million in Finance department
e)   Rs5 billion & Rs896 million in Sindh Services & General Administration Department
f)    Rs1 billion & Rs758 million in Energy department
g)   Rs710 million in Health Department
h)   Rs437 million in Sindh Works & Services Department and other Department of Sindh Government.

A very pathetic & critical situation where Karachiites are not getting basic facility.
People goes here and there – protest – agitates – do rallies and takes out procession – media also highlights the irregularities & inability of the Institutions connected to Water Supply – general condition of Roads and Transports & Lengthened Power Breakdown (scheduled + unscheduled) but no avail.

Karachiites undergoing with political, governmental, economic & social syndromes - needs an immediate attention to address it & fix it.

When the attention was brought out by the Core Commander Karachi in the APC held at Governor House (Karachi) - he chronologically height lighted the poor performance of the govt. where people has been deprived off the basic needs of life.

The resources either have been scarce or confined with ignorance or not exploited fully attaining optimum result.

A very disgusting and diabolical situation of ‘’public services industries’’ specifically meant to serve people - govt. supported institutions as stated above are in distressing and lamentable - really nauseating, said a senior citizen who has been roaming Civic center Karachi to correct his property tax paper.  

Core Commander further emphasized - giving reference of rising criminality in Karachi to revisit, rewrite the policies and procedure, revitalize & restructure the ‘’Public Services Industries’’ and ''state governing bodies'' - by doing proper insemination to make the departments functional & advisable.

The govt. must move aggressively with the only motive to own the people and own their needs on war like strategy & struggles - a compulsory needs of life cannot be kept aside or connive, he reiterated.

Currently no Government at all in Karachi - CM & MPAs are not listening & normal life has been woeful and wretched - people are dying in such sizzling heat where the mercury scaling its heat in between 44 to 50 degrees Celsius and there is no drop of water since 6 months.

Even to bath dead body to prepare for funeral there were no water in the area and the body had been taken to adjoining area in other sector to formalize the funeral.

Govt. attitude at this point of time really outrageous and shocking – seems insincere and immature who is avoiding to handle.

Water crisis
Performance of water and sewerage board (W&SB) is icky and shitty, they are giving lame excuses that pumping stations are closed due to breakdown of water motors & are under repair at Hasan Abdal etc.

What a ridiculous there should have been backup if it happened? It’s an obvious negligence and carelessness?

Failure to meet any disaster or the authority must know Business Continuity Plan (BCP) if operation of any equipment goes off by any reason – it signifies unprofessional ism.

Normal public nothing to do with water motor breakdown - W&SB should have been prudent to meet such circumstances dealing the crisis proactively.

Doing press conference and blaming the equipment – inefficiency of management, local govt. - sitting Chief Minister and relevant MPA no one apparently seems ready to expedite & resolve water crisis.

People are screaming – running with an empty cane to fetch water – paddling bicycle, standing in long queue wherever they hear any source of water.

Media seems busy highlighting – doing interviews with the residents in affected area - covering the woeful plight of people but govt. as a silent spectator showing its meanness’, said an angry man who though arranged boring in Orangi town contributed 60k could not get drinkable water but salty.

However in most of the locality - Karachiites went for boring & attained water containing salt are drinking - resulting they have been infected with Hepatitis A, B & C.
Someone reported doctors told them to have black fever - mostly are suffering in Gastro-intestinal diseases & skin diseases, media covered the story interviewing in New Karachi & Orangi Town - Salty water is unhygienic and harmful for health, doctor advised.

Water supply disconnection is not the issue of any specific area but the whole Karachi has been overwhelmed with the poor performance of govt. officials.  

Tanker mafia selling water at exorbitant prices which a normal man unable to afford.

People cannot sleep in night – they cannot go for work unless bring a cane of water for his family – children cannot go school because there is no water to get them readied for school - the man going for office without breakfast - house wife not able to cook food for his children and spouse .

