Oct 25, 2015

Tony Blair Ex prime minister UK regrets why he became partner in US led coalition forces in Iraq WAR - He cries over spilled milk

Tony Blair Ex Prime Minister UK expressed his remorse for the action taken in Iraq WAR being one of the partners in US led coalition forces.

An Inquiry committee was constituted by Ex Prime Minster UK Gordon Brown the successor of Tony Blair to know the factuality that why the WAR in Iraq had been fought & what were the reason behind?

The task had been assigned to Sir John Chilcot to submit the findings but no date has yet been given for the release of the final conclusions

Tony Blair former Ex British PM is apologetic for his ‘wrong’ intelligence and mistakes in planning of conflict and admits ‘elements of truth’ claiming to get rise of IsIs (self styled Islamic state) a by-product of aftermath of Iraq WAR.

Before Tony Blair he had miscalculated to be a part of WAR and he should not have been. A big political error he did – now after 12 years where 15,00,000 people have lost their lives, about 2 million people have been homeless and 500,000 wounded & maimed now he says it was a mistake and regretful.

What a mockery? As per detail a self styled agenda had been prepared; the aggressive reason were to check WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which according to US - Iraq was manufacturing because of having nuclear enrichment plants & it had chemical weapons too in its war stockpiles. A well planned team also had been formulated under advice of United Nation to inspect the Nuclear site of Iraq but the team could not get any substantial clue producing any fatal and deadliest equipment.

But due to US discriminatory & prejudiced policies & practices with Islamic states - US led coalition forces attacked on Iraq they not only toppled the legitimate govt. of Iraq in 2003 but its President Saddam Hussain was also hanged till death. 

Though the forces have left the country but Iraq could not restore its civilian govt. multiple sectarians or Islamic factions are seen active in Iraq like ISIS claiming its self a self styled Islamic state who have taken over the country and fighting among different sects are continued.

Tony Blair says I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong,” he told CNN. “I also apologize for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime.” He said.

And basically it’s Washington who pitched wrong side and due to its controlling influence & persuasion we were all collectively to blame for deluding ourselves into believing that we had much greater sway over Washington,” Tony said

He further added “Of course you can’t say those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.” In short he is accusing all stake holders to use sense and should have been realistic instead to jump on other’s call, he contended.

But what is the use now if Tony Blair has awaken what he will do for the losses they did in Iraq – who will bring peace or the lives lost - even the country still could not stable but are still at WAR – ISIS and other Islamic faction to whom Iran & other Arabian states are financing have converted the city into WAR TORN AREA.

Oct 18, 2015

Life of labor class in Pakistan

Life of a normal man in Pakistan who works from dawn to dusk with the objective to gain reasonable amount so that he/ she can feed the family - may buy some food or groceries at reasonable rate for the family waiting anxiously at home.

Its not necessary that every day they get works or DIHARI but sometime the whole day goes unearned and no money at all - so imagine the stress, frustration & mental agonies when the daily wage earner goes home with empty hand.

Feel the pain and think seriously that who is responsible kept the family unfed - slept without food. If the situation persists. Certainly such extreme mental distress either the family will kill their children & commit suicide or will go for street crimes if don't go for begging.

What are the causes? The local govt. Administration needs to look into realities & its pragmatic solution - the Administrator of the metropolis should intervene personally and go into probe -complete facts findings the dead lock & factories closure & factors of crime rates augmentation.

Why there are much beggars seeking alms? Why mother are throwing their children into canal? Why father is strangulating their children and killing himself too? Why mother are selling her babies holding a play card stating to sell.

Why husband pestering his wife to sell her chastity & what are the substantial reason where Beauty parlor and Massage center have been converted into brothel.

A serious action indeed required from the local authority to visit across the city, collect data and work on its remedy  don't do any lip service or rhetoric speeches but practically.

Why the labor class sitting outside the Factory could not get a call to go inside as generally in the morning shift the number of daily wage earners are hired by the Factory management.

The Factory production manager shared their grievances that they have serious power breakdown - neither electricity nor gas supplies are stable and thats the reason the management has stopped the production.

Other responded there are tussles continuing in between the govt and Factory owners due to excessive tariff on imported raw material they are unable to go for production - the finished goods getting them costly that impacting to their export.

The labor class normally gathers at footpath or sits at roundabout of the locality from where they are hired and gets wage as soon as the job is finished in the evening or the work is completed.

The Soaring prices for normal grocery also has been the factor where a normal man seems unable to buy so the price control and consumer protection department should come ahead to nab and nail such culprits who has been raising the prices .

In short the overall responsibility falls on the govt. services department to keep the flow of Power supply uninterrupted, build a consensus with factory owners in terms of Taxes and other Levies and role of Price control department certainly are the impelling forces that will push forward to run the factory.

When Factory runs it generates employment - when employment appears - people goes connected with the jobs - and then they become in the position to live happily with their family - So keep the production wheel running.

Oct 5, 2015

Ayyan Ali a Model Girl involved in Money Laundering & deaf and dump judiciary seems unable to charge her formally to start court proceeding

A drama being staged since 8 months with no avail – Aayan Ali Money Launderer - she is brought to the court in well-dress with new hair style and glittering touches of cosmetic - showcasing her that she is not in the ‘’court of law’’ but at a ‘’beauty competition ramp’’ – everyone seen enjoying her presence & getting close to smell the fragrance of her costly perfume - a very attractive & seductive looking woman.

Ayyan Ali A Model Girl media call her Dollar Girl was arrested at Islamabad airport on 14 March while boarding at Dubai bound flight where the custom authority found her carrying $500,000 in cash in her suitcase which was above $ 10,000 legal cash-limit that could be carried out of Pakistan.

