Feb 2, 2016

What should be the priority before PML-N? Why it is spiraling around 7-8 people who are misguiding his chief.

Break Punjab - it is well populated if it wins it makes govt. - so make more provinces to split the vote banks so that winning of one province my not dominate & impact the future of the country.

Dependency on one province cripples & disables the ability of other provinces because the remaining province relies upon federal where one man show always works - if it wants its good otherwise wait for mode or modus operandi what suits them who is ruling the country.

Budget meant for provinces are not released timely or revised but swings and scrolls among the desire and preference of the federal govt. where Punjab is ruling.

Such affront & impression “”I am the king?’’ affects the performance of other province too to materialize their promises what they have done with their voters in the province.

20 million people of Pakistan play into the hand of one province supremacy who has hold in Federal i.e. Punjab who made the govt. because of 2/3 majority.

Despite having govt. PML-N is not even performing well in its own province Punjab, frustrated people are living below poverty line, mothers are throwing their child in the canal, father are slaughtering their children and then killing himself – Crime rate in Punjab has been augmented drastically, self immolation on the apathy & numbness of police – its giving impression of police states..

Extreme mismanagement, lawlessness, kidnapping and ransom and killing, rapes and gang rapes, pedophilia, religious killing, backdoor support to terrorist of different factions are the crimes have engulfed Punjab.

Bomb explosion, suicide bomber and attacks on university, college, school, religious center, civil and military airports, public places are the routine works not in Punjab but in other province – so why not in Punjab? Does it not seem suspicious?

Condition of Govt. schools and Hospitals are evidence of live corruptions – thousands    govt. Schools have been encroached by influential lords of Punjab where they park their land cruiser; it has been converted into crops storing & farm tools, keeping their animals and using for cow dung or in some cases there are police training center instead to teach students of the area.

Projects metro buses, bridges and highways bring prosperity in the country no doubt but progression and prosperity for the people is the prime issue and most important than investment towards long term projects – why not the current crisis of POWER PRODUCING UNITS instead to bear the Circular debt payment?  

See the unemployment ratio, performance of public sector industries which is purely meant to serve people are idle and insufficient because of unbridled corruption. Public service department are the main source to benefit for general public but these are dysfunctional - So people to go where?

PML-N whenever came in power it first approach to privatize the state owned industries. They are very much prone to sell out public sector industries at peanut price with forged documentation for biding, eventually it gets them handsome kickback - to benefiting its own people either in the family or close to PML-N.

They do contract with western loan giving agencies to acquire more loans against heavy prices of the country - agreeing to sell out or privatize the industries.
What are the motives to do such contract with IMF, in order to get loans you will dispose off your own industries instead to do reform or revive if the units are not producing well or has ill performance.

Pamper it with information and communication technology instead to sell out – bring expertise and work out to push up with diversified mechanism and techniques instead to just stick to privatize and get commission – why you do this? Asked PIA lady employee who are on agitation since week.

See the loan criteria how it has been inflated now touching at $ 70 Billion - who will pay it - naturally our generation so why we make such policy which is detrimental for general public.
Instead to invest for people progression and prosperity all such huge sum goes on infrastructure which is not short term benefit for people but long - so why we do?.

Revive the industries those have been closed due to power shortage – think first how to generate or bridge the expanding power shortfall - give them gas – enable the disabled industries to fuel the wheel to move for production - by doing so you will open more industries instead to make road and buses?

Prioritize the issue at hand - don't prefer your interest but people being first & foremost otherwise you will be rejected if not amended your approach, said an unemployed person in Faisalabad whose industry has been close due to acute power shortfall.
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