Nov 18, 2015

Pakistan People Party using Bilawal son of Benazir Bhutto as a political shield & panacea to uplift their lost kingdom

Pakistan People Party (PPP) keeping Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) out of the scene & getting his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (BBZ) at the forefront during its political campaign for the Local Body Election (LBE) being held in Sind Urban & Rural.   

With this political tactics & maneuvering whether PPP will be in winning position or bridging the gap emerged due to wrong & deficit performance of PPP from 2008 when PPP ruled for five years and even in Sind they are still in govt. since eight years but their performance has been questionable?

Retrospectively PPP performance has been very clumsy, crippling and incapacitating in order to serve its voters particularly in Sind rural and generally in urban exhibiting very slow and apathetic in every sector of govt. service departments.

A mountain of lawlessness & loot where nothing seems perfect, constitutional & legitimate - law abiding & procedural but just snatch & encroach with illicit & illegal practices that has been a well known traits of PPP where urban population has been confronting abysmally.

Land grabbers & land mafia - illegal constructions of residential flats, Bungalows & Skyscraper without fulfilling the formalities & constitutional requisitions - not complying standing instruction & guidelines while constructing Offices & Residential towers but just building at illegal lands and victimizing general public at every front at the end.

Construction of Factories and Mills on illegal lands such as getting approval for 1000 but expanding to 5000 square yards - not seeking the desired building permit and industrial inspection report qualifying the safety and security parameters mandated for a factory to run but keeping the unhealthy construction continued till it collapsed.

Frequent fires eruption - million worth of raw material burning into ashes, hundreds of human lives losses are the unforgettable tragedies of PPP era in Sind urban. There are multiple examples of Mills and Factories that burnt into ashes because of ill planning and overlooking the prerequisite indeed are compulsory before start of production but due to corrupt official sitting in govt. departments accepting bribe and allowed the greedy mill owner to move.

China cutting – rampant land encroachment - getting the house constructed and inhabiting - giving the residents utility connections and leasing papers and after years it comes in media that the ‘residential houses’ had been built on illegal land.

Karachi development authority (KDA) did not approve the land or the approved area was lesser than the area came under construction but who is vulnerable the poor purchaser who invested his whole life sum and bought the house - what was the fault of the residents who had been evacuated forcibly by the same corrupt & nasty department claiming its illegal construction.

The dwellers asking who allowed the Builders to build the house on illegal land - naturally KDA & KBA accepted bribes and facilitated the builders to induct more area and build more floors instead the actual limit of floor or the initial drawings approved.

What were the fault of dwellers who paid off every desired payments by the builders even having leased papers in their hand, cursing the builders and the govt. for such heinous crimes who has been pushed out of the flats, sitting on the road & bearing weather vagaries?

In some cases we have seen that agency evacuated the houses and start demolishing, kept the inhabitants helpless with their luggage under open sky and screaming - Is not an act of atrocious cruelty?

Factory & Manufacturing industries status are also seen very depressive -no legitimate licensing practice to run the factory - factory does not follow the basic approval in place. Premises inspection & factory adequacy to produce specific items - no product clearance, no inspection at all in terms of safety and security & other legalities essential to keep the factory law abiding resulting the severe human losses have been noticed.

There are hundreds live examples we witness day and night in print and electronic media where govt. does not seem active to raid & stop such illegal facilities where poor laborers goes die every day because of govt officials dishonesty, insecurity and disloyalty.

Status of state owned industry is also very grim and dismal - could not run optimally due to worsening example of favoritism and nepotism - appointing inefficient staff – an army of personnel – a constant threat to the survival of the Enterprises.

It refers the case of Pakistan steel - Petroleum industries and Pakistan international airline etc. the situation of Govt. schools & Govt. Hospitals and clinics are also in very shabby and shameful states in Sind urban and rural. 

Only one question that who will take action to rectify the irregularities developed during PPP era and still does not seem to correct but flourishing.

Why there are serious mismanagement & unbridled corruption in Govt. departments Sind, you cannot get your problem resolved though have every supportive papers but you have to bribe for a single or tiny work otherwise you will be scaling upstairs for months & the required work through govt. offices will not be attended unless you pay.

Regarding Bilawal appearance in LBE canvassing - does not matter if you change the face - if the performance in the past were not good from PPP then how would you get votes or would you increase your vote bank if you kept the people hungry in terms of food and in terms of infrastructural development in rural and urban Sind, said a seasoned PPP politicians.

