Oct 25, 2015

Tony Blair Ex prime minister UK regrets why he became partner in US led coalition forces in Iraq WAR - He cries over spilled milk

Tony Blair Ex Prime Minister UK expressed his remorse for the action taken in Iraq WAR being one of the partners in US led coalition forces.

An Inquiry committee was constituted by Ex Prime Minster UK Gordon Brown the successor of Tony Blair to know the factuality that why the WAR in Iraq had been fought & what were the reason behind?

The task had been assigned to Sir John Chilcot to submit the findings but no date has yet been given for the release of the final conclusions

Tony Blair former Ex British PM is apologetic for his ‘wrong’ intelligence and mistakes in planning of conflict and admits ‘elements of truth’ claiming to get rise of IsIs (self styled Islamic state) a by-product of aftermath of Iraq WAR.

Before Tony Blair he had miscalculated to be a part of WAR and he should not have been. A big political error he did – now after 12 years where 15,00,000 people have lost their lives, about 2 million people have been homeless and 500,000 wounded & maimed now he says it was a mistake and regretful.

What a mockery? As per detail a self styled agenda had been prepared; the aggressive reason were to check WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which according to US - Iraq was manufacturing because of having nuclear enrichment plants & it had chemical weapons too in its war stockpiles. A well planned team also had been formulated under advice of United Nation to inspect the Nuclear site of Iraq but the team could not get any substantial clue producing any fatal and deadliest equipment.

But due to US discriminatory & prejudiced policies & practices with Islamic states - US led coalition forces attacked on Iraq they not only toppled the legitimate govt. of Iraq in 2003 but its President Saddam Hussain was also hanged till death. 

Though the forces have left the country but Iraq could not restore its civilian govt. multiple sectarians or Islamic factions are seen active in Iraq like ISIS claiming its self a self styled Islamic state who have taken over the country and fighting among different sects are continued.

Tony Blair says I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong,” he told CNN. “I also apologize for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime.” He said.

And basically it’s Washington who pitched wrong side and due to its controlling influence & persuasion we were all collectively to blame for deluding ourselves into believing that we had much greater sway over Washington,” Tony said

He further added “Of course you can’t say those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.” In short he is accusing all stake holders to use sense and should have been realistic instead to jump on other’s call, he contended.

But what is the use now if Tony Blair has awaken what he will do for the losses they did in Iraq – who will bring peace or the lives lost - even the country still could not stable but are still at WAR – ISIS and other Islamic faction to whom Iran & other Arabian states are financing have converted the city into WAR TORN AREA.
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