May 14, 2015

Gunmen firing on community bus killed 45 & wounded 13 - a massacre in Safora Goth Karachi on Wednesday morning 13th May

Politically & socially inept Chief Minister (CM) Sind Qayem Ali Shah has no strength & strategic role using his ability & skills to curb over the rampant lawlessness in Karachi, a common perception about CM, being debated in media.

CM has completely been failed to control the unabated crimes looming in the mega city Karachi.
A city of 30 million people seems orphan with no legitimate guardian - no rule of law in place everything can be seen in Topsy-Turvies.

The police who has been boasting to curb the crime but its face has been unearthed that how meaningfully it acted on the eruption of Safora Goth massacre – and why not it was proactively sensed and foiled the attack of terrorist on a community bus that killed 45 and 13 wounded.

Karachiites are living on the mercy of criminals & terrorist otherwise Sindh Govt. has lost its statutory role - a symbol of acute mismanagement where even not a single ‘’public services industry’’ seems functional or delivering services for the benefit of people.

Whether it is Water – Sui gas supply – Electricity - Sewerage system – Uneven and broken Roads – Transports – Street lights – Land grabbers - Illegal water hydrant Dysfunctional Water and Sewerage board – Disrupted Telecommunication - Ruined Govt. Hospitals – Debilitated Govt. Schools – Unplanned Traffic signals – Poor cleaning & garbage collection services portraying city a slum area – Poor Fire brigade vehicles and broken snorkel are deficient to meet fire break out etc.

A capital city is in deplorable condition and CM pathetic behavior, says we have controlled target killing, kidnapping and ransom but he did not mention that upon whose negligence & poor intelligence the terrorist got a free hand and did massacre in Safora Goth - to whom the nation should fix responsible? Asked the sobbing mother who lost his son in this carnage.    

A complete failed govt. unable to protect & secure the lives of Karachiites - the furious & outraged people gathered in Memon Hospital Karachi, asking govt. & law enforcement agencies who claims that we have controlled the terrorism in Karachi & 70-80 percent crimes have been brought down?

CM & D.G Rangers had undertaken and assured to bring peace in Karachi, said mourners gathered at Agha Khan Medical College to receive postmortem bodies of their kith and kin killed by gunmen in Safora Goth.

An eye-witnesses said, there were 6 terrorists in 3 motor bikes attacked a community bus – on the bus were the Ismaeli passengers boarded from Al Azhar Garden (a living compound near Safora goth) for onward routine journey to Ayesha Manzil.

Among them were teachers, small business men and working women who uses the bus for their daily transport from their residential compound to Ayesha Manzil, said a survivor.

There were 60-70 Ismaeli (a specific community) passengers on board - as soon as the bus touched the main road someone keep running from an isolated building appeared and asked the bus driver to stop.

As soon as the bus stopped the six terrorists encircled the bus – some terrorist went inside the bus and some stayed outside – the terrorist kept bullet showered on the passenger for 10-15 minutes but we did not hear even a single sound certainly it had a silencer gun, the eye witnessed shared with media.

The terrorist brutally and ferociously attacked on innocent passengers who generally known a very peaceful community - never ever involves in others matter and lives calmly - most of the dead bodies as per postmortem reports had bullet holes in the faces, chest & abdomen, the terrorist fired from front of the passengers, the report said.

There are a lot of questions among the Karachiites that why Karachi bleeds always? And govt. seems helpless to do any concrete action against terrorist?

Except political statement & traditional condolence messages to the deceased family, announcing by CM a token of compensation i.e. to injured 2 lakh and the deceased 5 lakh but what happens next?

SHO suspension- I G or DIG transfers ………….Are these action seems viable and guarantees to bring the peace in Karachi and will it be a real-deterrent & shield to stop the barbarism of terrorist who are wandering with latest ammunition in hand and challenging the govt. writ?

Despite having Police & Rangers posts on the same road & around the place of incident - on every 400-500 steps there are Rangers Posts & Police Chowkis so why such brutal killing went unnoticed by law enforcement agencies? 

And unlucky passenger bus met with such attack – there were no law enforcement personnel available in those Posts/ Chowkis when the incident took place, asked by political observer.

According to the survivor the terrorist were in security uniform or in police camouflage who entered in the bus and asked us to head down, the man sitting at the back seat ordered to fire, said a woman who survived.

Also a witness seen reporting in media that driver was also killed and close to the driver either a helper or someone who saved himself from terrorist bullet - and he was the man who drove the bus and took this unfortunate bus to Memon Hospital when the news broke out in media.

Law enforcement agency however has taken someone in custody from that isolated house close to the incident – the following discussion also came in media that;

Security guards employed in Al Azhar compound also to be taken under custody to get any clue – that how terrorist knew the time of bus leaving from the compound & number of passenger generally travels?

And how terrorist immediately appeared when the bus arrived at the main road? It means someone was watching minutely the bus movement and it’s leaving time?

The road general condition is very poor, not smooth, and uneven having big potholes and bumpers so how six terrorist emerged within no time - it means they were waiting in ambush and as soon as the bus arrived they attacked?

The area looks a desert where land grabbers seems active, there are scale of empty houses under construction where the terrorist might have stayed before the crime.

An immediate bulldozer required to demolish such illegal occupancy who have encroached the lands and a constant threat to the residents – the land mafia to be eliminated to keep the area neat and clean avoiding any repetition – the same road goes ahead to Suhrab Goth the den of TTP where intermittent operation goes continue.

Was there any intelligence report for this crime if so what action had been taken by the concerned authority?

Transfer of I G or DIG Sindh or suspension of SHOs in the areas, are not the solution - assassination of 02 DSPs in a week and police killing says that terrorist have been active again in Karachi.

In one of the question that how we can get peace in Karachi – most were of the view that Police needs to be depoliticized – and the services of police being availed by CM/ MPAs at their residence & in their offices should immediately be withdrawn and to be deployed for the safety and security of the people not for the security of the govt. servants as CM demonstrated today who came to Memon Hospital and went Agha Khan Hospital too in a convoy escorting him scale of 46 police vans/ mobiles.If he reduces his protocol and heavy contingent of police for his own security how he can provide the security to Karachiites.

Similarly when Premier and Ex-President returned from Islamabad to attend meeting held in Governor House Karachi to cogitate on current tragic events took place in Safora Goth. A very heavy police convoy extended to both of them for their in and out security. 

If we withdraw such a beam of police mobiles and police personnel from the self-security of CM/ MPAs/ MNAs & other legislators and divert these security personnel to protect the people of Karachi then at least we can control somehow reducing the terrorism from Karachi as well as from the country as a whole if the legislators take it serious
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