Oct 23, 2016

The worst condition of Road from Hassan Square to Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) Gate # 6 Karachi

Certainly the Sind Govt. is responsible to construct Road from Hassan Square to Safoora Chowk as mentioned in Sind Fiscal year Budget 2016-17 but Cantonment Board Malir also is responsible to construct Road leading from SAFOORA CHOWK TO CANTONMETN BOARD MALIR GATE # 6.

Though in the Budget 2016-17 the Finance minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has allocated Rs 50.3 Billion for Karachi Annual Development Plan to invest on city development - in addition to build new projects - construction and rehabilitation of Roads - revamping the existing - repairing and maintenance works of green belt etc - also has been incorporated yet we do not see even a single project that’s been initiated so far according to budget highlights.

It’s about six months but Sind govt. is busy in removing employment ban, appointing CSP officers & recruiting JIYALAI as CM said in Sind assembly emphasizing ‘’YES I AM JIYALA and I will lift ban on employment – I will recruit and fill the vacant position that had a ban since long’’, said Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while presiding over the fourth cabinet meeting since he has taken over as the province’s chief three months ago.

The chief minister said it is an appropriate time to lift ban on recruitment because the government is trying to improve the efficiency of the government departments to fill the vacant positions on merit.

The Chief Minister (CM) ordered all the departments to start holding Departmental Promotional Committee (DPCs) meetings so that promotion posts can be filled and the rest be advertised in the national press.

There are around 90,000 positions vacant in the province - almost half of which are promotion posts - therefore about 50,000 positions will be filled through the selection committees and Sind Public Service Commission, according to their pay and scale. CM clarified that there will be no compromise on merit. “I need efficient people to make the departments efficient,” he stressed.

But here we want to remind CM that do not forget KARACHI – Also give employment opportunity to KARACHIITES who are living in urban areas and deserve to be treated equally on merit basis - no need to see quota as it has been obsolete & unimplemented claim since decades so go with merit whoever has required degree and caliber and qualify the given criteria recruit them without discrimination – maintain a transparency and impartiality while recruiting, said a seasoned professor who has close eye on Sind.

Please keep in mind that Karachi is not meant only for operation it needs a good living condition too from education to health & employment opportunity – due shares in every disciplines is the basic right of KARACHIITES, responded majority of people gathered around media men who were questioning with normal public.

Besides, now CM must see towards other side of the coin i.e. KARACHI development plan.

We KARACHIITES will be thankful if CM Sind arrange to execute the other clause of the budget ‘’Road Construction Plan’’ that’s has paralyzed us – we have been sick – we are unable to perform our everyday works - our spinal cord has been damaged while travelling on these roads coming from HASSAN SQAURE TO SAFOORA CHOWK & CANTONMENT BOARD MALIR Gate # 6 (& vice versa) - afflicted due to debilitated condition of the roads that have heavy ditches, pit, chuckholes & long weathering road surface.

A capital city of 30 million people ‘’KARACHI’’ has been engulfed with mounting civic problem - we have been confined since ex CM era - We however had been assured by new Chief Minster (CM) Murad Ali Shah who is prone to work no lip service and political rhetoric but believe in practicality - vision - planning and execution as he clarified the very first day when assumed office as CM Sind.

So we KARACHIITES in the same context asking CM please start to execute Budget highlights where following Road Construction has been specified in the Budget 2016-17 it is appended below for CM ready reference;

Ø  Construction of University Road from Hassan Square to NIPA Chowrangi at cost of Rs.770 million

Ø  Construction of University Road from NED University to Safoora Chowk at the cost of Rs. 780 million.

Though Sind Govt. should have considered the Road up to Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) Gate # 6 but it avoided – It may be considering that this small part of Road does not fall into the jurisdiction of Sind govt. but Cantonment Board Malir.

Nevertheless the Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) must look into the worsening state of Road leading from Safoora Chowk to CMB gate # 6 – this small piece of road should not be an issue with CBM as the area connected to the road comes into the domain of Cantonment Board Malir, clarified the Residents.

Hence the Residents of Gulshan-e-Omair and Rufi Sweet Homes, Prem-villa are the property tax payer to CBM – therefore CBM must take care for this small piece of Road, maintained Residents of the area replying to a question raised by TV anchor interviewing the people living around.

