Nov 1, 2016

K Electric [Karachi Electric] is involved in false power shutdown in KARACHI - NEPRA [National Electric Power Regulatory Authority] plans to take punitive action against K Electric even though has imposed fine Rs 10 million for its deliberate power recession.

K Electric as usual afflicting & targeting KARACHIITES for no substantial reason of prolong power shortfall rather making its consumers more vulnerable on false & fictitious power shortfall, asserted NEPRA.

For the crisis in the beleaguered seaport of Karachi in June/ July 2015 - a nightmare owing to severe sun stroke, dehydration and exhaustion 2000 lives had been lost where K electric deliberately had underutilized its available power generation capacity & NEPRA had imposed fine Rs 10 million on K electric for its failure – a show cause notice also had been served to K electric advising to maintain and upgrade its distribution and transmission system.
However K electric in its reply to NEPRA had assured to improve its system and investment plan of around 400 million dollars - NEPRA decided to provide an opportunity to K electric to increase its generation capacity and improve its transmission and distribution system strictly as per the investment plans submitted by K electric - failing which NEPRA would be constrained to take further punitive actions under Section 28 of NEPRA Act.
But instead K electric would end its malpractices - kept continued its unprofessional attitude victimizing KARACHIITES with the same distress and physical pain in 2016 too perpetrating the same crime as did in 2015 giving excuses of overloading, tripping and other distribution and transmission failures.
Extended hours of load shedding, system failures and power supply breakdowns are common in the service territory of K-Electric resulting in serious complaints by the consumers of K electric, NEPRA stressed.
Now NEPRA again in 2016 has imposed fine Rs10 million on K electric that deliberately and designedly kept continued load shedding for prolong hours - and it is still continuing in KARACHI for no substantial reason, media reported.

The people of Karachi sustained mental agonies & went through painful situation during long power outage from K Eclectic & even such illicit practice has not been ceased but continued. 

Here I refer today’s Oct 31 2016, I got an SMS from K Electric that due to ‘’maintenance power supply will remain disconnected from 9.0 am to 6.0 pm’’ but it was not 9.0 am power went off today morning at 7.0 am and came back at 8.00 pm so it was a breakdown for straight 13 hours.

Up to 5.59 pm K electric kept its breakdown as mentioned in SMS but it connected further with the scheduled breakdown starting from 6.0 pm that moved till 8.0 pm and as such it became straight breakdown for 13 hours just in one day Oct 31st 2016.

The break down schedule for this area has been determined on daily basis for 6 to 8 hours (08.30 am to 10.30 am) - (2.0 pm to 4.0 pm) & (6.0 pm to 8.0 pm) - Officially we can say it is for 6 hours but it is not - the scheduled breakdown is extended with unscheduled breakdown as the practice going by K electric.

Besides, unscheduled power shutdown is justified by K electric that feeder has been tripped off or high tension wire has broken down etc. the reasons we are given from K Electric call center 118 & 99000 & that happens 2 to 3 time in two week times.

As media reported - NEPRA when asked the authority in K Electric to know the scheduled and recurrent unscheduled power break down on daily basis in KARACHI they replied ''it was govt. policy'' and according to them they have instruction from high ups to do power breakdown in Karachi’’.

On insistence from NEPRA to K Electric that what are the reason of breakdown? Are you unable to produce the requisite power? K Electric replied ''NO''- we have sufficient supply from the existing power generating plants getting its yield well - but due to instruction from local govt. we followed the order'' contended K Electric.

ü  The local govt. of Sind must explain that why they shutdown KARACHI?
ü  Is it mandatory to maintain shut down whilst there is no power crisis?
ü  Why the provincial govt. instruct K Electric to maintain regular power shutdown [on daily basis] whereas there is consistent requisite power supply being availed from the existing power producing plants/ units ?
ü  There is no shortfall so no more recession is essential, asked NEPRA from K electric?
ü  Is it not an insane decision to keep people in trouble instead to give them a peaceful life – keeping the Residents’ and city illuminated?
ü  If K electric consumers are paying the bill and there is no stealing evidences so power supply should be uninterrupted without discrimination?
ü   If someone stealing electricity then K electric an independent entity has strength to take drastic against culprit instead to disconnect the whole area?
ü  K electric spent million in the past through advertisement conveyed candid message to the community – Did K electric attain any result? If not then raid and arrest the culprit to clean the society from such criminal and criminality giving a lucid message and lesson others not to dare to steal electricity.

The KARACHIITES asking NEPRA - Do you understand that imposing fine on K electric is a good resolve to & K electric will not do power breakdown in Karachi as the same action you had taken in 2015 but KARACHIITES do not see any result instead power recession getting more stretched as the time passes.

The horrible & scheming of K Electric keeping unnecessary power breakdown continue in Karachi must immediately be ceased it’s really disgusting and unacceptable. 
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