Aug 25, 2016

Temporary deferment on TV TALK-SHOWS in Karachi but will be more peaceful if banned at country level

So long as peace & harmony entails in Karachi metropolis rather will be more peace of mind if TV TALK-SHOWS is closed across the country

Karachi being the epicenter of MQM either from Altaf or Mustafa Kamal have been a regular mental agony for Karachiites.

And other political factions too [in addition to MQM] scuffle does not end but goes more thorny and concludes in abusive attacks as we have been witnessing such crazy talks.

The unending issue running round the clock getting environment more tricky, thick & cloudy with hate & panic-stricken-speeches - allegation and counter allegation, slanderous and calumnious talks - charging falsely or with malicious intents, character assassination and defaming others showing that one group is pious whereas another is with full of dirt - have been regular practice at media houses to traumatize the Karachiites as well as the whole country.

From TV TALK-SHOW we get nothing but pain and severe pain.

Our children and family having symptoms of mental syndrome due to terrifying and terrorized attitude of media houses.

Therefore it has been essential to stop TV TALK-SHOWS quickly to avoid of major breakdown of normal civilians.

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