Dec 3, 2015

Where is the logical conclusion of the ‘’Operation cleanup’’ conducted with collaboration of Military & Civil authority in Sind province responding the National Action Plan (NAP)?

As we know that NAP consisting upon 20 points was unanimously agreed that enunciated in All Parties Conference (APC) Resolution on 24th December 2014 along with the approval of 22nd (Constitutional) Amendment to constitute special military courts to prosecute & hang the terrorists & riddance of ‘’corrupts’’ involved in unbridled corruptions in the country.

Where NAP clauses had assured the Nation to take drastic & an exemplary action against Corrupt Politicians, sitting MNAs/ MPAs, Bureaucrats’, Business magnates, Media owners, Real estate Builders, Govt. Officials & the Stake holders who made ‘’Public services departments’’ dysfunctional - failed to serve general public on account of rising mismanagement and fraudulent appropriation of funds in state owned services Institutions like Govt. Hospitals, School, Colleges & Universities.

People in Karachi (specifically) were of the view and had confidence over ‘’military operation’’ that conducted to cleanse the city and Institutions. And NAP assurance too to eliminate such criminals from the province to restore peace in terms of terrorism - and peace in terms of corrupts political leaders & corrupt elements who had maimed the public services department & emptied national exchequer.

A general belief among public that if ‘’govt. owned service institutions’’ had performed well & delivered good services it would reflect that govt. was sincere, honest and loyal with the country and its people and had control - ensuring peaceful running - but if the institutions were not serving well to its people then it would meant that govt. had lost its hold over the institutions or the govt. itself were corrupt and involved in misappropriation. 

So in current scenario the Karachi and entire Sind are the prey into to the hand of corrupt govt. officials - The corrupt mafia is not external element but from internal - sitting in our lap and from public votes they came in power where instead to serve people they are inflicting the city - the province and the country as a whole. So military operation sought is the only remedy to root out them from their bases.

The dismantled & apathetic public services department role in Sind like KMC - KDA
K Electric - Karachi Building Authority - Highways & Roads/ Underpass & Flyover constructions department - Karachi Water & Sewerage Board – Public Transport - Building & land acquisition/ drawing & licensing department - Factory inspection/ construction validation & safety & security etc..

Employees old age benefits - Agriculture department - Income Tax department - Labor department - Horticulture department - Urban & Rural Town planning department - Culture, Tourism & Heritage department - Live stock & Fisheries - Fisheries & Harbor authority - Excise & Taxation - Coal & Energy development - Fire brigade.

Inter alia, functionality of public service department are zero, has been eclipsed with massive corruption – even not a single department which is funded by the govt. are in good shape and efficient in its performance but a heap of garbage & mounting complaints from public.
Govt. allocated Budget/ Funds meant for machineries & equipments, repair and maintenance are misused and the heavy equipment goes rusted and spoiled - a net loss to the govt.

A disaster & chaos in ‘’public service outlets in ‘’Rural & Urban area of Sind’’ where the end users deprives off & becomes vulnerable for not availing the services supposed to be extended to general public.

The faulty machines after due repairing and maintenance could yield good services but thieves sitting there made the outlets topsy-turvy. There are plenty of faulty Fire tenders, Snorkel & Water browsers, dumper truck, garbage collector and road cleaners, excavators, heavy cranes & vehicles are not operational in Fire Brigade & KMC. 

Billions of machine & heavy equipments are lying under open sky causing operational loss – why there is no audit and accountability?

No restrain & control on heavy mismanagement & mounting corruption in the departments from top to bottom.

What happened next?
In Sind - series of operation had been carried out by D G Rangers & its team in public services departments in addition to arresting Criminals, Land grabbers, Kidnappers, Ransom & Target killers, Bhatta Mafia, Extortionists & Terror Financing, Forged employments & Ghost employees. The Criminals, abettors & aiders had been arrested.

The Nation believes in the result of ‘’Sind operation’’ though it was a mega task yet law enforcement agencies’ rendered it services and referred the cases to the judiciary but where is the dire consequences for the culprits - people are expecting its logical end as per commitment of Chief of Army staff (COAS)?

