Dec 17, 2015

Unending tussle in between Federal and Provincial govt. for approving Rangers further stay in Sind has been squeezed by Chief Minister of Sind in terms of Ranger’s power

The Sind Govt. however brought the Resolution for the matter of Rangers further stay in Sind- keeping its operation continue but instead to approve straightaway the Rangers extension - the Sind govt. very smartly has curtailed & limited Ranger’s power.

The Rangers has been authorized to handle the following area directly but for other area Rangers will seek CM approval before arrest.

There is no need to liaise with CM Sind for the following area of operation
Ø Target killing
Ø Extortion
Ø Kidnapping for ransom
Ø Sectarian killing

The is no indication to arrest the culprits & corrupts who has stolen national money who remained associated with massive corruption since decades - who are involved in Money laundering - who shifted the national wealth from Pakistan to their personal account being maintained in overseas countries - who has built business empire in UK, UAE, Africa, US, Middle East & in Pakistan too - how they shifted money from Pakistan to abroad is the question have grown up among general public?

A thorough investigation & proper screening indeed required to catch the thieves who have stolen national money, misused and misappropriated National current accounts – the criminals, scoundrels and parasites to be unmasked and unearthed their ugly faces to the nation who emptied national kitty, weakened the national economy and paralyzed the country to beg for loan and run the state affairs on borrowed money.
CM Sind avoided mentioning or adding anything related to “trillion amounts corruption” in the Resolution – giving shield to the corrupt mafia and deliberately hiding them from the eyes of Rangers and allied agencies to bring the criminals to the task for justice.

Excluding the above operational area Rangers power for raids and arresting suspects has been asked to abide by:

Ø that any person, who is not directly involved in terrorism and is only suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists or by way of terror financing or facilitating terrorists shall not be placed under preventive detention under any law without prior written approval of Chief Minister of Sind Government

Ø it is clarified that in case a person is suspected of the above, cogent reasons with complete evidence justifying such preventive detention shall be provided to Government of Sind, which will, based on the available evidence, approve or reject such proposal of preventive detention

Ø the Pakistan Rangers Sind shall not raid any office of Government of Sind or any other Government Authority without prior written approval of the Chief Secretary, Government of Sind.
The Federal Interior Minister became furious to witness such a deliberately prepared Resolution by Sind govt. stating that Rangers working capacity has been shortened - giving them a jerk while performing their legitimate operational duties. The Resolution basically will be obstructing (in policy matters) to bring peace and ensuring a corrupt free society, he asserted.
Nisar, further added that just to save one person Dr. Asim who is under trial in the criminal charges of harboring terrorist and treating them in his hospital i.e. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Karachi where Dr. Asim acted as facilitator and abettor to the terrorist & high profiled criminals who had been sheltered and treated in his hospital.
Stopping Rangers at the moment implies to jeopardize and imperil Karachi operation, he maintained.
As soon as the Resolution read out by Sind Home Minister - the opposition leaders rushed to the speaker desk and logged their protest and walked out of assembly.
They alleged that the Sind govt. not consulted them or kept them in loop before tabling the Resolution in the assembly which of course was against democratic norm.
Referring Rangers call in Sind the Sind govt. specified that Pakistan Rangers, Sind in Karachi was requisitioned under Article 147 of the Constitution, and under Clause 1 of Sub-section 3 of Section 4 of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, had been authorized to prevent the commission of terrorist acts, or scheduled offences in notified area for the punishment of terrorist in accordance with the provision of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.
Supporting the police in Karachi since 1989 when the Pakistan People Party (PPP) government in the centre at the time had called in the Rangers and the Frontier Constabulary to curb rising political violence in the metropolis, the paramilitary force started enjoying policing powers a few years ago amid increasing number of killings on sectarian, political and ethnic grounds in the city.
But here Sind govt. forgot to referring the 22 clauses mentioned in National Action Plan (NAP) where Corruption was one of the most important clause which Sind govt. intentionally skipped and avoid to induct in the Resolution presented in the assembly, said the Opposition leader .  
Again, the resolution says that any person not directly involved in terrorism and only suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists shall not be placed under preventive detention.
Also highlighted that Rangers will neither be able to arrest anyone under the allegations of financing terrorists without prior written approval of Sind government or the chief minister nor
Raid any office of Sind government or any other authority without approval of the Sind chief secretary.
Rangers were given special policing powers following the start of the surgical action in Karachi in 2013.
As per opposition leaders the CM Sind has empowered to raid any offices but not Sind govt. office like Civic center, Sind secretariat & Public services department and alike but Rangers’ can raid any political office like 90 said a veteran political leader.
How the law is being ridiculed? When the operation were continued against MQM Sind Govt. due to its dubious and double standard policy they were silent and was not giving any statement in favor MQM but sitting as a silent spectators.
And now when the Law enforcing agencies moving towards them to nab and nail the Corrupts - they have been upset and fed up and in confusion has passed unrealistic Resolution stemming to save their Corrupt leaders who has been involved in massive money laundering and unbridled corruption.

Let Rangers do its work to unveil the crimes and criminals to save Sind and let them move to other province to maintain justice across the board. 
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