Sustaining water crisis is really a nightmare for Karachiites.

The worst example of status quo we have in Karachi - Govt. institutions and allied agencies in public sector who had been designated or bound to serve people (living in Karachi) have been exhausted & dysfunctional in totality.

WS&B says, there is outstanding bill against us - accrual to K Electric failing which the connection at pumping stations will be disconnected.

Is this problem pertains to a common man? People needs water do it whatever you do! Said majority of audience attending a public forum organized for “water crisis in Karachi’’?

Motor installed at pumping stations have been old and one or two motors always remains out of order, said Chief W&SB - Certainly unjustified - leading to the incompetency, ineptness and amateurishness.

Two motors we have sent for repair to Hasan Abdal – its supplier is KSB water Pump Company having its workshop there - so temporary water supply has been suspended - as soon as we get our pumps back - water supply will be restored - how incompetent he is, said house wife having a bucket in her hand.

The water pipes those had been installed decades before - now due to wear and tear has lost its strength - from most of the places either it has been leaked or broken that’s the reason water is wasting.

Does the reasons assign by Chief of W&SB substantiates the ability & legitimacy of the department & caliber of its Chief to stay further in the department?

Why W&SB does not have proper monitoring system & technology oriented devices to check the piping infrastructure – a complete water-pipe-network across Karachi (sprawling in the city) can be witnessed if there is any leakage or breakage.

A well designed piping network monitoring system certainly will be facilitating the department to notice any untoward related either technological breakdown or any vandalism associated with water supply disconnection.

Not only water supply but people have been enveloped with multi-faceted barriers in Karachi.

Electricity/ power supply
Also another failure on govt. part - in most of the area the outage carries from 8 to 10 hours on daily basis though it says 6 hours scheduled.

But unscheduled carries with it giving plea that ‘’Feeder in your area has been tripped off - the high power tension wire has broken & our operational staff is working - maintenance work is continuing - suspending supply 12 to 15 hours not daily but in a week - so average breakdown tunes to more than 10 hours every day.  

ü  Daily sweeping & cleaning Roads & Streets
ü  Garbage collection & dumping
ü  Repairing & maintenance of Roads & Streets
ü  Trenches
ü  Footpaths
ü  Laying sanitary pipe lines
ü  Laying water supply lines
ü  Street lights to be kept alight

Keeping the city clean and maintain its greenery are the initial and compulsory responsibility of Karachi Municipal/ Metropolitan corporation (KMC).
But KMC are not performing its duties honestly, sincerely and no one in place to inquire and fix their responsibility.

This is because of ‘’no accountability’’ or No check and balance - If the employees are not discharging their assigned duties - terminate them and appoint who loves to work – take drastic action - no favoritism and nepotism at all – do operation clean-up in the department, said the annoyed people who were showing a heap of garbage & overflowing gutter water in the streets.

Because of not cleaning and collecting the garbage for dumping - the outlook of the city has converted into a slum area – the city has been wrapped with waste material.

Garbage collection and taken away is one of society's most needed activities. Garbage collectors duties to be distributed in shifts from early morning to late night shifts.

Garbage collection can be from the residents’ area, from companies, from industrial sites, from specific places such as hospitals, schools and veterinary clinics, malls and markets situated in a locality.

Waste management isn't just about throwing things away anymore - recycling and reuse needs to be determined and planned in practicality to produce by-product which of course a good business if runs smartly.

KMC employees disclosed with media that most of the Garbage Collection Truck - Dumper Trucks are out of order and the authority in KMC are not paying heed for its repair.

Resulting the truck which had a little repairing work now has lost its potentiality & durability - getting it rusted due to keeping it parked in open air, no proper parking slots for municipality trucks, media reported.

Why don’t we buy & utilize the allocated Municipal budget sincerely, purchasing High Compressed Density Garbage Collection Equipment – Road Sweeping vehicle – Trash recycle waste compactor & Suction truck’’ to serve the cleaning matters & releasing chocked sanitary line as well.