She however was put in jail for money smuggling charges which she denied to accept and after few months was released from prison on bail granted by Lahore court.

Since then Ayyan Ali has been visiting to the court on every ''fresh date of hearing’’ keeping the people engaged in witnessing a drama serial where she is brought to the court in fool proof security escorting in heavy contingent of police accompanied with tailing journalist & rush of people around her.

Keep running the slides on TV channels exhibiting Ayyan Ali captivating and enthralling the audience and viewers of her presence – it means the whole process ends just flashing her from head to toe with no summation of the court – on every visits getting a new date for hearing from the judge who is the one doing the same thing since 8 months – asking the prosecutor to produce challan against her to charge formally - some time seen the judge snubs the official for not submitting the challan and gives new date. 

The judiciary not ridiculing with people of Pakistan but also degrading & deriding, reducing the name of the institution & ''respect of Judiciary'' showing its inability and giving a message to the nation that Judiciary is worthless or it is being handled & dictated by someone who has asked the concerned judge to keep rolling Ayyan Ali case & kill the time by giving date and then date.

Formally Ayyan Ali has not been charged yet to start court proceeding against her. Her lawyer told AP news agency she would continue to attend the court hearings as required. 

In the beginning Ayyan Ali said that money acquired legitimately from the proceeds of property sales and that she was unaware of the customs rules & regulation but the document what she produced before the court were not genuine but fabricated and even this fraud could not implicate her, media reported.
Public Prosecutors have said that if convicted, the Model Girl Ayyan Ali could be forced to pay a heavy fine and face a 14-year jail term but it seems meaningless in Ayyan Ali case.
According to the debate among political analysts - Ayyan Ali is not the one - there are 28 Model Girls who have been transporting money from Pakistan to UAE and its not a matter of million but billion of dollars have been flight from the country during two years.
From this illicit route the national wealth being shifted to UAE - there are big fish among them are top ranking builders & federal and provincial ministers who have been doing Money laundering since years, said a political analyst on TV - even in Ayyan Ali case one Ex-Minster and his brother remained involved in transporting such a huge sum, said the analyst.
Ayyan Ali lawyer Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said that on social media people were accusing Ayyan Ali having links with politicians and businessmen. He also filed an application before the court requesting that the media be restrained from engaging in propaganda against the supermodel. In one of his statement he said Ayyan Ali is a big showbiz figure - her one time play charged her million of rupees, peeling off the fictitious deal of property when Ayyan Ali said earlier in the court.
Social media is not the property of Sardar Latif Khan Khosa – there are views and previews, the visual precept of the region – a general discussion continues where positive and negative thoughts are expressed and it becomes talks of the town, said political analyst.
The special judge of the customs, excise and taxation court adjourned further proceedings in the currency smuggling case. 
The court also took up an application filed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) seeking registration of a case against Ayyan Ali under Anti-Money Laundering Act. The proceedings on the said application were also put off.
As per F.I.A investigative-reporting so far she has transferred 10 billion dollars during 2-1/2 years. There are regular visits to UAE on her passport where she has been transporting huge sum from the country but this time she was caught red handed, political analyst reported on TV channel.
Referring Money Laundering growing practices in the country - ''Hawala & Hundi'' a unique route to transfer money from Pakistan to overseas where lot of investment made in buying property in UAE, latest model cars - private Aeroplane/ Helicopters  had been bought. Investigation however has been started where builders and overseas investigative agency also have been found involved in such illicit business.
There are one more route of Money Laundering – through diplomatic bags Billion of Dollar also transferred form Pakistan to overseas countries because generally diplomatic brief case and hand bags are not checked by custom authority at the airport even they cross from special gate for exit & entry while going from the country such waive gives them substantial opportunity to enjoy with Money laundering.
Again, Ayyan Ali on every ‘’HEARING DATE’’ she is summoned on a new date which is scrolling since a year by the Judge of the concerned court - who of course not only disgracing, demoralizing & discrediting the role of judiciary but stigmatizing, ignoring & dishonoring his own affirmation while undertaking oath to discharge onerous responsibility to maintain justice but such solemn commitment is not seen in Aayan Ali case - A jock of Judicial system in the country really!
It’s an open insult and weakening the power of Judiciary seemingly defaming the Institutions - impacting the sanctity of Judicature - Its due role – misgiving among national about judicatory credibility - obviously marring the momentum & trustworthiness’ of the court where Aayan Ali is brought but instantly the minute she arrives - she is given a new date.
Besides there is constant loss in terms of cash spent on providing her special security & police mobile to escorting her - Judge’s time & the money spent when she was kept in Adyala Jail for months along with other facilities in jail - treating the lady not alike normal prisoner but had given a well maintained facility in the cell.
The custom officer who arrested her does not exist but was murdered and FIR was lodged against unknown which is a general trend in the country to close the case notwithstanding the appeal from the decease family but nothing has happened so far.
Unequivocally an intentional delay by the court in disposal of Ayyan Ali Money Laundering case has been a big question mark among the nation they are very much apprehensive on the role & credibility of the Judiciary.
Delaying tactics by the court giving impression that court itself patronizing and protecting the crime of Money laundering and the criminal Ayyan Ai despite having clear evidence that she had been caught red handed when flying Dubai found carrying USD $ 500,000 in her brief case.
While questioning by Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza Ex Interior minister Pakistan People Party (PPP) he said Ayyan Ali had been tutor of Asif Ali Zardari Ex president where Ayyan Ali had been going Bilawal House Karachi for teaching the Holy Book Quran and she also had been ‘’keep’’ of Asif Ali Zardari, Mirza asserted sharing in a TV interview with the channel.