People don’t care who is not at same page – if Sind govt. is not supporting to Rangers and military operation team then drastic actions against the provincial govt. is the need of the day that has been incompetent, inefficient & incapacitated to perform the services.

See the city known ‘illuminated Karachi’ portraying the area aftermath of the WAR - A complete overhauling has been must to get rid of economic terrorism.

We know that Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched on June 15th 2014 in North Waziristan along the Pak-Afghan border – a joint military offensive by Pakistan Armed Forces against militant groups in the country including TTP – IMU - East Turkestan Islamic Movement - Haqqani Network – Jundallah - Lashkar-e-Jhangvi & Al-Qaeda where 30,000 army personal from the country remained part of this operation to annihilate terrorism from its roots within Pakistan.
And as a consequence terrorist attacks in Pakistan dropped to 80% which signifies six-year low since 2008 - a prominent decrease of militant activities within the country.

Corrupt political pundits embezzled govt. allocated funds & misused the authority the imminent & intense irregularities that DG Rangers noticed - nab & nail the culprits but where is the logical end? It was decided in NAP that no corrupt politician and Officers will be spared and action against ‘Corrupt elements’ is the part of that plan. 

Sources said that a list of these officers mentioning their illegal activities along with documentary evidence has been sent to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for quick action. The report says corruption and land grabbing are directly linked with terrorism as the intelligence agencies are of the view that these finances were used in terrorist activities.

The Intelligence agencies assisting the Law Enforcing Agencies in the ongoing operation against criminals in Karachi and other parts of Sind has recommended to NAB through the Federal authorities to take action against 63 top bureaucrats of the Sind government allegedly involved in corruption, land grabbing and giving illegal benefits to political high-ups by misusing their authority.

NAB sources confirmed the move and said that action has already been started and quoted the arrest of
(a)  Secretary Sind Excise department Badar Jameel Mendhro & Director Sind Anti-Corruption department Khadim Hussain Channa for their alleged involvement in corruption.
(b)  According to official statement of NAB investigations have been authorized against 6 officers of Sind government including
(c)  former Chief Secretary Sind Ghulam Ali Shah Pasha, Chairman Chief Minister’s inspection team Subhan Memon, Qadir Bux, Gadda Hussain Abro, Imtiaz Solangi & Salih Nukrich for illegal allotment of land.
(d)  In this report some officers of Sind government have been alleged to have financially supported some ethnic terrorist groups after getting millions of rupees on monthly basis in the name of fake and ghost employees.

Maj Gen Bilal Akbar also revealed that money collected from shops & markets via extortion totaled billions of rupees, adding that political parties, City district Govt. & Administrations, Police officials, Construction companies & Real estate agents were involved in ‘’china cutting’’.
It’s a love and trust in military leadership instead political party who has vitiated & marred the country avoided to invigorate the national economy due to their greediness and insatiable desire of excessive wealth, said political analyst debating on outcome of NAP - Failure of good governance highlighted in Corps commander meeting held recently where govt. irrelevancy came under discussion.

Pakistan army completed its operation Zarb-e-Azb against terrorism and terrorist –it evacuated the people from the area where the operation had been sought but as soon as the operation concluded the civil govt. should have been rehabilitated the immigrants back to their home town but govt. did not facilitate, ISPR statement.

Pakistan a country of 200 million people where Govt. is poor - people is poor but Rulers the Politicians are wealthier.

PML-N, PPP and other political pundits who are in power from 1970 - 2015 remained busy in pillaging and plundering national exchequer instead to invest on people welfare they transferred hefty National money from Pakistan to their personal account maintaining in overseas – Does it not fall under economic terrorism?

They have their business empire in UK – Middle East – Africa – US – Saudi Arabia and in Pakistan too resulting they have made Pakistan heavily indebted pretending that economy is well affluent but it is not – it is being fed by hefty loan with huge interest payment.

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif (NS) sons are known in UK as a top most Asian investor. His son Hasan Nawaz & Hussain Nawaz has Business Empire in UK – they have business in India too & Billion of projects are running in Saudi Arabia, media reported.

