May 18, 2016

Khurshid Shah Opposition leader betrayed the confidence of Imran Khan PTI Chairman.

Is Khurshid Shah an opposition leader or an ally of PML-N? 

How smartly he proved to be an associate of PML-N who cheated other opposition leaders those came in one string with Khurshid Shah to unmask premier Nawaz Shareef for his corruption cases and his family name disclosures in panama leaks.  

Khursheed Shah (KS) basically made fool & gave lollypop to Imran Khan (IK) PTI Chairman.

He neither raised any question after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (NS) echoed speech nor enabled IK to speak or anyone else from Opposition benches to come across after premier speech in the parliament.

KS however in reply to premier speech said that we had asked the premier 7 questions but he has unearth his more properties stretching in UAE & Saudi Arabia so the number of question now has been raised to 70 from 7 and premier did not reply what the questionnaire we (opposition) specifically had submitted to the treasury benches, said KS & walked out of assembly.

The fully charged Opposition leader (member of PPP, PTI, PAT, JI, MQM etc) were demanding premier NS to come in the Assembly and respond their 7 questions compiled collectively to clarify premier position in panama papers.

Opposition hue and cry and media uproar were giving impression to the nation that there will be a fiery & cutthroat speeches in the assembly and premier Nawaz Sharif (NS) will be exposed for his tax evasion practices & transferring his kickback and commission money from Pakistan to overseas. And monetary corruption he did with country current account etc but it could not unwrapped rather the inflated balloon went released its air without any intensity

The stem of Opposition were to know premier NS tax payment scheduled since 1985 to 2016 if he has been paying taxes – break up of shifting the huge sum from Pakistan – telling the parliament the source of money he earned & accumulated and the routes he used to send money from Pakistan to Panama &Virgin Island - establishing offshore companies & raising his properties in UK, UAE, Middle East & Pakistan, opposition asked..

However, Opposition’s 7 questions remained unanswered & the premier in his speech brought out more information for the property he purchased in UAE & Saudi Arabia mentioned in his speech.

Opposition also had asked the premier to clarify his interests and his family in Mayfair & Pak Land Apartments – how much income tax was paid off when the Mayfair & Pak Land Apartment were procured – as the Prime Minister has denied having ownership? 

Mrs Kulsoom Nawaz had declared to have bought the apartment for her children’s education – was Prime Minister aware of the news published in British Newspaper?

As per news published in British newspaper that Nawaz family is the owner of Nesco and Nelson apartments, what NS says?
Opposition further asked the premier to answer in the National Assembly ‘’the names and total numbers of Off Shores companies owned or registered in the name of members of the Prime Minister’s family or himself’’ and what is the net value of assets of such companies, bank accounts and properties.
Opposition with self aggrandizement - bragging and boasting since months – they were boycotting the assembly session - pressurizing premier to come into the parliament but when the premier came - the Opposition could neither start & open the theater as scheduled and nor demonstrated the courage to criticize premier for the terrain of properties his family has been shown in panama papers. 

In short KS & IK left the assembly athirst & kept the nation astounded expecting a mind blowing and thought-provoking debate [one on one] as we witnessed in UK when the premier David Cameron was responding for the allegation he had been leveled for having offshore company not him but shares in his father’s company.

The news jolted UK parliamentarian having ‘conflict of interest’ for their premier they gave David Cameron very tough time lambasted & remonstrated with multiple questions.

A chain of thorny questions by UK Opposition had been put but in our case we just amazed and as usual the episode of panama papers that flashed & engulfed the nation in a thick cloud of apprehension - could not flush out.

Such relinquishment from opposition certainly made people of Pakistan stunt & furious where opposition remained passive and preferred to go out instead to initiate question & answer session in the assembly to treat premier with heavy hand in the light of panama papers where role of premier has been compromised and as democracy dictates parliamentarians & specially the opposition has liberty to inquire if there is any discrepancy & unconstitutional acts is seen in premier acts.

Undoubtedly it was an appropriate time for the Opposition to strip NS for the mounting wealth he has in overseas, UK, UAE, Middle East, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan but premier heightening and fleshy speeches ended in fiasco it was just a lip service from PPP team like Atizaz Ahsan, PTI & JI too.   

a)  Imran Khan however juxtaposing the premier statement he went blunt in the assembly & before where Maryam Nawaz had been shown as a sole owner of TWO OFFSHORE COMPANIES and during the period from 1981 to 1993 where Nawaz Sharif (NS) monthly income was only Rs 22,600/= show how it happened?
See the ''TAX RETURN'' of NAWAZ SHAREEF who either did not pay or avoided to pay - the TAX RETURN breakdown exhibiting that - Was he really a wealthy person since beginning as he boasted in the assembly referring his father business and uttered he did not attain anything from politics - he did business before politics not business after politics groaned in the parliament.
1994 - 1995   nil
1995 - 1996   Rs. 477/=
1996 - 1997  nil
How he purchased and augmented his properties in UK, UAE, Middle East & in Pakistan too where he was just paying Rs. 477/- in 1995-1996 tenure and in 1994-95 & 1996-97 he did no pay even a single fills. 
b)  IK also asked NS needs to manifest the purchase agreement of MAYFARE FLAT allegedly purchased in 2005 - The Sharif family bought the 1st Flat in London in 1993 and the 5th Flat in 2004 - while showing the documentation of his flats purchased in 1983 to the media.
c)  IK further said prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, was unemployed at that time, which means Nawaz Sharif bought the companies in his daughter’s name.
d)  The prime minister in his tax return declared that he gifted Rs 20.4 million to his daughter Maryam Nawaz while she was dependent on him but the Panama papers showed that she was the owner of two companies, IK elaborated.
Further role of Khursheed Shah (KS) Opposition leader, a suspicious character who always remained fishy and shady

He never ever played as a true opposition [as the name implicates] in the assembly - He has been giving a free hand to the Treasury Benches to go and enjoy – no one is there to stop you (PML-N) so loot & do whatever you feel easy and most advantageous to you - I (KS) have shut my eyes as the impression been giving through his body gesture, said a senior political analyst.

KS role in the assembly been appearing very compromising, elastic and whippy and that’s IK could not notice and he was trapped in KS so called questionnaire’s net.

Its three years of PML-N tenure but KS never ever went against any bill or spoke while legislating any law - he never went against Treasury benches but always showed friendly opposition which is a curse for democracy.

Imran Khan should pave its own way instead to join him (KS) as PPP as per previous practice has been biting & disgracing at eleventh hour – a disgusting & embarrassing role of Khursheed Shah & his team.

PPP wants to gain its deteriorated position in Punjab that’s why they joined hand with PTI and left them isolated so Imran Khan must learn a lesson from this panama episode inflamed and panicked by Khurshid Shah but he turned down the whole episode unresolved, some one said at open public forum.