Sep 12, 2015

Build KALABAGH DAM and save people of Pakistan!

KALABAGH DAM ............has been a matter of life and death and this is the only politicians sitting in Sind, Punjab, and Baluchistan & KPK have made it their personal issue instead to think for the people and in the interest of the country.

D G angers, Anti-corruptions, FIA & NAB should also intervene this area to unmask and unearth the reality that who has been stopping ‘’KALABAGH Dam’’ construction since decades- all criminals should be public.

The narrow and conservative politicians did not see and never ever thoughts this project for people welfare but just politicized the dam construction.

Opposed always and portrayed a negative picture if the dam is built the Sindh & Baluchistan (the red cap political party) will severely be impacted and for God forbid people will die due to drought & famine which is wrong absolutely.

Dam construction always brings progress and prosperity into the province and generates employment - becomes the source to reserve the flood water which engulfs the people in its ruthless wings across the provinces where every year we witness hundreds of human lives loses, cattle and material losses are in millions.

There are lot of benefits of dam building - during drought (in any case) the dam water is utilized - a major portion of water are used for irrigation & agriculture products - the dam generates electricity equipping the dam with desired machineries for power procurement - a 
curse of power shortfall the nation is witnessing can be a good source electricity .

The less educated people living in rural area in above provinces have been trapped into the hand of cunning & shrewd politicians who first painted wrong stories about dam construction, misguided, fed demerit & disadvantages if dam is built in the mind of impeccable people for the losses the provinces will face and when the people came across to oppose the dam construction – the same politicians avoided to go against people just for not losing their vote bank and kept silent after igniting or inciting the people.

Such dirty politics really costing to the nation – there are technical repots abundant at the net whoever wants to see the details about KALABAGH DAM CONSTUCITON can be read out.

The dam building will be good decision for the country to save billion of losses of ever year not only materials but human lives and people homelessness.

We get approx 300 000 people go homeless, millions acre of land are damaged & inundated with flood water, hundreds human lives are died, hundred thousand cattle herds are submerged, millions of cultivated crops are destroyed.

The CM of four provinces do break the bank of the river to divert and distribute flood water from one town to another - from one village to another - from one district to another – Are these temporary arrangement a solution or do you mind for a permanent solution once for all?

Monsoon season starts followed with torrential rains with thunder & storms that multiples the agony of people living in rural area or close to the low level of town and villages where the pressure of water drags everything around and gives a major loss to the province.

Why advantages and merit of KALABAGH DAM construction are not shared with the people?

Why politicians always work on negativity instead to think for people welfare for people development, betterment and advancement people mind have been brain washed by the greedy politicians whose aim is to fool the people and loot the country?

The time has come to take severe and drastic action against corrupts who has destroyed the country and made its economy more maimed and feeble - On daily basis in the country Rs.10-12 billion are embezzled and capital flight from the country is continuing – the greedy politicians keeping chain of personal properties and assets in Middle East, Africa, America and European states – keeping dual nationality and getting their business empire mushroomed in overseas..

The nation needs ACCOUNTABILITY BAUREAU with the presence of law enforcement agencies so that nation may get rid of ‘’corrupts’’ & may have a sigh of relief – 110 million of people are living below poverty line – the per capita income is $.2/= How a poor man can live in such a short income where you cannot buy one time food for your and family resulting suicide, strangulating & slaughtering are before us and we read in print media every day.

Put a reign before a reign of terror? 

Sep 10, 2015

Nandipur Power Project meant to generate electricity for the country to produce 425 mega watts a dream that could not materialize but scandalized with mega corruption by both PPP & PML-N govt.

Rs 81 Billion of Fraud of PML-N govt. ‘’accountability is compulsory’’ where PML-N still seems busy in making mechanism that how to loot more money from NANDIPUR POWER PROJECT.

DG Rangers - FIA - Anti-corruption & NAB should come forward to conduct immediate investigation to Prosecute & Execute the corrupts who gave a net loss to the country. Produced nothing but acquired loan & added more loads in national indebtedness.

