Jul 18, 2016

Existence of WATER HYDRANT& Broken Roads at SAFORA GOTH on the way to Malir Cantonment Gate # 6 is miserable for the Residents living in Gulshan-e-Omair & Rufi Sweet Homes

But Chief of Minister Sindh who is known as Chief Executive of Karachi has no feeling to redress the suffering or give any alternative for the people whose water is being robbed by WATER HYDRANT. 
He is just doing shuffling of govt personnel from one department to another & from one man to another. It is candid that department and faces shuffling & reshuffling giving the Karachiites no pleasure & even no outcome rather causing more anguish & problem remains unresolved..
No govt. & No Administration at all - to attend the growing misery, everything moving ''to and fro'' with uncontrolled management from indefinite period - does not seem any driver to drive the vehicle or keep the things at right track.
Miserable Road condition from Hassan Squire to NIPA Chowrangi and from NIPA Chowarngi to Malir Cantt. en routing Safora Goth. There are big potholes - chuckholes - ditches - uneven roads - broken greenbelt - broken foot path & fallen electric poles.
In short debilitated main road and connecting service roads are the real face of the area while coming from Hassan Squire to Malir Cantt a complete disaster for motorist as well as pedestrian too. If you travel in auto Rickshaw or through bike your spinal cord get heavy jerk and your whole body gets a big jolt.
Existence of ''Water Hydrant'' on the way to Malir Cantt nauseating the Residents living in Gulshan-e-Omair and Rufi Sweet Homes.
Heavy water tankers plying in the area making road more enfeeble and enervated resulting daily accident is continuing. In the past two lives also had been reported in media while crossing main road due to heavy water tankers parking close to the Residential area.
People going to drop and collect their children from school are the vulnerable particularly due to rush of water tankers alongside of the road . A long queue of Water Tankers on the main road & service roads of both side keeping normal flow of traffic disrupted rather fully packed & jammed up to Safora goth, it takes hour to cross or pass through.
Closure of Entry & Exit of the Residents due to scaling of water tankers parking & main importantly robbery of water supply for the residents needs immediate attention for the authority to get rid of.
Residents water has been robbed by the Tanker mafia - dwellers are not getting water despite paying Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) monthly bill - Even not a single drop of water accessible for the Residents of Gulshan-e-Omair & Rufi sweet Homes that has been encroached by Tanker mafia working under the shade of KW&SB & Cantonment Board Malir fostering WATER HYDRANT in the area.
It will be a great favor the residents to shift water hydrant from residential area and restore water supply to the residents.
KW&SB Managing director, Asif Quadri and Saifullah Khan are the employees of KW& SB they are involved in this mismanagsement and robbing the water - they are earning a lot selling water on the cost of Residents of Gulshan-e-omair Rufi Sweet Homes Karachi, said group of people living in the same locality..
Due to heavy water tankers movement in the area electric poles, sewerage lines and greenbelt has been zerorised.
A heap of garbage at both sides of the roads also need CM attention to arrange garbage collection on daily basis and its dumping maintaining the beauty of Karachi.
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