Face changing or sugar coated words fall under political rhetoric which will not get you upright or wash away your past ignorance & errors in terms of delivery to the people of Sind. Performance indeed had been a true reminder for the voters if PPP would have performed well in Sind rural, a PPP stalwart stressed.

AAZ & his sister Feryal Talpur of course will not leave Bilawal till getting them in national assembly at Treasury Benches and after that fate of Bilawal will be unknown or be seen as an idle factor of PPP because Bilawal will not be at driving seat or will be leading the PPP as chairman as he is being shown now..

Though this time he is being represented as chairman & leading the party yet behind the scene there are much in cooking where party senior leaders, political Pundit and Guru will discourage & de-motivate Bilawal and even his father AAZ will keep Blawal away of the party politics as soon as the election is won, said a seasoned political analyst.

From current attitude of AAZ it looks that Bilawal is being used a corporate identity of PPP which will remain valid so long as it is not cashed.

So Bilawal himself should be very careful and must open his eyes differentiating between friend and foe. 

You also can not rule out the life threat to Bilawal as in politics the father can go extreme as Indra Ghandi did with her own son who was a pilot and flying the plane but he along with plane was gunned down as politics has no limitation and any thing can happen any time.

No ethics boundary politics considers, said a university student studying politics - the chemistry of politics has no rigid formula but changeable as and when required and seems worth full to the party leadership, he added further..

The current leadership of PPP is using young Bilawal as a trump card or as a last resort to win the election. Recently for LBE and later to use him (Bilawal) for country wide general election.

PPP because of its ill performance could not win By-election held subsequently in Punjab and KPK but lost & even its deposit got seized by election commission of Pakistan.

PPP under the domain of AAZ never ever grew but it just gained sympathy votes after assassination of Benazir Bhutto (BB) when BB was killed - people demonstrated their love with BB and such attempts got PPP (heading by AAZ) won the general election in 2008 but could not qualify in 2013 - where the reason of defeat known as no performance at all except corruption and serious mismanagement in govt. service industries & unabated lawlessness in the metropolis..

Current electioneering campaign is being done by BBZ a prudent step by AAZ following advises from PPP die heard to hide the face of AAZ from party politics temporarily - giving the nation a false impression that PPP leadership now running by its true chairman Bilawal Bhutto instead AAZ. And BBZ a new blood is on the way to revive and rejuvenate the party that had gone down due to past error.

Instead to be sagacious and judicious for the‘’performance and delivery to people of Pakistan ’’AAZ & his cronies seen more prone to change the face and that’s the reason the face of Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) has been replaced with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (BBZ) to en cash PPP slogan ROTI KAPRA MAKAN that’s had been raised by Bilawal grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

But the question persists that just a change of face will be getting PPP impulsive & efficacious to win the election or people welfare works is more important as majority want work and development works in their constituencies which PPP did not do during its five (2008-2013) years tenure & even till date despite ruling the Sind province their chronic issues are still oscillating.

Not only rural but urban area too remained unnoticed and unattended - apparently no eminent structural changes - even not a single inch road had been constructed.

PPP could not free school encroachment from the clutches of influential lords in rural area & in urban too where school occupied either by land mafia or Real-state agent – incoherent situation in health and education where PPP remained as a silent spectator.

Besides, the sense of the ‘’Ghost employee’’ we got from PPP era that’s started not only from 2008 but still continuing in every govt. departments, school, college and police & medical doctors too. There are outnumbered staff who comes office but do not work or they are invisible but visible on salary sheet where the salaries are transferred to the account.

The general outlook of the cosmopolitan city of Karachi has been converted into the den of terrorist, miscreants, mercenaries, vandals, hooligans & outlawed who have swamped the beauty of the city - A complete failure state where almost every ‘’PUBLIC SERVICE DEPARTMENTS’’ are dysfunctional.

No govt. support – city has been drenched in rubbish giving impression ‘’the aftermath of war’’ where life has been suspended & everything come to standstill or moving sluggishly instead accelerating the pace of improvement and developmental works in the rural and urban city.

A disastrous –everything being seen smashed & shattered - a situation of unplanned city - broken building without renovation and refurbishment - broken sewerage system - broken street lights - broken footpath - a heap of garbage - overflowed gutter water inundating the roads and streets – big potholes and ditches on the main road getting your spinal cord defective - no adequate transport - smoke emitting vehicles with heavy fare.

