Feb 19, 2016

Ill planning of security personnel to train students how to respond if terrorist attacks in educational institutions’

Currently ‘’Training through Demonstration’’ conducted by law enforcement agencies & private security companies in Educational Institutions aiming to give an idea and understanding about terrorist attacks and rising terrorism & possible remedial measure thereof - leaving negative impacts among students and parents instead to benefit & inculcate awareness’.

Though it was a good move but manner of presentation and approach to apprise the students were not good, said school teacher.

There are hue and cry and rising objections seems complaining in the media for the pattern and method adopted by security personnel to impart training to the students is not worth full but making the students scary, shivery and chilled.

It is provoking fear and terror among students instead to enhance & establish confidence, courage & bravery that how to shield & counter if terrorist attacks - our children goes senseless & flurried when they attend the theater organized by police and Security Company.

Apparently the practice & exercise showcased in the class room & in auditoriums could not proof as a tool to respond, deal & retaliate the onslaught of terrorist a general perception.

Sharing the reservation of teachers & parents - uttering that a peaceful environment of the class room is destroyed - it’s some sort of mental torture - chilling our children but most importantly they are losing their strength & vitality when students attend such classes.

When a group of law enforcement agencies or the personnel of Security Company camouflaging in terrorists - enter in a class room & storms with heavy gun fires – roars & bellows – asks students to head down or lie down on the floor – drags some students through the legs – threatens to kill their lives etc.
Squaring and clouding students in a live show - such pattern of demonstration made majority of student unconscious because it was blatant & conspicuous to afford terrorist attack scene.
It was not a film but a real-show when the class room were echoing with heavy gun fires & female students were screaming literally, media covered the live scene.

Most of them particularly school going children frightened and even they see such drill in their dream and wakeup in midnight and ask their mom – mommy we have terrorist in the room, said a mother.

Inadvisable steps by law enforcement agencies for the training imparted that how to deal in case terrorist attacks does not seem a lesson to learn by students but giving them an impression of a horror movie or looks like filming a shooting of terrorist attack.

And that’s the reason such mock-exercise neither students nor parents appreciated but terming it a failed & unachievable bid to train the students.

It’s a terribly afraid episode being portrayed in the university, said a father whose daughter witnessed such exercise in the university and fell down, immediately she was given first aid to resuscitate her.

Among students everyone does not have a brave heart to afford such terrible exercise that may cause lethargy in extreme cases, said a professor.

One of the parent said my younger kid did not sleep for the last two days when he is asleep he has been murmuring no don’t kill me - no don’t kill me, it means there is extreme fear that has been engraved in his small mind.

Though local govt. thoughts to attain good response from mock-drill in educational institutions [considering the threats in school, college and university] educating, apprising & familiarizing the students that how to behave and handle the situation if terrorist attacks yet it failed altogether.

However most were of the view that instead to do demonstration physically and even infusing harassment and embarrassment among students – it could wipe out & convert into a viable project if govt. would have arranged such mock-drill through presentation at a big screen supported by projectors.

Had it not been more responsive if security personnel impersonating as terrorist would have appeared with lethal weapon & performed the same thing - covering the whole episodes but through graphic designing not physical exercise?

Again the episode of the training session continuing in university exhibiting mock-scene of terrorist attack - impregnating the students mind unsafe and unsecured while witnessing the drill - In some cases student appalled & shocked – they lost the voice, started rattling and some fell down too during the demonstration.

In some cases the mock-drill organizer did not inform students in advance or prepared them mentally to see the terrorist attack exercise - resulting all of sudden erupted environment made them flabbergasted & speechless.

Really we were in a state of terrible and dreadful situation, said a male student – we were under impression that we have been attacked by terrorist but as soon as our senses normalized we realized it was a mock drill.

Pre-planning and sharing the information in advance would keep the students ready instead to terrorize them – just imagine that group of terrorists jump in the class room & you are beleaguered with real terrorist (though disguised), equipped with heavy Kalashnikov & storms the class room what message you get, asked a student

In short the govt. agencies must teach students through presentation supported with computer technology or arrangement of cine-theater to communicate & conceive the subject more precisely and remedy thereof if happens. 
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