Despite investing Rs. 81 billion the NANDIPUR POWER PLANT could not produce even a single mega watt but went idle & dysfunctional & PML-N govt. still plans to invest more money to this dumped project certainly further loss to the nation.

Not only PML-N but PPP also to be interrogated for the initial investment Rs. 22 billion that why it could not live & what were the barriers for completing the project timely. PPP who remained in power from 2008-13 (five years) but could not live the project.

The nation looking NAB & DG Rangers to let the people know the chemistry of Rs.22 billion consumed during PPP govt against NANDIPUR PROJECT with no result.

PML-N now in its 3rd year tenure took over the project in 2013 and on different reasons they inflated it to Rs. 81 billion even though it could not bring the plant live.

The impression was given to the nation that NANDIPUR will get the country 425 mega watts electricity to transfer national grid station and at least would be bridging the gap of 3500 mega watts.

But it was just a lollypop to the people and nothing more –still there are power crisis across the provinces. Power recession is continued from 10-12 hours on daily basis justifying daily routine power breakdown 6-8 hours in addition to the maintenance and feeder tripping occurring on every alternate day.

The imbroglio however needs a full-fledged enquiry that what happened to NANDIPUR POWER PROJECT – despite PML-N premier inauguration in June 2014 hardly it produced 94 mega watts and just next day it was shut down for unknown reason.

Shahbaz Sharif CM Punjab boasting & self aggrandizing to PML-N & thrashing PPP govt. alleging to drown the NANDIPUR POWER PROJECT but it is PML-N who revived & bolstered up, said CM Punjab

And Abid Sher Ali who is one of the close aide of PML-N seems bragging to PML-N that it is Nawaz Sharif who brought this project live while it had been projected for Rs.131 billion by PPP but PML-N did it in Rs. 81 billion – what a ridiculous really?

Pointing finger towards PPP for misappropriating the allocated sum of Rs.22 billion by CM Punjab and failed to bring the project in production - demanded to refer the case to NAB for thorough investigation and get the money back with the interest to national kitty.

Not only CM Punjab but premier himself scolded to PPP who could not bring the project to live. But PML-N could not feel the thorny words what they said for PPP.

The ball now in PML-N court and the nation asking to take PML-N into NAB to unearth the reality about NANDIPUR POWER PROJECT who plundered national wealth raising the earlier earmarked budget from Rs.22 billion to Rs.81 billion with no operation at all.

Truly unparalleled corruption of PML-N govt. that first raised the amount from Rs.22 billion to Rs.51 billion and second time from Rs 51 billion to Rs. 55 billion then 3rd time from Rs.55 billion to Rs.81 billion but project remained disconnected.

The delaying reason justified by PML-N that the machineries & equipments those had been imported during PPP tenure could not release from Karachi port resulting the material rusted and spoiled over the time.

How to play with the project - during PML-N when the plant completed its installation it was decided that oil would not be feasible for the plant then it converted to gas which added further cost of Rs.25 million by doing so it impacted the cost of end user.

When escalated with NAPRA to fix power consumer prices at Rs.18/= per unit – NAPRA refused and asked the govt. to get it down to Rs.11/75 which was not possible for the govt. to afford an additional load of subsidy of Rs 2.50 billion monthly and Rs. 30 billion annually resulting the plant NANDIPUR POWER PROJECT could not start it production and was shut down.

REFUGEES arriving from WAR-TORN area

Refugee by definition is a Refugee whether he/ she belongs to east, west, north and south - countries should be flexible in their policies and practices to accommodate the immigrants coming to their border.

Don't see the religion, cast, creed, color, race and institutional beliefs - it is sufficient they they are human being and seeking help for shelter.

So accept them allow them and thats the essence of every religion on the ground and core demand of our Creator (God) who created all of us to help those who are in need of......

Currently UK - Germany - Greece and other countries coming under the umbrella of European Union have been inclined to open their door or have opened their arms to embrace immigrants entering in their countries.

Its a good sign and great favor who came a step ahead to settle the migrated people - presenting a bouquet to the immigrants emerged at their border - welcomed them with radiant faces, serenity & and good smile - really very impressive and a best example of humanity shown by Hungry and UK nationals.

