Aug 23, 2016

Does MQM (provincial political party) seems survive excluding Altaf Hussain - Farooq Sattar press conference in Karachi Press Club to do decision in Pakistan instead of UK

As Farouq Sattar the hardcore of MQM revealed in his press conference in KPC instead MQM Head quarter, after releasing from Rangers custody today Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016 - who along with others had been arrested after media houses attack [in Karachi]alleging MQM behind it.

Why Altaf Hussain MQM Chief has lost his credibility among Pakistanis or even those who still trust in MQM - Do people [in general] wants to see the group run excluding Altaf Hussain or Altaf Hussain seems them incapable or incapacitated to run MQM affairs further........a question always spirals among political pundit too.

There is regular hue and cry among media houses that Altaf Hussain first does venomous criticism on TV channels, Govt and Law enforcement agencies and then next morning he asks for apology and he is habitual in malignity. 

Though currently his speeches have been banned on TV channels following court verdict yet what appears on social media can be heard, is thorny no doubt, said political analyst.

Either the mainstream leadership tries to cleanse the wounds that comes into being after his (Altaf) boisterous and ferocious statement delivered from UK, the leadership in Karachi then rephrases & impregnates with new interpretation for the speeches Altaf had delivered day before or in response to the agitation that emerged after his speech.

There are myriad factors where MQM losing its strength -this is not relevant to their performance or delivery that’s they did well when they were in power and holding public offices in Sindh or sitting at driving seat not boarding just in a bus as the position MQM have now, maintained Farooq Sattar.

A general stigma MQM had been stamped that it had militant wings who denounced and defamed the party on account of involvement in excessive social crimes like Bhatta, kidnapping & ransom, money extortion and target killing. 

And that's being main reasons Sindh govt. had empowered Rangers to do operation just with MQM or in Karachi and even Rangers had not been allowed to move even Sindh interior for those who do crimes in Karachi and moves or hides there, asked D G Rangers. The limitation of power to Ranger remained constant scuffle between Province and federal govt. too and it always remained in-consistence while the time of Rangers operation renewal date fell.

The heightening social crimes are leveled with MQM whereas the mainstream leadership asserts that militant and militancy or having militant wings are the credentials of other political parties too. But purportedly associating it with MQM is just a preconception & mindset to prejudice, bias & malign or to remove MQM from its heavy mandate that it has in Karachi – Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas, Khairpur and Sukkur etc.

Ranger’s operation or Karachi Operation that had been demanded by MQM itself but it has been stuck or limited only with MQM where its workers, supporters, elected and non elected members and well wishers are picked up on daily basis from their offices and comforts so why this partiality with us, said MQM MNA. We are against terrorism and anyone among our ranks if does perpetrate crime will face it.

Dr. Aamir Liaquet responding to a question raised in TV Talk shows, mentioned that Altaf Hussain has serious depression & his chronic ailment has made him upset and fed up due to constant raids and arrests in Karachi where MQM workers, supporters, elected and non elected leaders and even well wishers are not safe and secured. 

Rangers do arrest them, some of them come back and some are still with unknown whereabouts – just imagine the mental agonies and pain being suffered by the family whose kith and kin are still missing, said Dr. Aamir

It has been a daily practice for the police and Rangers to raid MQM offices across the province, arresting our workers sitting in MQM office, taking them to unknown place for investigation.

Such incidents upsetting MQM Chief and basically the Govt. should have been given a chance to talk - a conciliation opportunity to understand Altaf Hussain is imperative that why he is going through severe mental syndrome – what’s vexing him so severely instead to discard him and impose ban on him – he must be given a chance to prove himself - does it no deflect the essence of democracy for a political party who has distinctive mandate at provincial level in Sindh, uttered Dr. Aamir.

More importantly despite having an overwhelmed victory in local body election, MQM still has not been handed over the power to govern the city - Why power transition is not taking place? Is there any political hitch – legal or social issue?
Its about year, has been kept in abeyance without unknown reason.

MQM derogative and disparaging remarks given by Altaf Hussain against the country Islamic Republic of Pakistan unequivocally was an offensive, harsher and distasteful for the term he used for the country. The disgusting & unpleasant words used against law enforcement agencies [Pakistan Army & 
Rangers Heads] also were violative and unsavory.

The whole episode would not have more offensive & nauseating if he (Altaf Hussain) had not asked the women audience to check some TV channels (naming it) why they were not covering him but getting a go-ahead from Altaf Hussain the majority moved to the nearest media houses and attacked their offices.

And that’s the mainstream leadership now convincing govt. Pakistan army and Rangers’ authority and media houses that ‘’ we are extremely sorry for the incidents happened yesterday’’ 

Apologetic Farouq Sattar elaborating not only the attack made by unknown workers or MQM worker in some TV Channels disowning them if there is any link with MQM workers and also announced that because of health issue of Altaf Hussain henceforth all the decision will be taken by the leadership in Pakistan instead UK so long as he (Altaf) is sick, he declared.

But there are confusion among political analysts that is it minus Altaf or temporary plus Farouq Sattar, some reporter at KPC remarked.

We all must understand that Pakistan is our motherland and we are Pakistani Our elders lost their lives and properties while working with freedom fighter and kept their freedom movement un-shattered - seeking a separate homeland under the pioneering leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

It’s our homeland why we will abuse Pakistan – Pakistan Zindabad - it is from the core of our heart and we are Pakistani - none has right to look at suspiciously on our integrity – We were Pakistani and We are Pakistani, emphasized Farouq Sattar.

Despite living with India more 200 years our values, practices, cultural and custom, religious affiliation and belief were not adjustable with Hindu and that’s the reason our forefather did a lot of hectic efforts and gave outnumbered sacrifices then we got this motherland.

It is Pakistan and ours Pakistan, said Farouq Sattar & Aamir Liaquet, concluding their press conference in Karachi press club.

Recalling the attitude of Sindh Govt. MQM also seemed complaining that august house of Sindh Asssmebly must realize the presence of MQM - they generally do legislation in absence of MQM MPAs which has been a big question mark? 

While presenting any bill into the assembly, we are a part of coalition govt. so in every legislation our shares are mandatory and must be incorporated – In most of the cases Speaker has been approving the bill in our absence, said one of MQM diehard in a Talk show.

These are the factors that is reducing MQM strength & ignoring its mandate or not accepting its legitimate political and legal rights in the Assembly too that caused constant torture & irritation for Altaf Hussain who went panicky while addressing, said Aamir Iiaquet. 

However we do apologize for the misunderstanding and if anyone hurt - we do sorry for the incident too that occurred with some TV channels, said Dr. Aamir. 

Though new CM has assumed office and we expect a lot from him keeping us abreast while legislating any bill. We will be happy to work with Murad Ali Shah and ready to extend our due diligence support as and when needed, said MQM MPA - we have majority in Sindh urban and rural as well so our mandate must be respected, added further.
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