Aug 2, 2016

Complaints of misbehaviour at NADRA office Safora Goth Karachi

Ms. Saira Arshad Assistant Director or Deputy Director sitting in NADRA office Safora Goth Branch Karachi is generally known as very rude, lacking civility & good manner, ill-bred, uncultured and not customer centric employee which is a primarily demand of her duty to be polite and accommodating asked by a Lady customer (a retired teacher) who visited Ms Saira Arshad NADRA office at Safora Goth Karachi to make NIC for her son arrived at the age of 18.

When approached to Ms. Saira Arshad the ill tempered employee generally does the thing worse or when people enters at NADRA office for the matters pertaining to National Identity Card (NIC) - either to make new NIC or upgrade the old NIC or enlisting child/ children names in B form etc.

The Lady customer (a retired teacher) refers here a customer who is cardiac & diabetic patient visited at NADRA office in Safora Goth Branch Karachi along with her son showing the B form & other relevant documents requisite to make NIC card- the counter staff referred the Lady customer to Saira Arshad [inside the chamber].

Ms. Saira Arshad refused to entertain and asked the Lady customer to go another NADRA office situated at Opposite Race Course Karachi in Gulshan-e-Omair while as per Lady customer she got the NIC for her other children at the same office in Safora Goth but Ms. Saira Arshad rudely responded & rejected just in a second asking the Lady customer to go other NADRA office in Gushan-e-omair & I don’t have record to check the detail’’, Saira Arshad replied in despised tone.

When the Lady customer went another NADRA office at Gulshane Omair [opposite Race course Karachi] the female staff at the counter asked ‘’why you came here – it does not pertain to us and who sent you here?’’ etc.

The Lady customer frustrated with this type of attitude and said I have been sent by Saira Arshad sitting in NADRA office at Safora Goth Branch. The female staff at the counter said No – ‘’you should not have come here – we don’t deal your constituency and better to go back to Safora Branch they will advise you’’.

The irritated Lady customer uttered ‘’why you are again sending me in Safora Goth Branch whereas Saira Arshad sent me to you (Gulshan e Omair NADRA office) and then the female staff asked the Lady customer ‘’Okay then go to Awami Markaz instead Safora Goth’’.

The Lady customer is fed up and has fallen sick since then being cardiac & diabetic patient She shared her mental uneasiness & the pain she faced that why the staff sitting in govt offices don’t handle the customer politely and guides with correct location instead to embarrass & misguide the visiting customers sending them here and there?

They don’t realize even that the customer is old Lady and she does not have courage and strength to roam, she groaned.

The management however in NADRA should examine the attitude and misbehavior of their staff sitting in Safora Goth branch to be polite, well informed for the service they are performing and customer friendly - must take ownership of the job otherwise close such shop which is unable and not eligible to deal customer, emphasized the Lady customer.
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