Dec 6, 2015

MQM has achieved 115 UCs out of 247 seats in Karachi defeating its opponents in Local Body Election as per unofficial result.

Results through electronic media for the third phase of polling for local body elections (LBE) held in 12 districts of Punjab and 6 districts of Karachi are on the air.

For Karachi so far the result being aired showing MQM the winners while in Punjab the PML-N and the Independent getting victory in LBE.

Currently in Karachi MQM has been qualified successful securing 115 UCs out of 247 (unofficial result), this unparalleled triumph certainly getting MQM more closely to bring its Mayor in Karachi.

Unequivocally it’s a good news for MQM - The Mayor – the custodian of Karachi the capital city of Sind when MQM had its city govt. from 2005 – 2009 whose performance also had been praised & applauded.

Following a released from Global Cities Index 2008 where the name of Mustafa Kamal as Mayor of the Moment along with Berlin’s Klaus Wowereit & Chongqing’s Wang Hongju where the Karachi had been ranked 57th most the globalized city among the sixty cities, it analyzed.

So the time for MQM has come – take over the city and serve for people for their betterment and advancement – getting them the basic amenities of life – the water the electricity – the sewerage – the road – the highways – the flyovers – the underpass – the street lights – the footpath etc. and restrain the workers to avoid of any things which goes against the party and its disciplines.

Live & revive all public services departments that had gone to the hell where no services were being extended to the Karachiites and in Sind as a whole – get it restored and get people blessing also who waited for your triumph. The marvelous and an spectacular victory in the local body election. Celebrate and dance with your workers and well wishers who supported you in your hard time too.

Restore all govt. institutions that had been shut down or were in diabolical states due to heavy misappropriation in govt. allocated funds - instead to utilize on it - it had been misused and people were sustaining a lot for not availing of the govt. funded/ owned outlets.

Check the status of Govt. school, hospitals i.e. health and education, city cleaning, clean drilling water, broken road and highways, chocked gutter line, darkened colony, & street lights, traffic rules and regulation, traffic signals, big potholes and ditches all along and on the road, inadequate transportation, broken middle lines of roads, encroachment getting pedestrian life miserable & illegal hydrants have paralyzed people movement in their locality. Do a regular check up for the delivery and performance of the concerned units/ departments where people is the end user.  

Role KMC, role of KDA, Building authority, Fire Brigades, buy new machines - new vehicles to ensure city cleaning and dumping the garbage. The basic need of life to keep the city clean and green – construct road and footpath - give people a real green life from every aspects.

A hope from you for the govt. institutions those had been dismantled & dysfunctional though you were in the govt but not at driving seat - Now you have your own driver, own vehicle and driving the car as well so no excuse, said the group of women while jubilating the election victory.  

Now after 2009 MQM is in position to form city govt. and bring its Mayor to get the city back its illumination which had its identity known as ”ROSHINI KA SHAHAR’’, the illuminated city Karachi so get its illumination back and give its dwellers a good smile.

The result of ANP, PTI & JI appearing very low turnout rather at some places it seems to confiscate their security deposit too. The alliance of PTI & JI could not bring any fruitful result so far the result being read out on media. 

However it had a good contest and we should also acknowledge the role of Pakistan Army and D G Rangers who facilitated & ensured in Karachi a peaceful election, not only secured people but contenders - supporting the call of Election commission of Pakistan too .

Now the time is yours (MQM) so handle it peacefully without any revenge and avenge – take care for people - asking for and the basic theme and motto of local body election,  a collective call from people rejuvenating the election triumph.

The gone were the days where miscreants had been arrested and its was the need of the day so the chapter is closed now, militant & militancy has no place. 

Now start new opening with new script & spirit, new ambition and new efforts to save the city & to save Pakistan. God bless you, said a senior analyst. 
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