No meter to determine transport fare - no clean drinking water - no role of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board - no role K electric - no role of KMC & KDA –no traffic rule and road sense by commuters - open practice of police greasing their palm and go - broken traffic signals and roundabout - unplanned sprawling constructions & junk of bill boards portraying city a heap of damaged car and pilling of broken items – nothing is in order but topsy-turvily.

Will Sind people pardon & ignore the ruthless behavior & PPP’s MPAs/ MNAs apathy who avoided to visit their jurisdiction and constituencies and are seen now visiting with Bilawal asking to vote PPP & Shaheed BB? - clapping on BIlawal aggressive speeches during his visits in Sind.

Will Bilawal bring structural changes in the party leadership? 

Or his voice will be suppressed being influenced by the cronies and coteries of PPP who betrayed the name of PPP, said a true lover of PPP who reportedly wept at the dice looking the rush of old tested PPP leaders surrounded & escorted BIlawal?

Nov 6, 2015

Immature media must stop character assassination of REHAM KHAN (RK) AND IMRAN KHAN (IK) who has parted their marital life.

Don’t do a vigorous blow – bashing & smashing other’s private life - It is purely RK & IK personal matters and no one has the authority & rights either legally, socially, morally or religiously to peep, interferer, intercept & intervene in their family matters.

You as a Journalist has a limitation, required ethics and code of conduct - certainly to be followed to run your business – your espionage net work negates & mars the essence of a true journalism.

Do reporting without hurting, horrifying, paralyzing and sensitizing other’s life which is of course not yours - so maintain other’s values and your practices swiftly and respectably, a professor of Mass communication asserted considering the ongoing news in media about IK & RK.

Do free & fair reporting - don’t do conflagration & spicing the news – portray the real terms and terminology & furnish it what you see – don’t be hypocrite or merge and air the story with your personal assumption - self calculated views or stuffing with fabricated & self designed stories or created by the Opponents of IK & RK, said group of Youth responding to a question raised at open public forum.

Your motive should not be to devastate other’s personal life – it’s better rather more professional if you follow ethics and code of good journalism, said Assistant professor one of the participant from intellectuals at the dice.

Among intellectuals and civil society most of us don’t want to see the hypes of media that’s have been seen busy day and night when you put on your TV – most anchor, news casters and debaters of TV Talk shows found much sneaky to discuss the divorce of IK & RK on the channels – such trends must immediately be ceased, said group of students from University and Colleges gathered at open public forum arranged by one of the channel.

Respect others emotion, feeling and social life as everyone has a name in the society - so emotion & feeling should be regarded and honored as they deserve. If you hurt, victimize and sensationalize the news you will be misleading, misinforming, misguiding, misdirecting and straying your readers & listeners and establishing a bad image and wrong impression about your work and your channel where you work, professor sitting at the dice further added.

Character assassination does not end here but backfires afflicting and damaging to your own identity if you are eclipsing others – you basically opening rooms for yourself to be dishonored, disgraced and debased because it works with equal weights and intensity - eventually starts moving around you with Tit for Tat methodology - If you putting down others you will never ever be spared - a proverb of an elder - so stop this lewdness & salacity.

Currently media being slanderous is demoralizing & damaging IK & RK their name and credibility in political arena. 

Particularly for IK chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf has stood in the country as a 3rd political force to get rid of corrupt political leadership that has damaged & reduced the strength of national economic, socio and political stability.

Current political leadership has been scrolling between the Family, Tribes, Group and Landed aristocracy and this tendency is continuing since Independence - the country is being ruled by the same Family and Tribes where democracy does not seem thrive & flourishing rather still in nascent & nurturing stage - seeking towards honest, loyal and sincere leader & leadership to make the country more powerful, firm, solid & substantial - safeguarding its people - giving them a welfare state and good living condition with more progression and prosperity to the sovereignty, a seasoned politician contended.

And IK always in his (personal capacity) objected and criticized the existing political dynasty and legacy – strict hatred to carry forward practices in politics. 

From such notorious attitude and ill practices - IK wanted to get rid & cease to exist and that’s why he objected and obstructed RK to keep aside and don’t involve in politics but RK since her marriage with IK wanted to join party politics and she was found busy attending public meetings in subsequent dates - such stubbornness, self-will & bullheadedness of RK got the relationship sour & sullen that’s became the reason of their split or ending the marital status.

