Aug 19, 2016

Child kidnapping news is the talk of the town in Pakistan!

Where law enforcement agency seems hapless, worthless and ineffective to catch or hunt the criminals who are involved in such heinous & monstrous crimes. It’s not a matter of one province but has stretched out across the province in Pakistan shockingly brutal & cruel. The children kidnapped so far falls into the range of 3 to 12 years male/ female.

Every passing day get us surprises electronic and printed media covering multiple news from different city, town and village in the country portraying the disappointed & depressed parents and relative sharing their ordeal for the lost child.

Social media is also attaching clips of kidnapped child showing very shattering and heart breaking picture where 4 children has been packed in gunny bags, fastening their hands, legs, lips, eyes fastening bodies from head to toe with hard packing tapes where from one of the bag the leg of one kidnapped kid has been shown out.

The news says that children organs are sold in international market and it’s not a work of a small group but running under the patronage of well trained medical staff, law enforcement department, medical hospitals are equally involved in this abhorrent, detestable & obscene works.

It is not a job of a slaughtering house but certainly the team of qualified surgeons indeed needed to do postmortem/ operation keeping the human organs out of body to sell out for its reuse – required time of course to preserve it and transport at desired place – a complete well planned strategy under support of medical experts being run for this repugnant works. 

So the govt. Of Pakistan instead to nab and nail the suspected criminals or child kidnapper must also arrest medical surgeons, hospitals/ clinic employee where kidnapped children is brought for operation - police in the area - involved medical staff - a full-fledged network to be busted to unearth and unmask the criminals who are playing with the lives of innocent children.

It’s a job of well organized gang and mafia who are operative in Pakistan – Govt. Team of medical professional and paramedical staff should be inducted to raid in hospitals/ medical clinics to arrive at the clue.

On Electronic media slides should run asking general public to immediately inform at given number, a cell to be constituted by Ministry of Interior asking that if someone notices any suspicious activity by any unknown/ known person in the area - please forward such information with immediate effect, if the information finds true the informer will be awarded financially.

All the hospitals and clinic serving in the area must be raided and investigated thoroughly at city, town and village level – any little tip can get us to the gangster den.

Medical personnel & Surgeon activity should be monitored closely as the news busted in media recently that one retired police officer (showing him in handcuff), a retired lady medical officer and one on duty lady medical officer seem involved in child kidnapping in Peshawar all are under police custody for further interrogation.

In most of the cases general public seemed active who caught child kidnapper they bet them well and handed over to area police. 

Though Chief Justice of Pakistan (Supreme Court) has taken sumoto action asking Punjab govt. to handle child kidnapper with iron hand but there is no satisfactory response from the govt. It refers Ayaz Sadiq Speaker National assembly who says its not a big deal – child goes kidnapped - It;s really very disgusting and shameful reply from the legislator, said the parent who lost his child in Lahore.
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