May 1, 2015

Pakistan People Party (PPP) losing its political strength not only in Sindh but Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan too.

The political scenario of PPP has been eclipsed & losing its weight not only in Sind but in Punjab & other province of Pakistan rapidly. Couple of months back when PPP wanted to select some representative in Punjab to lead the party & its affairs in the province but it could not get any worker or interested person to support and work for PPP, media reported.

Does it not lead a negative approach against the party or the politics that PPP has been rendering in the country – was it that level of services performed by PPP during its tenure (2008-2013) in favor of people or against the people - A big question mark that’s being exhibited now?

The result announced in Cantonment Board Election (CBE) held on 25th April 2015 at country level traumatized PPP hard liners and those had trusts in Party leadership got a sever jerk while going through the result announced for CBE - where PPP not only lost its base in Sindh but in Punjab and other province of the country could not attain any recognized number of votes and had to surrender its security-deposit due to obtaining below average.

Of course such a horrible result of CBE made every workers of PPP upset & the old party stalwarts too who took such a shocking news with amaze and astonishment that why PPP has lost its image and impression and diminishing its vote bank.

And what are the reasons for PPP gradual declining – why the party who has been an icon of trustworthy among its lovers, voters and workers has lost its name and people avoids to listen - why PPP who arrived at zenith in 2008 and got a sweeping victory in General election conducted in Musharraf era.

PPP ruled the country for five years but its performance and the services rendered has been controversial who embezzled and bagged a lot of money from current account of the country – net economic losses under the shade of micro and macro business activity in the country.

Why PPP did not render any welfare works for the people betterment and advancement? Kept most of the major economic & socials issues unattended such as sustainable power shortfall, worsening law & order, extortion, ransom & target killing that taken over by PML-N who assumed office in 2013 & that’s why PML-N says it received a major portion of mismanagement inherited from PPP. 

Where is the identity of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir Bhuttoo – what has happened the vote bank of PPP - Not only Karachi but in interior Sindh as well - the party has lost its identity and almost supporter and workers in interior Sindh - people abusing PPP who wanted to get rid as even not a single work carried out in interior or remote area of Sindh, said political analyst.

Now the PPP or its leadership has been limited running its party business between two outcasts the first is Ex-president Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) & next is Feryal Talpur, sister of AAZ who has dominated the party affairs and even the main stream of PPP old stalwarts have been kept aside.

It reflects the recent public gathering held in Layari Karachi where AAZ addressed the meeting and it surprised that on stage no senior party activist seen, media reported.  

Some assigns the declining graph of PPP with its ‘’performance and delivery'' when PPP was in power & ruled the country from 2008 -2013. 

A general complaints that PPP did not do any work for its own people living in interior Sindh the rural area where it had major chunk of votes but remained involved in unbridled corruption, commission and kickbacks, transferring national money to the personal account of AAZ in overseas banks, land encroachment and property buying in UK, UAE, Africa & Australia, Pakistan & other states of the world where AAZ bought outnumbered properties & multiple sugar industries in the country, said Ex home minster Zulfiqar Mirza in TV talk shows who is coughing a lot currently..

AAZ remained involved in serious nepotism and favoritism that’s lost the industries in Pakistan. The illegal appointment against ghost school and salary disbursement to ghost teachers - a very keen land grabber he has been during his tenure, said a political die hard who was rattling giving interview in media blamed AAZ is the only reason of PPP declining.

PPP remained busy in extortion, ransom and killing, serious mismanagement in govt. institution and tussles among public sector executive offices that caused to defame PPP or impacted to reduce its name.

There is persistent gap among mainstream of PPP - most of the senior party activist have been kept away from party policies and future planning – regular absence in meeting or not connecting with party die-hard for strategic moves to run the party for further election and selection of new candidates across the constituencies are the reasons where PPP has been engulfed resulting splitting - a serious inconsistency among a real PPP activist and outcast that precipitating to collapse.

Some says people does not see our face but ‘’Party working – performance and delivery’’ if you don’t visit the constituencies and just appears on some events - it does not mean people likes you but will go against you and in next tenure of election possibly to discard you.

They discard you too if your sick attitude & your distraction widens - MNAs/ MPAs don’t do even a single visits in their area so how the relationship between voter and leader may thrive & grow at grass root level, if the gap is widened then it creates hatred among people and they shift their trust upon others and that’s the reason that in Cantonment Board Election the Independent candidates ranked second after PML-N got 55 seats while PML-N 68 seats - Independent candidates remain at second level in Cantonment Board Election instead PPP or any other party in the country..

Some refers the wrong attitude also demonstrated in the past when some group of people came at Bilawal House Karachi to see Bilawal - And some agitation also had been carried out from teachers who had not been disbursed their salary from year all such agitators had been baton-charged who wanted to do hunger strike close to Bilawal House to listen their grievances but police dispersed them with heavy hand. All were party supporters and had been appointed in rural Sindh.

The down fall of PPP also attributes with the growing gala nights of AAZ where the party activist has been kept away of Bilawal house and the rising corruption of AAZ too instead to think about party and its strategic policy for future survival.

Sitting with Premier Nawaz Sharif in different convention held in Karachi or in Islamabad do-not say that PPP is doing well or PPP will take over the coming general election in 2018.

There is also a persistent tussle between Father and Son i.e. AAZ & Son Bilawal who is in London, according to AAZ, BIlawal and Asifa (AAZ daughter) are learning politics, they are grown up and when they mature – I, Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) will hand over the Party Leadership to them, he clarified in his recent meeting held in Layari Karachi.

Such age gap and for AAZ as outcast in PPP getting the potential reason and not considering the party as a substantial aggressive group as it has been in Pakistan politics decade long.

The result of CBE is vivid where PPP could not attain good votes across the country so how we can say that PPP will be holding or will take over the country in next General Election held in 2018 if the strength of PPP reducing rapidly.

PML-N            68 seats
MQM              19 seats
PTI                   42 Seats
JI                      06 seats
ANP                 02 seats
PPP                  07 seats
Independent      55 seats

In Karachi MQM got distinguished landslide victory in CBE attained 19 wards i.e. 19 seats in Karachi while PPP at country level secured only 07 seats. A severe blow to PPP who could not qualify even local body election.
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