Had the Karachi not been as bad as portraying a slum area if we would have used the garbage collection equipment instead to park the vehicle in open sky with no responsibility on department part?

The KMC can update its cleaning department efficient and effective if purchases ‘’Floor sweeper – Dust collector – Rubbish Balling machine – Garbage compression equipment – Garbage compactor truck – Vacuuming Road sweeper.

If the CM is serious he not only can amend the people but accelerate and revive the departmental performance adding new machines, equipping KMC ‘’repairing and maintenance department’’ with desired tool and appliances to keep in-house repairing center active, we can save KMC assets as well.

If Karachi generating revenue and doing its banking transaction on daily basis from Rs.12-15 billion then why don’t we keep the city neat and clean & make it more progressive and prosper. 

A commercial hub Karachi needs its due share to feed it so that its beauty we can maintain.

Fire Tenders position
Firefighting implements, materials, personnel, their ability & strength are seen when the firefighter fights with the fire - how efficiently they prompt in reducing and subsiding the fire blaze even it is 3rd degree fire.

Fire tenders are in short quantity - most of them are out of order & could not repair due to inadequate arrangement in the workshop and shortage of funds to meet repairing expenses – resulting fire tenders got rusted and lost.

Fire Brigade department taking its last breath - the physical condition of Fire Tenders - location of Fire offices – availability of water browsers & water filling stations.

Fire stations based in single room establishment with no water connection and a garage that house one fire tender - condition of snorkel etc. are in horrible states which seems unable to meet any firefighting calls.

A city of 30 million inhabitants are at the mercy of an ill-resourced Firefighting system.

The fire department consumed millions of rupees of taxpayers’ money each year but failed to serve the citizens yet.

Generally 5000 cases are registered for big and small fires - the fire brigade department is a big example of negligence & bureaucratic apathy, illegal political appointments, corruption, out-of-order vehicles and unsuitable workplaces have made the most important service department a disaster

If the Fire department itself is in disaster how you can respond to a disaster?

The fire brigade does not have a snorkel & water browsers to handle an emergency situation, said a retired senior director of municipal services.

1.   01 Snorkels out of 03 are out of order
2.   Water browsers, large tankers that can hold up to 3,000 gallons of water - there is no one to drive them as the contracts have been expired and because of not renewing the contract the browsers have been rusting away in a corner.
3.   Of the 22 registered fire stations 13 do not even fit to the definition of a fire station
4.   Some are one-room offices with a parking area for the fire tender - others are operated out of make-shift containers.
5.   45 out of 75 fire tenders are functional

In the past evidences are there where Firefighting department could not show its eligibility to subside the fire resulting we lost lot of human lives, refers the incident of Baldia town where 259 people roasted in the furnace, Timber market & Abbas Town Karachi etc.

There is a general complaints among firefighting personnel that their own security are at risk – the department does not give them fire protective equipment or tools to save their own life as number of firefighters lost their lives while performing their duties.

So the department should buy Fire Hoses – Helmets – Boots – Extrication devices or tools – Ladders/ Ropes for their personnel.

Fire department needs in-house training arrangement to educate their staff with an updated mechanism and techniques to fight with fire and save the citizen too.

Therefore instead to do corruption of more than trillion of amounts – CM Sind should arrange to purchase equipment meant for two departments

1.   Garbage collection & dumping equipment – road cleaning/ sweeping Suction truck to release chocked gutter line
2.  Firefighting equipment i.e. Fire Tender – Snorkel – water Browsers & Equipment for Fire department personnel - Buy more Fire Tenders, Snorkels - Latest equipment of firefighting - mechanical foam - Jumping kit – oxygen Mask & fire protective parachute save human lives.

Do investment in both public service department those are dysfunctional, rattling and shocking.

Undoubtedly it will be great & unparalleled support for people of Karachi to revive these services industries to serve people.
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