The weakened & distrusted NAB Chairman is appointed by the sitting premier Nawaz Sharif & earlier by premier from PPP - how the NAB Chairman can be loyal to the Nation but to them only that’s why despite involved in billions of corruptions they are not executed so far and get clean chit.

Recently PPP chief Asif Ali Zardri (AAZ) had been presented in the court of law against references for corruption in 2008 but he was released by the court reasoning the non availability of the evidences to prove corruption charges.

Similarly, Nawaz Saharif (NZ) was presented in Lahore but judiciary released him on the plea for not giving any evidences from NAB – so who steals the papers or who makes the cases ineffective?

Now see Ayan Ali (model girl) case it is moving to and fro since 8th months despite having clear CCTV evidences for transporting money from Karachi air port to Dubai. Custom authority got the money USD $ 500,000 from her hand bag, she was caught red handed but what happened next? 

The court after 8 months in its verdict asked to hand over her passport & deposit two bonds @ Rs 1.0 million each as security & surety along with her property paper and allowed to let her go?

Where is the conclusion of Dr. Asim? the heightening corruption charges had been leveled by Rangers when he was arrested but after a chain of court hearing since the date of his arrest what happened next?

People needs logical conclusion as assured by COAS to the countrymen?

The NAB as part of its anti-corruption drive has got 14-day
(a)   remand of 4 provincial officers while many key Sind officials & politicians have secured pre-arrest bails fearing they could be arrested anytime.

The renewed onslaught against corruption and various illegal activities in Karachi is apparently part of efforts to move about financial sources of militants – an essential element of the National Action Plan against terrorism.

(b)  The National Accountability Bureau had arrested TMO Zahoor Ahmed Shahani
(c)  Ex TMO Rehmatullah Memon &
(d)   Engineer Idrees Memon of Sehwan Town Municipal Authority &
(e)  Sajawal Ex TMO Mumtaz Ali Zardari

Al these 4 accused have been associated with town planning and municipal authorities had been arrested.

The accused were presented in the Accountability Court Karachi & Judge Abdul Latif Golo was told that they were involved in embezzlement of billions of rupees

(f)   Mumtaz Zardari is accused of embezzling one billion rupees while
(g)  Sehwan Municipal Authority officials are accused of misappropriating one billion and two million rupees

They allegedly issued bogus cheques of huge amounts to fake contractors - falsified accounts - made fake purchases & paid salaries to ghost employees while no work was done on any scheme.

(h)  NAB has also accused provincial minister Ali Mardan Shah - former education minister Pir Mazharul Haq

(i)    Information Secretary Zulfiqar Ali Shalwani &
(j)    Director Mansoor Rajput of committing corruption & they have secured pre-arrest bails from the courts.

(k)  Commissioner Benazirabad Ghulam Mustafa Phul has also obtained pre-arrest bail from the Sindh High Court while Barrister Zameer Ghamro has also challenged National Accountability bureau Ordinance in the court of Justice Sadiq Hussain and Justice Hassan Feroze, according to a BBC report. 

. The court has issued notices to federal law ministry, NAB chairman, Sind government and provincial anti-corruption department chairman.

(l)    The plaintiff claimed that central government has no right to interfere in provincial affairs under the NAB Ordinance, and fighting against corruption is a provincial matter as per the constitutions of 1962 and 1973.

(m) Barrister Zameer maintained that NAB, which is federal institution, has no right to investigate corruption cases which fall in provincial government’s purview, and it can only act against organizations falling in federal jurisdiction.

The paramilitary Rangers, which is at the forefront of targeted operation against the criminals in the city - after a meeting of the provincial Apex Committee, had said that different political and religious groups are making around 230 billion rupees annually through various illegal activities in Karachi.

Sind Rangers DG Maj-Gen Bilal Akbar earlier told the Apex Committee that not only Sind influential receive their cut but a big chunk of this money is used in gang war and other militant activities.

(n)  Sind Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Chairman Mumtaz Shah told Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah that
(o)  52 officers from different government departments had been arrested over charges of corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of government funds across the province in the past two months
(p)  He said 72 first-information reports (FIRs) were registered, while 209 inquiries were initiated against officials in the said time period.