People are certain that Sind Govt. will construct Road from HASSAN SQAURE TO SAFOORA CHOWK AND

FROM SAFOORA CHOWK TO CANTONMENT BOARD MALIR GATE # 6 will be taken care by CBM realizing the miserable condition of Residents who goes wounded while performing their daily routine works.

The house wife facing accident threats while dropping and collecting their children back from school due to scale of heavy water tankers parking on the both sides of the roads.

Road crossing is a serious problem - people are pathetic, distressed & hapless where daily accident have been a normal practice due to big ditches, congestion as tanker mafia parking their water tankers close to the entry and exit of the Residents wall & closing intersection as well.

Small vehicles are at hit list they fell due to abrupt condition of roads, roads are broken with no street lights that added more anguish & torture to the inhabitants.

Oct 21, 2016

Is showcasing Bilawal the right decision from PPP mainstream leadership?

or constraint of his father {Asif Ali Zardri} restraining himself hiding from political screen?

‘’Pakistan People Party [PPP] rally’’ on 16th Oct 2016 had been marked to mourn the death of 200 party workers of PPP following suicide bomber attack at a public meeting held at Karsaz Karachi - when Benazir Bhutoo came back Pakistan after 11 years self exiled from UAE - under a covenant concluded between Musharraf (ex president of Pakistan) and Benazir Bhuttto (BB) - following a reconciliation among trio PPP/ PML-N & Musharraf to participate in General Election scheduled to conduct in 2008.

Its nine years though have been passed yet we cannot ignore the martyrdom of our PPP workers & supporters who voluntarily suffered death on 18th Oct 2007. The terrorist attempted to kill Benazir Bhutto but she was saved, said Aasif Ali Zardari (AAZ) a press report.

There were unabated debate among political analyst, intellectuals and civil society that the JIYALE (PPP workers/ supporters) and the main stream of PPP leadership instead to show their sympathies & sorrow for those who lost their life  they were dancing on the truck & the roads around - raising slogan against their political rival.  The entire episode of the rally however could not exhibit its plan and future agenda but just a panicky echo sounds disturbing everyone even who were watching TV at home.

It looks we are living in paranoid – delusion & deception by creating illusory ideas where everyone seems suffering from paranoia instead to believe, appraise and evaluate the situation in its real terms and terminology we assume & move without noticing public response – liking and disliking but just to convene public rally.

In Bilawal case, how PPP leadership decided to handover party affairs to a boy of 25 who is crude and does not have knowhow of politics, a growing mind and action needs to incubate with seniors – a time consuming process not a matter of a day and night.

Intrinsically the basic aim before PPP mainstream were to keep AAZ away of front line – hiding him and getting instruction behind the curtain that’s AAZ did [and doing] and putting Bilawal on the screen [at front line] to seek people favor [in support of PPP to revive & revitalize PPP image] that had been tarnished or reduced because of AAZ bad performance during the tenure of 2008-2013.

Though AAZ held the position as president of Pakistan but he did not deliver the country but engaged in loot and massive corruption that’s became the reason of ignominy, notoriety & ill disposition among PPP workers, supporters & loyalist who though voted AAZ being the husband of BB after her assassination but AAZ & his team disappointed PPP well wishers and its hardliners too.

A paranoid style of politics in Pakistan where not only leadership is living but a normal man also are in delusion and fantasies – it refers ongoing quarrel in TV Talk shows where anchors and guests compete for the highest levels of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy, said a professor in Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

The seriousness of main stream were evident in the Rally that how on instruction of their master AAZ they were keeping silent and avoiding to take the stage but leaving for Bilawal to lead the rally and agenda behind was to portray Bilawal as their Chairman.

Does not matter whether he is capable or not to hold this position or what maimed & crippled message he conveyed to their workers and infused PPP stalwarts to bear him & his childish attitude so long as they are in PPP, said a seasoned worker who left PPP after BB assassin.

The people were of the view that why PPP portraying & showcasing little Bilawal as Chairman who among sturdy and rough faces - senior & experienced leadership [those falling into the range of 60s & above] getting Bilawal a kid who was being pampered by the old-timer, warhorse & old stager standing behind Bilawal in the truck.

