Dec 13, 2015

Why Sind govt. is reluctant & avoiding to approve ‘’Rangers stay’’ in Sind just to preclude Rangers for not to interrupt in Corruption matters

There may be multiple reasons but one of them is the most important to save and forbid Dr. Asim from further trial of Anti terrorism court - where Dr Asim was presented on the charges of Facilitator & Abettor who provided shelter and treated the Terrorists whose head-money had been determined in millions. 

But Dr. Asim owner of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital accommodated the high profiled criminals, treated and some of them also had a surgical operation in the same hospital - Rangers however presented the bills in the court paid by the terrorists.

But Dr. Asim vociferated in the court before the judge that I have not committed any crimes & for the last 90 days Rangers are persecuting me, they wanted me to tell everything so what I should tell them if I did not do anything wrong.

What a mockery? Dr. Asim charges investigated by Rangers have been coming in print and electronic media and now he utterly refuting and rebutting to own – refusing flatly & ignoring - giving impression in general public that he is being victimized & harassed & he is innocent and unnecessary being dragged by Rangers.

He shouted in the court that if Rangers wants to kill – kill me - go ahead instead to vex me from 90 days, said Dr. Asim.

Dr. Asim being facilitator perpetrated the serious offence against constitution of Pakistan and attested the clause mentioned in Nation Action Plan to expose such culprits & prosecute who enabled the criminals to crime - will be tried according to the law - Of course the Terrorists were of high profile and treating them by Dr. Asim or in his hospital leading as heinous crime i.e. involving in subversive activity.

Rangers also made a mistake here if Dr. Asim was tried in Anti terrorism Court then why Rangers shifted Dr. Asim to police station – where a DSP stated before the judge that we investigated and found Dr. Asim innocent. However Judge asked the investigative officer to produce the papers the charges and his acquittal recommending by DSP

Later the same DSP said to Rangers that they had killing threat for Dr. Asim thats why they said in the court that from their side investigation has been completed and we wanted his acquittal, said DSP

The motives behind Sind Govt. to delay & not accepting ‘’Rangers stay’’ in Sind is to save just one person Dr. Asim who has plethora of crimes & nexus with big fishes involved in unbridled corruptions in Sind since 70s. 

So if the names unearth Sind govt. will go in trouble and new chapter of investigation will take place, a general observation among political analyst.

It refers the dumbfounded and senseless speech of CM Sind where he said that we had authorized or permitted Rangers to nab and nail the target killers, kidnappers and criminals but they (Rangers) are moving towards “Corruption” we did not ask them – Corruption is provincial govt. responsibility not federal or Rangers, CM elaborated..

According to him Corruption had been started since the premier late Liaquet Ali Khan & even General Ziaul Haque also had mentioned in the parliament that ‘’THANDA KAR KAY KHAOO’’ be patient - eat but when the situation is normal.

Really a very nasty & coward attempt - associating corruption with Liqauet Ali Khan - misleading and straying to the audience - instead to remember the Freedom Fighters with due respect and reverence - his struggle & strenuous freedom movement really under estimated by CM.

Liaquet Ali khan staunch faith of freedom & unflinching support to the cause getting us an independent state Pakistan – a dream that came true in response to his sincere and dauntless efforts that we have a separate homeland but how brutally we are ridiculing it - Instead to pay homage and tributes to Liaque Ali Khan him - how the CM did his character assassination, said a Scholar present in the meeting.

Does it not lead an act of deliberate betrayal with the founder of the country?

Academia, Intelligentsia, Scholars and Business community are asking CM to apologize and take his word back otherwise the intellectuals and civil society will come for the protest.
Bad governance and heightening corruptions are the main reason for Pakistan People Party (PPP) failure who did not extend any support to its voters neither in urban nor in rural.

Even not a single development work carried out across Sind and that’s the eventual fact that PPP could not attain any major seats in local body election and when participated in by-election in Punjab & Sind it got defeat shamefully.

Currently PPP is escalating their ministries every alternate month - getting dictation from Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) who is sitting in Dubai and calling the PPP mainstream to get him updated with party and politics, certainly an extra load on national exchequer to bear the recurrent visits of Ministers going Dubai for political decision through their Boss (AAZ) instead to be in Sind and meet with people or their concerned constituencies’.

Understanding worsening condition of people - uncertainty & distrusts that developed - expecting to earn & restore people's trust but every passing day getting PPP more vulnerable due to complete ignorance from PPP leadership & its ministries too who primarily not performing any services in urban and rural area. In general they are not doing their jobs.

Constant disconnect from their supporters, workers and well wisher are the main reason getting PPP down very rapidly - In short, people are suffering with multiple problems - no department getting them to notice & attend their complaints and resolution.

By Monday it is believed that CM Sind will approve Ranges stay in Sind to keep its operation continue, empowering the Rangers free to nab and nail the corrupts who are busy in loot and pillage national money.
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