(q)  70 persons in Sind government had secured bail-before-arrest in several corruption cases as soon as they saw their names in Corrupted officials list. But if this is the practice then how they can be prosecuted for the corruption they are involved & then how we can cleanse Pakistan – a corruption free Pakistan?said political analyst 

Corruption is one of most chronic issue in Pakistan where it has routed down in government institutions enough that cannot be eliminated easily following the stakes of powerful bureaucrats and corrupt politicians. Corruption has been deep routed & deep seated at all levels either private or government from top to bottom and anti-corruption institutions has failed to stop this & reduce the ongoing dishonesty and frauds.

The economy of Pakistan has collapsed completely due to high rate corruption and criminal negligence of relevant authorities. There are many top politicians have been reportedly involved in this misconduct.

Rana Sanaullah Khan - PML-N parliamentarian, one of the corrupt leader in Pakistan, there are numerous indirect corruption charges but no ruling authority is ready to investigate him for these illegal and dishonest concerns like illegal Sui-Gas & electricity supply, illegal possession of land etc.

Mushahid Ullah Khan - PML-N parliamentarian, the top corrupt politician in Pakistan, he has alliance with top level government officers & grabbed money for their personal interest rather than focusing on public issues.

Hanif Abbasi  PML-N parliamentarian, has been doing business of pharmaceutical products in which he has been charged for misuse of 500 kilograms ephedrine along with other partners by Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), according to sources Abbasi has involved in corruption activities as chairman of Shahbaz Sharif’s Sasti Roti Scheme financed by Punjab government that is still un-addressed by government authorities.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf – PPP ex parliamentarian, a businessman, agriculturist & politician one of the corrupt politician in Pakistan, he has been charged for kickbacks from rental power plants that were part of the solution to Pakistan’s power problems; however, he is still free despite of corruption accusation.

Fazal-ur-Rehman – PML-N parliamentarian, the most hypocrite politician has ever seen even brazenly started admitting his corruption on media, he is associated with PML-N & protected himself from every corruption charges he is never accounted for. He speaks in favor of Nawaz Sharif without knowing the facts which showed his black mouth behind his Islamic face, involved in various cases in illegal allotments but didn’t face any charge yet.

Shahbaz Sharif – PML-N, chief minister Punjab, he has financed Scheme called Shahbaz Sharif’s Sasti Roti in which he made millions of rupees instead providing the poor people some reliable facilities – the YELLOW CAB scheme and & mega projects like JUNGLA BUS service are some of the schemes from which he has extracted lot of money but not charged even single time.

Yousuf Raza Gilani – PPP ex parliamentarian & ex premier, having sufficient evidences, Supreme Court of Pakistan had disqualified him, he is considered as one of top corrupt politicians in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif – PML-N, prime minister of Pakistan is also one of the top corrupt politician in Pakistan who along with his Brother Shahbaz Sharif did lot of fake projects. He is involved in various illegal activities like money laundering – favoring Kohinoor Energy Co - illegal cash finance facility for sugar mills - Bribe offered to ANP’s Senator Qazi Mohammad Anwer - illegally appointed Chairman Central Board of Revenue - Plundering money from Jahez and Baitul Maal funds and many other cases but not discussed by any government authorities to accuse him. 
The veteran politician and owner of Ittefaq Group, the leading steel producer in Pakistan also holds investments in agriculture, sugar and transport, has net worth up to $1.4 billion for which he became one of the wealthiest people of Pakistan but how come?

Asif Ali Zardari – PPP ex president of Pakistan, has topped the list of corrupt politician in Pakistan - arrested on corruption charges in late 1996, he has been involved in various illegal activities during his tenure from 2008 to 2013 as President of Pakistan, left untouched by anti-corruption authorities over high relations with top ranked people, he also has investment in agriculture sector which is tuning at 1.8 billion USD – but the question persists who to be responded that how he attained such a huge sum.

We people of Pakistan salute our prestigious army for its unprecedented victory in Operation Zarb-e-Azb conducted to root out terrorism in Pakistan soil but want to see the logical ending of Sind Operations too? asserted group of audience responding for the question raised about outcome of the Operation clean up in Sind
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