The main ambition before PPP is to keep the name of BHUTTO alive & that’s why they are nourishing fostering and raising a teen-age-boy to combat & harness party matters in order to maintain political legacy, said senior PPP leader.

Again, PPP main stream standing behind Bilawal [on the truck] were clapping, encouraging and motivating, giving bottle of mineral water, wrapping his back to keep his incomprehensible speech continue.

What message we are giving the Nation that raising & rearing an immature boy to lead the country who is not equipped with political sense though his mother and grandfather have been a good seasoned politician.

But for Bilawal father neither AAZ nor Bilawal is a politician but a product of an accident they emerged by chance and took over the PPP after assassination of BB.

AAZ had no political back ground he just married with BB and got position in the ministry otherwise politically AAZ was nil and outcast not from Bhuttoo family even.

AAZ however got sympathies, especially feeling of sorrow or anguish after BB assassin - got a landslide victory in 2008 - made govt in federal and became president of Pakistan – it was a moral support from voters who supported PPP looking the consecutive sacrifice of Bhuttoo family i.e. hanging Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttoo - Benazir Bhuttoo (BB) assassination – BB Brother murder - BB mother death due to cancer etc. & a rift for lifetime with the family of Murtaza Bhuttoo

In current scenario there is no Bhuttoo except Bilawal so AAZ & his sister Feryal Talpur is outcast but they want to en cash political legacy using Bilawal as a core model of Bhuttoo family, said political analyst. 

Howbeit AAZ became president of Pakistan but could not deliver though he remained in power for 5 years (2008 – 2013) but except busy in commission and kickbacks & conspicuous failure in performance that’s why the election of 2013 got PPP bad-defeat a fortiori - otherwise it could gain seats but people rejected them discreditably.

Now AAZ has been off the screen and pushing Bilawal to come and take the reign of PPP so neither the father is sound in political diplomacy nor Son Bilalwal -Does not matter if Bilawal mother and grandfather were a well experienced politicians but what they gave the country when they were at the helm of affairs - a long story, said a political analyst

Again, why political legacy is so important in Pakistan - this is political hegemony to incubate an immature boy preparing him for future leadership raising eye brow and asking political pundit to change their attitude and give opportunity others to grow instead to stick with the polity always.

Is it not a monarchical system or kingship what we have in the country so why to entertain legacy? Asked the audience at public forum where the guest on the dice were responding the questions.

The approach to keep survive the ‘’hereditary pattern of democracy’’ unequivocally negates the actual meaning of democracy while democracy is defined;  

”Government of the people - by the people - for the people” but why it is just a lesson of an academic exercise instead to impregnate it literally and in practicality in Pakistan?

We should ask ourselves – Do we have democracy in the country? The democracy what our ruler has? Does it not reflect to Monarchy where ‘’govt. by a single ruler.

Are we not follower of hereditary where familial, ancestral & patrimonial democracy running in the country which is called Aristocracy & Oligarchy (govt. by few persons) but not Democracy?

Supreme Court Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali also lashes that there is monarchy in the name democracy and bad governance under the garb of good governance in Pakistan.

Since independence we are running the country in the name of democracy but unfortunately we have converted the country into a test tube laboratory where immature boy & girl is incubated and trained by the bigoted, tricky, cunning & knavish politicians who trains their son/ daughter & in laws to run parallel so that when they die or disqualify by any reasons the political legacy may continue either in Treasury Benches or in Opposition & in Senate - and that’s why since 70s we are witnessing the same faces spiral in national politics who feel proud to encroach not allowing others to come in the assembly.

If father dies it is taken over by daughter and if wife dies it is assumed by husband followed with son too. If father in law dies it is taken over by daughter in law – so legacy has been penetrated in our political structure - has become a curse for the country which should no more be survived if we want to see the democracy thriving & flourishing in the country we will have to leave the ‘’political legacy’’ being cancerous for Pakistan.

Oct 5, 2016

Why not to live peacefully instead to go for WAR - who will be the WINNER or who will be the LOOSER?

Of course both India and Pakistan neither will be the WINNER nor the LOOSER if WAR is fought. Not only people will die but the whole country will convert into a history - million will perish just in one drop of bomb as both are the Nuclear custodian that never seems to come in favor of anyone - we have a live example of Syria where the chemical bomb strikes from Russian never left anyone to breath - a complete disaster - ruined & doomed to extinction.

