Jul 18, 2016

Now ‘’state is complainant’’ in Qandeel Baloch murder case who was strangulated to death by his brother on the name of Honor Killing.

Social media star Qandeel Baloch killing

First time in Pakistan history where state police has registered & taken over the case as ‘’State Complainant’’ where the deceased family will be precluded & forbidden from pardoning the Killers…………. a change indeed

No more HONOR KILLING AND KARO KARI a curse conspicuously in the society where women is being targeted by men.

We should give due respect to women - we are in technological oriented society filled with basic essence enunciated in our Islamic teaching – well defined moral code – a criteria explained that how to live nicely and peacefully with women.

An obligatory duties to see women and treat women in a given guidelines - Covers under the definition that how to protect and stand as a shield to women from social perspective - moral prescribed rule - demand of legal rights - support from economic view - moral and ethical security where women and men may travel abreast and breathe in this dynamic world without any obstruction and hassle.   

No one is superior to others - Islam gives us equal rights - why to kill women?

Does not matter that it’s a patriarchal or men dominated society –rights of women hav similar status as men.

Women should not be usurped, oppressed & persecuted - but this segment of society which is a gift for men from Al Mighty Allah deserves to be acknowledged and recognized as mandated legally, socially & economically endorses the teaching in a civilized society.

It’s not a barbarian era or colonial rule so why don't we change our thoughts and negative approach about women and those who are not changing their attitude must change otherwise the educated and enlightened class will teach them that how to live with women.

No more honor killing – No more KARO KARI and No acid throwing – women has the same flesh what men has so why to ridicule and disrespect.
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