On some TV channels seen discussing that IK was given poison by Rk – some said there were serious misunderstanding among IK previous family or IK sisters since binging were incoherent with this marriage – some said IK was slapped by RK – some said IK used to weep like a kid sustaining the misbehavior rendered by RK – some said there were serious pressure from PTI main stream leadership those were not interested to see RK in politics or her rising interference in party affairs etc. a lot of silly reasons with extreme makeup - intellectuals & viewers noticed continued debating on TV channels - only derogatory and disparaging comments.

Now IK & RK has parted their ways – chapter has been closed through a piece of paper that’s is called ‘’divorce’’ so the matter stands between the couple – leave it and come out – close further discussion - let IK to move towards his political works and future strategy that how to get the down trodden masses out of vicious cycle of poverty, a closing note of the organizer who asked everyone to stop and no more character assassination on IK & RK.

Nov 3, 2015

Ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) sitting in Treasury Benches & Pakistan People Party (PPP) sitting at Opposition Benches though both have won Local Body Election held in the country after ten years

But do they guarantee to change the people eclipsed living condition and benefit them with the characteristics of economic & socio economic which still they could not get from the so called democrats who beats the drum to provide ROTI – KAPRA - MAKAN to everyone without discrimination.   

What is the use of Local Body Election if the power comes into the same hand of Power greedy, Coteries & Cronies of PML-N & PPP with whom people has personal cults at some extant but more importantly majority of people are intimidated & harassed by the influential lords of the area.

The local polls the first in 10 years were held on Saturday in the twelve districts including Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Chakwal, Bhakkar, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, Pakpattan, Okara, Lodhran, Vehari and Bahawalnagar of central province of Punjab and eight districts including Sukkur, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Kashmore, Ghotki, Larkana, Shahdadkot and Jacobabad of the southern province of Sindh - The two other provinces, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the northwest and Baluchistan in the west voted earlier this year.

According to unofficial results PML-N attained 1104 out of 2696 Union Council (UC) seats - with independent candidates gained the second position with 915 seats in the first phase of local government elections in Punjab.

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) party won only 256 seats and the PPP secured 100 posts of union council chairman/ vice-chairman.

The ruling PML-N has won the majority of seats in Punjab and the PPP secured most seats in Sindh in the local government elections,

Whether it is PML-N or PPP the current Local Body Election (LBE) at provincial level, has given impression that it is no more effective at national level but both parties have been converted into regional politics.

The same corrupt mafia the current political leadership PML-N & its predecessor PPP known as ‘’mother of corruption’’ to whom the people of Pakistan do abuse day and night - calls them mischievous - have extreme hatred but the votes have been polled for them.

People basically has personal attachment - emotionally they are devoted to ……no… not alike but precisely it is intimidation - life threats & severe consequences – though there is little spellbound or allegiances with the party but the main message from the Influential lords is to cast the vote to PML-N & PPPP otherwise you will be removed from the scene.

A general observation among political analyst who rejects personal cult but insists insecurity among voters and that’s the reason people voted for PML-N & PPP - does it not signify political pressure or life threat to the voters who though voted but not from their mind?

People or voters knowing the facts about their persisted agonies that ruling MNAs did not perform and deliver well – did not do anything for people betterment and development works ameliorating their living condition.

If existing MNAs did not uplift and did any structural changes in their locality – how shameful and shabby living condition in rural area of Punjab – Sind – Baluchistan & KPK will be changed a big question mark for PML-N & PPP?

People are living in the same mud houses or the houses with bamboo & palm leaves knitted ceiling with no adequate rehabilitation program & Annual development program where there is no electricity, no gas, no water line, no concrete roads, no street lights, no clean drinking water, no school, no hospitals & maternity homes and clinics prerequisite.

In short no welfare package but rising disruption and abruptness & dysfunctional of ‘’Public Services Units’’ mandated for the people living in the area – not uplifting people economic and socio economics condition.

People are drinking canal water while the same canal is used for their lavatories - using wood and cow dung to fuel their oven – no gas supply lines or any program is seen in near future - inadequate transport connecting the village to the nearest city - using bull & donkey cart to transport the patients from the village to move nearest hospital.

So how people can vote PML-N & PPP by their own consent - plausibly its pressure and bullying tactics’ that’s made both ‘winner’ in LBE - Children are born at home - no hospitals even if it is but empty no x ray machine.

