Jan 1, 2016

Narendra Modi visit in Pakistan baffled not only govt. machineries but countrymen too

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (NM) stunned visit & reception by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef (NS) at his palace in Jati Umra (Raiwind Lahore) has flared up the nation.

Though it’s about a week but still there is concerned and has a harsh debate among public and political analyst asking premier NS to clear NM visit in Pakistan that kept in secret?

Whereas some termed it was a breakthrough giving a flip to break an iceberg that had gone chilled since decade – a revival of diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan to revitalize & restore strength & of course it was a good opening & praiseworthy but it should have been official or should have come through foreign offices, a general decorum & perception.

Some said that NM had [an] scheduled from his way back from Kabul to India but due to stopover he preferred to chitchat with NS – NM desired to detour his visit in Pakistan and as such he capitalized the time instead to move in a hotel as NM tweeted to NS.

NS however invited NM to grace his presence at the wedding ceremony of his (NS) granddaughter & celebrating his (NS) birthday that coincidently fell on the same day. It was a pleasant trip to Lahore I attended and appreciate the cordial welcome of NS, said NM when he (NM) went back to Delhi.

However such visits at both ends (India + Pakistan) made the foreign ministries astounded & parliamentarians at Treasury & Opposition benches were in bewilderment when the news busted in media.

It does not look believing that how it happened & why NM visit in Pakistan overlooked by both foreign offices? NM just for 1-1/2 hours stayed in Pakistan but except the host NS and guest NM no one were aware of the visit neither ruling elites of the country nor ISPR were in the loop particularly in case of NM visit was more crucial than visit of other head of states..

Normal people of the country said it was a planned visit in between NS & NM - some said it was not a diplomatic but personal & a friendly visit - some said it was just a stopover.
In either case it’s a mystery where media seems scrolling & working on probability but could not arrive at digestible conclusion that why MODI visited Pakistan so hurriedly? And what discussion both the premier had still has not been tabled in the assembly.

Certainly NM visit was not a normal trip but long waited where since decade no premier visited in Pakistan from India and more importantly were the extreme tensed & acrimonious relationship between both the countries – a persisting cold WAR, said a seasoned parliamentarian that kept everyone in suspense.

The relationship between INDIA & PAKISTAN has been thorny & hostile since long – though for sometime goes down or appeased but again goes boiled for no substantial reasons and in such a shattering and rattling behavior no one expects to digest such surprises.

It also has been a persisting eclipsed in terms of diplomatic relationship where India had been attacking regularly at the line of control (LoC) & despite lodging complaints with Indian consular in Pakistan over unprovoked firing at LoC - no result seen but reported more worsening.

There are evidences that happened in Oct. 2015 - worse sign of hatred & animosity from Shiv Sena [an} extremist Hindu - his outrageously bigoted attitude against Pakistan reminds the days when Pakistani artist from Showbiz, Sports player & Board member, Musical orchestra, Drama and Film actors and actress, Scholars and people from different disciplines were in India to perform but they were intimidated and forced to leave the country following Shiv Sena’s rising hooliganism.

Concerts by veteran Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali had been scheduled in state of Maharashtra, Mumbai & Pune were canceled.

Former Pakistan fast bowlers Wasim Akram & Shoaib Akhtar who were commentating in the ongoing India and South Africa ODI series were asked to return to Pakistan.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) were forced to withdraw umpire Aleem Dar from the remaining matches in the ongoing India versus South Africa series when Shiv Sena activists in Mumbai stormed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) headquarters and threatened to prevent the umpire from standing in the fifth ODI.

Shiv Sena protested against any ties with Pakistan and besieged BCCI chief Shashank Manohar in his office forcing cancellation of talks with Pakistan PCB chief Shaharyar Khan.

Shiv Sena not allowed Pakistani actor in the films Mahira Khan (film name Raees) & Fawad Khan (Film name Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) promoting the film in Maharashtra.

Shiv. Sena also disrupted the ‘’book launch’’ of Former Pakistan minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri - Ink attacked on former BJP ideologue Sudheendra Kulkarni & opposing the release of former Pakistan foreign minister Khushid Kasuri’s Book.

Shiv Sena asked NM govt. to call off every cultural and sporting relation with the neighboring country Pakistan, press reported.

Shiv Sena (over the years) have been flexing his muscle to thwart attempts at cultural collaborations with Pakistani artists, sportspersons and others.

So considering such extreme strained situation coupled with vandalism – tormenting emotionally and mentally how the Pakistani national could expect NM visit in Pakistan and that was the reason everyone seemed baffled.

Again about NM visit - whether it was a personal or official in either case the diplomatic route was mandatory or foreign office should have been in limelight instead to keep them dumbfounded - who now is varnishing the emerged denting and paining because of keeping NM visit in mist.

Nevertheless all these fall in assumptions or error from foreign office who could not air the arrival of Modi in Pakistan in advance - its media in Pakistan who hastily covered NM visit but journalists kept aside to get in Jati Umra Lahore and the venue remained unapproachable by the media personnel.

However NM & NS had a brief meeting in Lahore at his residence & this was the first time an Indian premier visited Pakistan in more than a decade.
Howbeit covering the surprised visit of NM - foreign secretary Aizaz Chaudhry briefed media about Indian premier (NM) visit that he phoned premier NS expressing his desire to visit Pakistan on his way back from Kabul – It was a goodwill visit and both the premiers decided to understand each other's point of views & agreed to send their foreign secretaries for the meeting to be convened in mid January.
Foreign secretary further said that premier adviser for foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz and national security adviser Nasir Janjua both would have attended the meeting between the two premiers if NM had informed earlier.
People are of the view that the country is not running on parliamentary system but monarchy where the state custodian though known as prime minister but lives and rules like a monarch where the most ministers are taken from family.
Understanding a hereditary right and country as such becomes a ball into the hands of such autocrats who rolls & dominates the country’s institutions and keep the grips & grasps over the constitution even in such a way that seems them suitable - they do translate according to their own wish and desire & Modi visit is one of them where the govt. functionaries could not prefer to public it.
Moreover at social media someone reported she has mobile upload sent her from resources that in the wedding of NS granddaughter there were 147 guests of industries Tycoons who were invited specially on PM's granddaughter wedding. Including 17 Steel Industry owners also - JINDAL (who was already staying in Lahore since 3 days), JIYOTI (NEPAL), 19 Saudis, 7 from UAE, 5 from UK, Brazil and Turkey etc.

All of these were declared as State Guests, expected revenue Collection in shape of Gifts or so called SALAMI was equal to value 4.5 billion out of which equal to 3 billion were already received – was it not a conflict of interest? 

Suspicion among some political analysts also were developing that Modi hastened visit to Pakistani premier NS was to convey a message received from Russian President Validimir Putin asking Pakistani premier NS for not to join 34 countries the Saudi Arabia led coalition forces, discussion noticed in TV Talk-show.

Emphasizing Pakistan to stay away from this alliance, if NM visit meant for this - then NS should have brought this proposal of Russian President in the assembly to establish coherence among parliamentarian.

Prime Minster of a country becomes a trustee following the trust of his/ her people so personal gain and interest should not be part of country’s business – wherever premier goes and meets the head of other states should be shared with parliamentarians in the country to establish a political consensus instead to term the visit personal.
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