Of course the immigrants are not happily moving or leaving their own country but because of WAR that has been imposed on them where a legitimate govt like Yemen does not matter they had their own internal issue to handle some handful HOUTHI known insurgents could be handled by Yemen govt.

But Saudi led coalition forces took over the reign of Yemen & despite months long WAR except destruction and killing innocent civilian the peace does not seem to prevail rather in UAE agitation reported by media on getting dead bodies of their kith and kin who affiliated with collation forces demanding from UAE govt to get their brothers back to their home asking to cease fire.

Similarly Syrian refugees leaving the country - WAR is there being fought since 4 years and so far 200,000 people have been died - a legitimate govt confronting with non state actor i.e. Anti govt. forces who is being fed by Saudi Arabia & US supporting anti element to keep fighting with Syrian legitimate govt.but except infrastructure destruction and people killing no progress to oust or dominate the anti element is seen for far.

What happened in Egypt - Bahrain however the normalcy has come there - The situation of Palestine and Israel are decades long WAR still continuing and we don't see normality in near future -so either to die or leave the country to seek respect the Refugees getting influx in the country.

Sep 3, 2015

Selling PIG MEAT in Lahore - Do we deserve to call ourselves man or we are deaf mute?

A disgusting & shocking news - revolted everyone whoever went through the news aired. 
It looks we have kept aside everything and just prone to earn what suits us whether HARAM OR HILAL - just money should come no need to visualize the source?  
Earning money by illicit means has been a tradition of Pakistani tradesmen and it has become part of the lives. 
The greedy businessmen don’t realize the impact and even bother to think that how dangerous & harmful to human bodies.

Avoid thinking from moral perspective & disregarding the legal implication too & daringly busy in nauseating & unlawful act - illicit and HARAM business.

And from the illegal & HARAM source of earning they are caring, nursing, feeding, nourishing and fostering their children and family - of course such illicit money drains out with more losses always there is threat to the lives.  


But no action at all - the tons of dead meat are captured by police showing in media but what goes next. Nobody knows - What happened to criminals - did they get punishment or just a photo session to wrap the raids?.

Though electronic and print media have been highlighting such abominable and loathsome business flourishing & booming across the province yet we don’t see any capital punishment if anyone is caught.

Police raids the area & arrest the culprit but they get bail or pay small penalty and comes back to the same business with more strength and weight.

We need an exemplary punishment publicly who are selling such HARAM MEAT - lesson needs to go everyone whoever seems involved in such unlawful business.

Generally, if a food contains a poisonous or deleterious substance that may render it injurious to health, it is adulterated but the crazy businessmen don't realize.
The owner should be brought to the task –the shop must be sealed & face the court trial - property to sell out whatever confiscated by local authority – he/ she should be blacklisted for further business – the trade license to be cancelled – a drastic action indeed is the only remedy.
We also witnessed SAMOSA being sold in a Restaurant where the minced meet of rats, mice & mole were being sold in Karachi.
 In the soap human feces were being used – the chicken and other animal wastes also remained in use to extract oil etc.

The oil being used has the substance of boiled intestines of animals & birds such as chicken feathers, intestines and other discarded waste of Buffalo, cow and goat and brewed oil being used in the Bakery, Restaurants & Hotels.
In the Bakery the cakes are prepared with throwaway eggs which had dead chick in side the eggs.

In tomato ketchup textile industry color is used damaging and irritating the throats.

In fruit juices, spoiled, contaminated & decomposed fruits are brewed..

The left over Biryani in marriage hall are sold mixing with cocked rice.

The situation of life saving drugs even are adulterated - in recent past in Lahore counterfeited medicines had been used in the hospital that's killed hundreds lives and even it was not medicine but writing chalks in a capsule and tablets forms.

The cooking spicy are the junk of wooden-crush, peeled of skin of lintels.

In the tea the used-tea dust after dried is being mixed.

In the Milk to get foam surf is mixed & to make thick other unhealthy materials are put together.

The traders should understand all such actions are illegal and heinous crimes not only in the court of law but you will also be interrogated in the dooms day (the life hereafter) where you will be accountable to your deeds what you are doing now?