Jan 20, 2016

Bacha Khan University under terrorist attack - 30 killed & 50 wounded on Wednesday 20th Jan 2016

When we will mature? The same error repeated - We did not learn from the brutal killing of 132 children in Army Public school Peshawar - the pain still we feel but we have been ignorant!.

Why we are ignorant and taking the thing so easy? Terrorist are at large & we are talking on APC (All Party Conference) - Involve in Iran & Saudi Arabia diplomatic relationship and our home is burning. 

We brag and boast ostensibly about safety and security of educational institution but result is ZERO - do astronomically that we will kill the last terrorist - their life has been numbered - the place around them has been squeezed - we will not sit but will chase them and remove their hideouts, said by premier in his recent press briefing.  

Terrorists entered in Bacha Khan University through low height wall from the back side of the university, there are evidences showing in media - stacking the rocks on top of another close to the backside of the wall using as ladder to enter into the university.

ü  University is not secured from 4 sided - walls at different places are lesser than the height of front main entrance - the barbed wire shown around is not intact - there are breakage and even the broken wire is moving to and fro such ignorance facilitates the terrorist to get in it is not noticeable to the University management..
ü  University back area is surrounded with huts and makes shift houses - there is paddy field such provision becomes a potential source to enter into the premises

ü  Why university has not been cordoned off with high rise walls with intact barbed wires?

ü  Why close to the university & its adjoining areas people has been allowed to live?

ü  We cannot trust as the same down trodden segments are used as a source of communication helping the terrorist for their clandestine activity?

ü  Why at the entrance of university Scanner/ Sensitized Iron-door has not been installed?

ü  University also comprised on Hostels - Is there any regular check up & close monitoring for the students living there and their activity?
ü  Has the management of the university strictly followed the security measures to meet possible security threat as we are in strict grip of terrorism & educational institutions are on their hit list?

ü  Does the university maintain fool proof security parameter?

ü  Does the university install CCTV camera across its compound & these are functional to monitor students’ activity as we cannot ignore internal involvement too?

When we will mature - why don't learn from the past & why don't security as a most crucial subject and tool are ensured in educational institutions.

Why we wait another tragedy after tragedy - we do press conference – exchange condolence message with the aggrieved family with profound grief and do promises and commitment to retaliate terrorist with iron hand but what happens? Nothing – we live in the same environment with the same clock ticking alarming us for new threats.

Remedial measures
Take immediate survey of every university in Pakistan across the provinces and ensure highly tangible fool proof sterned security measures to avoid of such threats.

Hostel activity
Students living there should thoroughly be examined their activity and attendance in the class – are they really students or just staying there?

Visitors In/Out
Close mentoring - thorough candid camera and documentation to be followed

Internal staff
Executive & Non executive wage earner activity – any suspicious activity to be brought to the army help line as police itself is not credible.

Canteen staff - Security guards and low paid employees like Office assistant – Peon - Dak riders Office boy - Water boy & cleaning staff accessible inside the administration block of University are the players for internal information  

Student activity
In the University close monitoring – students association & groups where students are mingling and instead to incline towards education if involved in any subversive activity or activity which is not part of their studies

CCTV camera installation & regular maintenance
Being an accomplished source to unearth & unmask the criminals using university as their hideouts 

Karachi University – NED University & Urdu Science College/ University need to check thoroughly in terms of security measures – their surrounding and cordoning its four sides walls with security instruments.
Back side walls of every units must not be accessible by any unauthorized person – raise the wall make it equivalent from every sides to disable any illicit attempts in the campus.

A prime responsibility of University top management to ensure an accomplished safety and security measures to avoid of further disaster - parents send their children for study not to kill them - they are our future architect please save them.
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