No ultra sound machine - no incubator - no light and water - no ambulance - no well equipped OPD and emergency facility to treat the patients - no cleanliness - no laboratory for medical tests - no electric fan - no doctor and nurses and no medicine.

If you don’t provide the basic facility to the inhabitants how the people will vote to you & even if they do then it does not reflex their own intention but a vulnerability & victimization if vote is not polled according to the intention of Influential lords of the area, said a seasoned analysts debating on the election result.  

A complete nightmare if you go in the Districts, Tehsil, Taluka or Villages you will be disappointed or abuse the leader spontaneously who are representing the constituencies’ in the assembly, added further

The life in rural area are monitored closely by the informers of WADERA - SAAYEN PATWARI – SARDAR – JAGIDAR – ZAMINDAR & TRIBE LEADERS where daily activity of a villager is observed that where he goes, what he does, to whom he/ she meets and day long activity is shared with influential lords of a locality, so there is no option just to go what you have been asked to do?

Normal living condition of a villager or a dweller in a given locality where slavery system still seems alive where noncompliant faces the curse of the Lords - people are unable to understand the right of votes its importance and utility.

So long as Tribes, Group and Family system coupled with ‘’Intimidation & harassment’’ culture as a fortiori flourishes - transparency and impartiality in the ‘’Election & parole connected to the Election’’ does not seem survive or get a sustainable growth to qualify the essence democracy - voting either biased or unbiased will bring no visible changes in electoral process in the country but just a coughing - no avail in practicality - a lip service ad political rhetoric that’s being done since 70s.

Election either for National Assembly or Local Body in the provinces if the same corrupts coterie and cronies of PML-N & PPP take over the region they will add more miseries, distress, frustration and mental agonies instead to subside and giving people a progressive and prosperous living condition that never looks them fulfilled but a dream in broad day light. 

If the MNAs are not doing anything or have any plan to make & give people a good living conditions which of course they did not do so far during their 8 years tenure from 2008 to 2015 then how the MPAs who has qualified the LBE will do?

Its basically opening the avenues to stuff their pockets from the earmarked and allocated funds against different projects for people welfare program - installing, updating, repairing & maintaining the city’s infrastructure – ensuring that every public services industry on board in the rural and urban area are functional and up to the mark.

But retrospectively it does not seem viable except misusing, misappropriating & doing more embezzlement, more cheating & frauds in the name of people welfare plan at provincial level - so LBE will be paving the way to the cronies of PML-N & PPP to enjoy and satiate, eat immodestly like a pig and ignoring others.

Disintegrate the existing province and make more provinces to give people more choices to come in power notwithstanding to stick & clinch with two groups.

Punjab being a big province in terms of population goes dominant always and if it wins it forms the govt. in Federal & now in Province seems prevalent so who will address people long awaited problems if it has not been attended by PML-N in Punjab and in Sind by PPP despite 08 years of both terms (2008-2015) where the former sitting at Treasury benches and latter at Opposition seats?

No development works at grass route level have been noticed either in Sind or Punjab - people are living in the same distressful condition - getting the life paralyzed - lacking the basic amenities of life - giving the life a standstill – no permanent solution plan but in some cases ad hoc - so no remedy at all at provincial level to change the status quo.

Therefore woeful plight of people will never ever change - similarly in Sindh despite PPP complete failure still it wins because people have no second option or due to insecurity among voters they voted PPP.

People are well aware of poor performance of PML-N & PPP but they polled purposely having no option to suffer and sustain for more years and die without alienation of power from corrupts to the sincere, honest and loyal leader who can work & give them a conspicuous change - but the down trodden masses except have a hope for them & better living condition of their locality.

How the people can change their life pattern - they are kept uneducated with the nasty thrust to live poor and die poor. Its 68 years people in Sind, Punjab, and Baluchistan & KPK are still poor.

So make more provinces and give people their rights to go for option in the election why to span and scroll between only two groups.

Though there are majority of ‘’Independent candidates’’ stands at second position in attaining quite number of seats’ in provincial assembly after PML-N but they cannot constitute the Govt - a reality to swallow the pills so eventually the Independents will join the team of corrupts and we the people will live on the mercy of looters and plunderers of national wealth getting them more money from the Provincial budget instead to spend on people betterment and development at grass route level, said a economic doctor debating in electronic media.