So come for the talks unconditionally - do amicable settlement & understand the stands of both - rigidity gets you nothing but fans more hostility, animosity, extreme hatred & anger avoid to allege or blame go always for amicable resolve!

If one gets bomb naturally the other will do more -will use the bomb with more intensity to destroy - so the looser will be both - people of both country will vanish which will tune to approx 700-800 thousand death in strike of one bomb. So why to go for destruction instead to think for construction.

Here I quote the scene of Indian TV Talk Show where Om Puri a Senior Indian Film Actor insulted the panelist who were not supporting the call of Bollywood actor & actress demanding Indian govt. to keep the show biz personalities away of political scuffle.

According to them Film actors/ actresses, Singers, Drama Artists, Scholars, Writers, Scientist are the assets of the country - they are not part of politics living in India and Pakistan - so let them do their works peacefully - they have no personal grudge or bear enmity - they have no malice, spite & rancor but they are identified with their work and conduct - specialty in the field, asserted OM Puri.

An artist does not have any border - he is recognized for works and we convey always a positive message & keep the community united and livable. We vitalize and revitalize our narrative in the interest of the country and through film & drama we convey positive messages & that Indian and Pakistan do, iterated OM Puri.

Actors are the ambassador to establish good thoughts and cleansing hatred - Appears as a shield and their approach is to bridge - to reduce the gap in which the country has been engulfed. So their performance is a candid message to live humanly and respecting each other custom, culture values and practices instead to distort, mar and damage or bar the artist from works.

The basic motive of every actors is to maintain peace and tranquility in the country and such pioneering works brings each other close ending the strife and growing tension due to some misunderstanding or whatever the situation is.

But the frenzied & delirious Indian media and like minded people experiencing delirium in TV Talk show did not realize the enthusiasm & broad mindedness of OM Puri to exclude artist which unnecessary tantalizing.

He angrily said why to WAR why don't you understand that in India 22 Crore Muslim out of 120 crore are living - why you want to covert the country into Israel & Syria, said OM Puri and left the show because he was feeling the environment squeezed against him in the show.

Current National Politics developed in India and Pakistan moved towards satire and sarcasm but I spent my 15 years in overseas working with majority of Indian & with other national too.

The days remind me the time what I spent in overseas - It was really unforgettable moment where people of both country were living happily with no negative tune and ethics. 

My mother used to say that if there are two utensils it strikes and gives sound but it does not mean that they are going against. In general if we see the friendship and relationship that developed among the residents of Indian and Pakistani don't see to have any bad taste neither in Indian nor in Pakistani.

In our practical life when we worked with multi-nationals and communities under the same dome - did not feel any hatred and bad mouth of any sort - treated each other as a colleagues where we remained associated in a conducive environment with clean heart and mind.

Attended professional meeting and training altogether without any ill feeling - no politicos from both sides were any barrier to stop us to come together - a grace and respectful situation without considering ranks and position..

Attended events with no preferences, official party or privately owned - so many feast & on one table getting food from one dish without reluctance, drinking water from the same bottle & jug - using the same pot of sugar and milk - did not get or felt any isolation & ill-will between Indian & Pakistani nationals.

Further, watching movies, playing games, going for long drive and swimming all such days remind us that how nicely we had been living with good faith & understanding a clean slate of mind.

We did not mention even a single day or discussed anything on politics or about status quo because ours had no such impression that might impact, impair or affect our friendship.- even on festive we had been exchanging congrats & exchange sweets and attending parties..

We did not go harsh or brought national politics as a base of tussle - no never so when the relationship in between India and Pakistan went strain (as going now) we did not discuss or went in any debate but just treated normal flow of politics and friendship moved without marring or damaging - a tall believe.

Its crying need of the day from both India & Pakistan to live with grace, do trade & business, keep moral, diplomatic, economic and social support to keep the relationship with good sentiment and thoughts as we all should give a good message to our generation as 70 years has lapsed I will say lapsed because still we are not satisfied and did not accept geopolitical boundaries of each other - the motive to encroach others land or occupied forcibly gets the situation worse so better live peacefully and respect the UNO resolution as has been chartered to resolve Kashmir issue.