Oct 18, 2015

Life of labor class in Pakistan

Life of a normal man in Pakistan who works from dawn to dusk with the objective to gain reasonable amount so that he/ she can feed the family - may buy some food or groceries at reasonable rate for the family waiting anxiously at home.

Its not necessary that every day they get works or DIHARI but sometime the whole day goes unearned and no money at all - so imagine the stress, frustration & mental agonies when the daily wage earner goes home with empty hand.

Feel the pain and think seriously that who is responsible kept the family unfed - slept without food. If the situation persists. Certainly such extreme mental distress either the family will kill their children & commit suicide or will go for street crimes if don't go for begging.

What are the causes? The local govt. Administration needs to look into realities & its pragmatic solution - the Administrator of the metropolis should intervene personally and go into probe -complete facts findings the dead lock & factories closure & factors of crime rates augmentation.

Why there are much beggars seeking alms? Why mother are throwing their children into canal? Why father is strangulating their children and killing himself too? Why mother are selling her babies holding a play card stating to sell.

Why husband pestering his wife to sell her chastity & what are the substantial reason where Beauty parlor and Massage center have been converted into brothel.

A serious action indeed required from the local authority to visit across the city, collect data and work on its remedy  don't do any lip service or rhetoric speeches but practically.

Why the labor class sitting outside the Factory could not get a call to go inside as generally in the morning shift the number of daily wage earners are hired by the Factory management.

The Factory production manager shared their grievances that they have serious power breakdown - neither electricity nor gas supplies are stable and thats the reason the management has stopped the production.

Other responded there are tussles continuing in between the govt and Factory owners due to excessive tariff on imported raw material they are unable to go for production - the finished goods getting them costly that impacting to their export.

The labor class normally gathers at footpath or sits at roundabout of the locality from where they are hired and gets wage as soon as the job is finished in the evening or the work is completed.

The Soaring prices for normal grocery also has been the factor where a normal man seems unable to buy so the price control and consumer protection department should come ahead to nab and nail such culprits who has been raising the prices .

In short the overall responsibility falls on the govt. services department to keep the flow of Power supply uninterrupted, build a consensus with factory owners in terms of Taxes and other Levies and role of Price control department certainly are the impelling forces that will push forward to run the factory.

When Factory runs it generates employment - when employment appears - people goes connected with the jobs - and then they become in the position to live happily with their family - So keep the production wheel running.
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